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This is when the Cullen's find bella when she's little. I am going to have to repost this sorry. I am going to take this one down and post it as Bella.. It just will have something different in it.


2. Chapter 2- Emmett and Bella

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Chapter 2- Emmett and Bella
Emmett's P.O.V.

'Yes. I get Bella all day we are going to have so much fun! We are going to... Oh crap. Edward are you listening?' I asked. Of course he wouldn't answer me. I just won't think about it. I hear Bella. She's awake. I go down to her room.

"Hey Bella."

"Good Morning Emmett. Let's go!" She said.

“So what are we going to do today?” I asked her.

“Well Emmett, I heard that you are a trickster so… I thought that maybe we could do some stuff to your family.”

“They are your family too.” I told her. And she just smiled at me.

“OK well, Edward seems like a person who likes his hair so let’s die it! Blue. But not permanently.”

“Why not?” I demanded.

“Because I like his hair.” She told me.

“Lets paint Carlisle’s office bright pink!” She said.

“Okay!” I agreed and we were off to the store.

Once we got there, we went and bought blue hair die. We also bought some clothes detergent that shrinks your clothes for Jasper, and pink paint.

“Let’s but worms in Rosalie’s bed!” she said.

“That’s brilliant! You’re diabolical.” I said hi-5ing her.

Once we got all that stuff, I went upstairs to change Edward’s shampoo with the hair die while Bella distracted him. Then I went and got her and we got all of Jasper's clothes to wash. When we were on our way out of Alice and Jasper's room Alice was there.

“Don’t tell-“Bella started to say but Alice cut her off.

“I won’t tell Jasper, Edward or Carlisle but you better not but slime in my bed Emmett” She threatened and promised.

We where on our way to the laundry with Jasper’s clothes as we ran into Edward.
“What are you two doing?” He asked suspiciously. He probably heard my singing.

“Nothing. Just doing the laundry.” I said with a grin. As I made our way around him. Bella only gave him a big grin and he smiled back. After we shrunk Jasper’s clothes we made sure Carlisle wasn’t home and Bella went down stairs to distract the others while I painted the office and went out to get worms and put them in Rosalie’s bed. Now all we had to do is wait.
*****************About 9:00pm**************************
“What the…EMMETT!” Carlisle yelled.

“Emmett what did you do this ti-“ Edward started then he started to laugh hysterically. “You painted his office PINK!?” He asked still laughing.

“It was Bella’s idea.” I told him when I got up there.


“I’m sorry it was just a joke. I’ll paint it back.” I told him.

“No it’s fine I’ll paint it myself. But really Emmett.” He told me.

“I’ll behave okay? But Bella really came up with most of the ideas.” I told him.

“Okay. I think it’s time for Bella to go to bed.” He told me.

“Okay.” I said as I walked out the door. And went to sit by Edward.

“Man Eddie. You stink go wash your hair,” I said plugging my nose. Alice came over and sniffed him. “Yeah you do need a shower. When was the last time you took one?

“Sunday I was going to take one when we came back from ‘camping’ but I didn’t have time.” He said.

“Eww that was 2 days ago. Go shower!” Alice yelled at him.

“Fine.” He said getting up. 15 minuets later he came down stairs and everyone busted into laughter.

“What?” He demanded.

“Can you see you’re self?” Rosalie asked handing him a mirror.

“Emmett! What did you do!?” He growled.

“Well this one Bella came up with. But she wouldn’t let me do permanent. I like that color on you Eddie.” He chased me around the house. When me and Rose went to bed we all heard a scream and I go running around the house being chased by Rose.