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Saint Mary

Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are Vampire sisters that go to Saint Mary's Private Catholic high school. What happens when their school gets three new Vampires?


1. Welcome Back

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:!:Bella:!: I looked around my now empty room. All of my clothes, shoes, purses, school things, uniforms are in the two large black suitcases on my large bed. I walked to my empty desk and grabbed my new white laptop and my black i-pod and lay-ed them on top before I zipped it closed. "Bella!!" Alice yelled, running into my room. My little sister Alice was short, bubbly and hyper. She had golden eyes; the only thing that tells other Vampires, that we drink animal blood, pale skin, black short cropped hair that always in spikes, and matching eyebrows. She was holding dark skinny jeans and an orange Button Shirred Hooded Top in her little hands, Her eyes full of excitement. I raised an eyebrow at my pixie like sister. "Whats with the clothes in your hands?" I asked, moving over to her. She smiled; her sharp with teeth showing. "These are for you to wear today." She said, putting them in my arms and pushing me into my bathroom. "Take a shower, change, and I'll be out here, waiting to put on your make-up and do your hair!" She squealed. I shook my head, locked the bathroom door, and turned on the shower. I took of my 'Nightmare before Chistmas' shirt and my sweat pants before taking off my bra and underwear and stepped into the shower. The water was both warm and ice cold. I could barley feel the cold water against my skin. I rubbed some strawberry shampoo into my hair. After my hair was washed, I rubbed some body wash on my body. I then relaxed, letting the water run on my back and thighs. After a while, I turned off the shower, and wrapped a white towel against my body. The clothes fit nicely. I liked them. I looked into the foggy mirror. My normal brown hair was damp, so it looked black. My golden eyes looked like Butterscotch. The shirt showed some cleavage, and it hugged my curves. The jeans...i think made my ass look a little smaller. I giggled at the thought. I opened the Bathroom door and saw Alice there, holding her make-up bag (btw, its HUGE) and her curling iron. She smiled and walked over to my large mirror. I followed behind her silently. After an hour of make-up and curls. I was done. She smiled as she put her things away. I now noticed what she was wearing. A black Shawl Collar Cable Duster, with a red Puff Sleeve V-neck Top, jeans, and Darcey's gold and white heels. I looked into the mirror. I smiled. My hair was in a high ponytail with its ends curled, my lips were glossy and light pink; making them pouty. My eyes seemed to shimmer under the gold eyeshadow. My skin looked a little darker, but still pale. But it looked healthier. I smiled bigger and hugged my sister. She laughed and hugged me back. "lets go find Rose." She said. I nodded and followed her though my closet, what me and Rose share, into Rose's room. She was sitting on her chair, compact in hand, and putting on lip gloss. She turned around and smiled. "hey guys...ready to go?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. Rose finished her make up and sat up; her blond hair falling lightly to the middle of her back. I thought her had the best figure between her, Alice, and I. They say I do, but I don't think so, anyways. She grabbed her purse and her luggage and followed us out of her room and down the stairs. She was wearing a blue Grey Antics Deep V Top, Straight Leg Ink Jeans, and Black Ariana Ankle boots. When we got downstairs, Esme, our mother was there. She smiled sweetly when she saw us. Esme wasn't or real mom, but it felt like she was. I walked up to her and hugged her. Alice and Rose did the same. She sighed. "Its going to be so qiuet without you three." Esme said. I sniffled. "We'll miss you." I said. Rose and Alice nodded. I grabbed my car keys from my backpack, Alice and Rose grabbed their caykeys from thier purses. "Lets go. We have a long ride." I said walking out the door and to my car. Rose and Alice whent to their own. Mine was a Black Porsche. It was simple, yet fast. I climbed into my car, put my suitcases in the back seat, my backpack in the passenger seat, turned on the radio, and followed my sisters out. Goodbye Forks, Hello Saint Mary's high school.