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Devoid of color

I am no one. Alone. Unworthy. This is a collection of poems. From Bella's zombie state, to Rosalie's decision to call Edward. What were they thinking? How did they feel? I decided to add on more chapters, because writing it was fun. So make sure you hit "next".


3. Chapter 3: Who wants to know?

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Who Wants To Know?

Sometimes, I don’t want to know.

Sometimes I do.

The dreaded pull to the abyss,and to see the future.

Who wants to know?

I close my eyes and will it away

But it comes on stronger.

Swirling colors, images form

Of what is to come.

Faces kissed with possibility

lies now tinged with truth

unsure things seen

Who wants to know?

Who wants to know if you die?


Who wants to know when the world’s going to end?


Who wants to know if you fail?


Who wants to know?

He said don’t listen.

None of our business anymore.

Let her go.

Every time I’m pulled towards darkness,I see her face.

I pull away.

She’s there.

I back up farther.

He’d be mad if he knew.





I see her face.

I see rain.

I see a cliff.

I see darkness.

Who wants to know?