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This is when the Cullen's find bella when she's little. I am going to have to repost this sorry. I am going to take this one down and post it as Bella.. It just will have something different in it.


1. Chapter 1- Meeting Bella

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Edward's P.O.V.

We were one our way to Forks, which is my siblings and I. My sister Alice, and my two brothers, Emmett and Jasper were in one car. My dad, Carlisle, my mom, Esme, and my annoying sister, Rosalie, were already there. Well we were on our way when Alice had a vision of a little girl in a field close by when one of our kind steps out of the shadows with thirsty blood red eyes. That was all I needed to see before I was out the door and on my way to rescue the little girl.

But I didn't see the rest of the vision. When I get there I go mad with the smell of her blood. And I kill the little girl! Thankfully Alice did and told my brothers and they all came after me.
They got there in the nick of time too. I just got done killing Mark when I smelled the little girl. My gold eyes turn pitch black and I slumped into a crouch and sprang when Jasper sprang at me. We meet in the middle of the air and he knocked me off track to the little girl. Then Emmett appeared out of now where and when he tried to grab me I dogged him. I saw Alice approach my prey so I sprung and snatched the girl up. I heard a sickening crunch as I landed on her arm. When she cried out in pain I growled at her and she whimpered. I was about to sink my teeth into the spot on her throat where the blood flows the most, when Jasper sprang and knocked me off her and Emmett held me down. That's when I realized what I almost done. I saw it all happen again and I flinched back at what I had and almost had done.

"Emmett, I can do this, you can let me up." I told him.

"Nope. Not until the girl is moved." He informed me.

"Emmett, you can let him up he won't do any thing." Alice told him.

"Alright, but I'll be right behind you. Remember that!" He threatened.

"Okay." I said as he let me up.

I went over to where the little girl was. I didn't even breathe! When she saw me approaching her behind Alice, her eyes filled with terror. Pain filled my head. I tried to hear what she was thinking but I couldn't. 'That's weird.' I thought. I heard Alice ask her what her name was.

"Bella. Isabella Swan actually. But I like Bella." She replied weakly.

"How old are you Bella?" Alice asked her. Jasper came and sat next to Alice. Emmett stayed behind me and I didn't get any closer when she looked at me.

"I'm 6 and a 1/2."She replies.

"Where are your parents?" Jasper asked.

"They... they died when someone came to visit. I was watching T.V. and some one rang the door bell my mom and my dad went to get the door. Then my mommy screamed and then she stopped real quickly. So I went to see what was going on and I saw them lying on the floor and the man at the door was covered in blood. He smiled at me real big and so I ran out the back door he followed me and so I ran into the woods because my daddy told me that if I'm being followed and I don't want to be then to go into the woods so I could lose them. So I ran to my meadow and I stopped to breathe when he appeared. Then he," She pointed to me." came and killed him then he tried to kill me and you and you," she pointed to Jasper and Emmett,” saved me." She finished. When she said that I had tried to kill her I flinched and was stricken with guilt. Pain filled my face. Jasper felt that coming off of me and tried to calm me down but I was in such pain that it didn't even help a little.

"Well I don't think he tried to kill you." Alice said, pointing to me." He saved you."

"We didn't even introduce our selves. I'm Jasper." He said, trying to change the subject.

"I'm Alice."

"Emmett." Emmett gave her a goofy smile and she smiled back.

"I'm Edward." I told her. I'm sure she heard the pain in my voice because she looked sad that I was sad so I gave her a lopsided grin halfheartedly.

"Hi Edward." She told me in a whisper.

"Hi Bella." I told her back.

"We need to take her to Carlisle so he could look at her arm." I said. "Can I carry you to the car?" I asked her.

"Yes." I so owe Alice one for making her believe I didn't try to kill her. I lifted her up and told her to close her eyes. She did and I ran vampire speed to my car. The others met me at the car. Alice sat in the back with Bella and Emmett. Jasper rode up front with me.

'Edward?' Jasper asked me to get my attention.

'I'm worried. Why did you attack Bella? You usually always have more control than me and I didn't even really want her.' He thought.
"She's my singer!" I told him so low only our ears could hear.

The conversation was over when we pulled into our driveway. I carried her in and took her to Carlisle. He put her in a cast and we all introduced each other again.

"I wanna play with Bella first." Emmett said.

"No. I wanna dress Bella first." Alice said. Alice and Emmett began arguing. Then Alice stopped.

"Carlisle! Brilliant idea." Alice and I said together.

"What?" Emmett whined

"Well I was just thinking that we all want to have Bella first, so why don't we have her on different days? We can draw sticks to see who gets her on what day of the week."

"That IS brilliant Carlisle!" Every one yelled.
So Carlisle got sticks and everyone wrote there name one it,
"I’ll have," she paused to hold the suspense," Monday!"

"I’ll have...Tuesday!" Emmett yelled as he drew out his day.

"I’ll have ...Wednesday!" Alice said as she drew her day.

"I’ll have...Thursday!" Jasper said as she drew out his day.

“Esme and I will have...Friday!" Carlisle said.

"I’ll have... Saturday!" I said.

"So that leaves Sunday for family night!" Esme said.

“YEAH!" Emmett yelled! "I get tomorrow! I get tomorrow!" Emmett sang.

“Yes but first, we need to go hunting. Edward can you stay with her? We’ll be back soon.” Carlisle asked me (A/N Carlisle doesn’t know that Bella is Edwards singer.) and I just nodded my head. The truth was I didn’t know if I could handle it so when they left I went up to my room. When I got in there I thought I had the wrong room because I had no covers on my bed and new curtains, most likely thanks to Alice. ‘Oh well. It’s not like I get cold.’ I thought to myself. I was up there for an hour or so and they still weren’t back yet and having no covers was really aggravating so I went down stairs to see if I could sniff them out when I saw Bella wrapped up in my sheets on the couch. Seeing her so helpless made my mouth fill up with venom. ‘NO!’ I mentally shouted at myself. ‘you can’t take this girls life away. And what about what Carlisle has built up? Or what it will do to Esme. You CAN’T’ I yelled at myself. She looked up when I gripped the door frame.
“Sorry” she said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For using your blanket. It was in a box so I didn’t think you were going to use it but my mommy always told me to ask before I use other people’s stuff.” She told me. Here she was, apologizing for using my blanket and here I am thinking of ways to kill her. ‘wait. She said it was my blanket.’

“How did you know it was my blanket?” I asked.

“It smells like you, silly.” She said. Such a simple, little kid answer made all the difference. I know that I will be able to control myself because she has her whole life a head of her. I picked her up and put her in my bed she fell asleep almost immediately when her had hit the pillow but she was awake enough to say, “’Night Edward. I love you.” And if I were human, my heart would have melted away.