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Devoid of color

I am no one. Alone. Unworthy. This is a collection of poems. From Bella's zombie state, to Rosalie's decision to call Edward. What were they thinking? How did they feel? I decided to add on more chapters, because writing it was fun. So make sure you hit "next".


2. Chapter 2: I couldn't kill the angel

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I Couldn't Kill the Angel

The corner in the dark room is where I reside

Regret, pain, and hopelessness giving me a place to hide.

I left a glowing angel to light up someone else’s life.

I am a fool, but I couldn’t kill the angel.

My life is devoid of color, light, it is dead.

And I can’t believe I ever said

I didn’t love her.

The lie was necessary,

Because I couldn’t kill the angel.

The angel deserves better than I,

One that can light up her sky.

As she did mine.

The pain is mine, so she will not feel any,

Because I couldn’t kill the angel.