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This is when the Cullen's find bella when she's little. I am going to have to repost this sorry. I am going to take this one down and post it as Bella.. It just will have something different in it.


3. Chapter 3- Christmas

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Chapter 3- Christmas

Esme’s P.O.V Christmas Eve

Bella is now 7. She turned 7 September 13th. She is responsible so I think I will get them all puppies. Let’s see lets get Alice a dash hound. I’ll get Emmett a St. Bernard. He needs a big sturdy dog. A Golden Retriever for Jasper. A Siberian husky for Edward so they can race. Ha ha. Edward race a dog.

“What?” Edward yells up here.

“Nothing just day dreaming.” I yell back.

But I could get Bella a German shepherd because they are really protective. And I can get Rose a Pembroke welsh corgi. Okay this is going to be great. I went up to Alice.

“Hey Alice? Can I come in?” I asked her when I got up to her room

“Yeah come on in mom.” When I got into her room she said, “What brings this on?”

“Well I don’t know if you have seen any thing yet but if you do can you keep it from Edward?” I asked her.

“Well sure but why?”

“You’ll see.” I smiled as I walked out the door.

When I got to the pet store I found that they had just what I was looking for. Rosalie’s puppy is orange with white spots on his forehead and chest and paws. Bella’s puppy is black with tan paws, chest, and face. Edward’s puppy is gray with a white nose, paws, chest, and the tip of his tail. Jasper’s puppy is yellow with blue eyes. Alice’s puppy is black with brown paws, nose and under her ears is brown. Emmett’s puppy has a brown circle around his torso, and brown ears. He has black ‘freckles’ around his nose and eyes. The rest of his body is white. Then I got a Chihuahua that is brown. She was so cute I couldn’t leave her here so I got her for me and Carlisle. This is going to be the best Christmas.

Alice’s P.O.V.

Esme is at a pet store. She is getting us all puppies. I shut out that vision. I didn’t want to see what kind of puppies she gets and I don’t want to have Edward know. This Christmas will be awesome!

Christmas Day

Edward’s P.O.V

“Bella. Wake up. It’s Christmas.”

“Yay! Christmas!” She yelled as she flung herself out of bed and raced downstairs. Everyone was already there.

“Bella, open mine first.” Alice squealed when Bella seemed excited to open Alice’s first. Four Abercrombie shirts, six American Eagle jeans, two teddy bears and a bean bag later Esme tells us to sit on the couch. And that she has a special gift to us. Alice was jumping up and down with excitement. I tried to hear what Esme was thinking but she was blocking me out. Then I tried Alice but she started to sing very annoyingly and loudly and also off key might I add.

“Alice will you please stop singing?” I asked her

“Nope. You need to get out of my head.” She said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Children, please don’t fight. Now listen. I have a surprise for you. Then out of nowhere Carlisle appeared with a box. We all, well except for Bella, heard 7 tiny heart beats. Then we all heard tiny barking.

“Puppies?” Bella asked.

“ Yep.” She answered. Then she reached in the box and pulled out a German Shepherd. “This one’s for you Bella.” She said.

“Yay! Thank you mom. Err... I mean Esme.” Bella said. Blushing slightly.

“You can call me mom.” Esme told her. Obviously touched.

Then she handed me a Siberian husky, Emmett got a St. Bernard, Alice got a miniature dash hound. She handed Jasper a Golden Retriever, and Rosalie got a Pembroke welsh corgi.

“Esme, there’s still something in the box.” Emmett stated

“Well I picked up something for me and Carlisle.” She told us as she pulled out a… rat? No it was a dog. A very small dog.

“What is it?” Carlisle asked. ‘Why would she get a rat. I hate it. But I can’t tell her that. Can I?’ Carlisle thought.

“It’s a Chihuahua. I named her Darby.” ‘Ugh a rat/dog named Darby. Why would she get us that? That’s a girly dog.’ I struggled to suppress a chuckle.

“You don’t like her do you?” Esme asked in a sad voice.

“No. No. it’s not that it’s just… that’s a girl dog.” He complained. Every one busted into laughter when he said this.

“Fine you don’t have to like her. But we’re keeping her.” ‘I’ll show him. Tomorrow I’ll show up at his work saying that it was his turn to watch Darby.’ Me and Alice busted into laughter at the same time.

“What?” Every one asked.

“Oh. Nothing.” We replied grinning