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Saint Mary

Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are Vampire sisters that go to Saint Mary's Private Catholic high school. What happens when their school gets three new Vampires?


2. Threet hot new Vampires at our school

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We pulled into the huge school parking lot and parked. I smiled as I breathed in the fresh aroma of flowers. I watched the rain drizzle from the sky; and onto the hood of my car. We were lucky that Seattle is always cloudy. (I KNO its not true. But its the only way the story can work) It as very rare that its sunny. I got out of the warmth of my car, put my hood on over my head, and walked with my sisters to the front office.

The office was simple. With pale blue wallpaper, with matching carpets. There were hard plastic lime green chairs, lined on each side of the south walls. A long, shiny silver desk was visible. There was an old computer siting there; next to a phone. A Young woman, maybe in her early 20s, was sitting at the computer. She had white blond hair, a dark tan, and dark eyes. She looked up and smiled a fake smile when she was us enter.

"Can I help you?" She asked with a bored tone. I smiled sweetly. "My sisters and I need our back to school stuff. Rose is a senior and Alice and I are sophomores this year." I said.

The blond nodded and started typing on the computer. The printer came to life; some lights flashing, and beeping. She picked up the papers and divided them into three. And handed them to us. "Mary Alice Brandon Hale, Isabella Marie Hale, Rosalie Lillian Hale." She said, handing us the papers.

We smiled sweetly and walked out.

"Okay, first, what are your guys' room numbers?" Alice asked. "40." I said. "40." Rose said. Alice looked at hers and smiled hugely "40." She said. I sighed a sigh of relief. "Lets go see our room!" Alice squealed, running back to her car to get her stuff. Rose and I giggled and walked over to our own cars.

I picked up my backpack, guitar case, and my suitcases and lifted them out of the backseat. I looked at my sisters. "How are we going to carry these without people noticing?" I asked. They shrugged. "Lets go with our backpacks first, find the room, then come back for the rest." I said. They nodded and put their suitcases back in their cars, I did the same, and we walked; with our backpacks, to search to our new room.

It took us a while; but we found it. Alice squealed when she saw how big it was from the outside. I unlocked the door; and opened it. I smiled. It was nice! The walls were a pale pink, and the wooden floors shined. There was a living room, kitchen, a short hallway the maybe leads to three rooms, with bathrooms, and an other bathroom.

The Living room was huge. There was a long, circular blue couch, a cherry wood coffee table, with a candle, A nice fluffy white rug, a huge window; over looking the school garden; and a little glass door; maybe to lead to the balcony.

Alice ran to the couch; dropping her backpack, and jumping on it; giggling the whole way. I smiled and joined her. Rose laughed. "Man, You guys are so weird..." She said. Alice and I giggled again. I smiled. "First ones to the rooms get them!" I said, running to the first room; with my sisters following me.

I got the first room, Alice got the middle, and Rose got the last.

After we got our suitcases, we started to unpack. My room had pale purple wallpaper, and white carpet. It had a huge king sized bed; that I can never use, with white sheets and fluffy pillows. There was a cherry wood desk; that matched the dressers and the side tables. The bathroom was...HUGE. it had fancy tiles, a nice shower, The sink looked like it was made out of porcelain, almost like the color of my skin in the moonlight.

I put my shampoo, body wash, curling iron, and my blow dyer in the bathroom, and walked back into my room to finish my unpacking. When I was done; I looked at the new uniforms that the school gave us.

I sighed. Perverts much? The skirt was plaid, ruffled, and a little short, knee-high white socks, My black all-stars, a white button-up shirt with the school crest in the right side, with a matching red and black plaid tie. I shook my head. I walked into the living room; where Alice and Rose were. "Wanna go walk around the campus?" I asked. They nodded and grabbed their purses.

We walked down one of the many pathways of the school, looking at the dorms, or at some of the people who walked by, when I smelt somthing that made me stop dead in my tracks. Rose and Alice smelt it too. Rose's lip curled over her teeth.

"More Vampires?" I said, annoyed. They both nodded. "Lets go check it out." Alice said. Rose and I nodded and walked where the sent was the strongest.

Three guys. They were bringing boxes from this HUGE red and black Jeep. The guys...were...Cute...okay, they were hot!

One was HUGE. He had dark curly hair and was the strongest out of the three. He had golden eyes too. Unhumanly Pale, just like us.

The second was strong, but not as the first. He had blond hair what was falling into his golden eyes. He too, was pale.

The Third was the one that caught my eyes the most. He wasn't as strong as his brothers. You could tell he was the youngest. He had unruly bronze hair that seemed to shine in the sky. His golden eyes seemed...Mysterious. It was like he knew we were watching them, he lifted his eyes to meet mine.

He smiled a little, I glared back. The other two noticed us and smiled too. Rose and Alice turned their heads. I walked down to them. "Bella? What are you doing?" Alice asked when she saw me.

I turned to look at them; now walking backwards. "I want to meet them. You guys commin?" I asked. They nodded fast and followed me. The guys put down their boxes and slowly walked over to us. We stoped a foot away. The biggest one smiled goofly. "Hiya! My names Emmett! These are my brothers, Jasper and Edward, may I ask, who are you three pretty ladies?" Emmett asked. Rose and Alice glared as I softend up and smiled a little. "I'm Isabella, Bella, and these are my sisters, Rosalie and Alice, may I ask, what are You doing here?" I asked. "Well, were going to school here, Duh" Emmett said, like I was in the first grade. "Watever, Just as long as your not stupid, and only hunt in the woods, we don't need to be here." Rose snapped. She looked at us. "Come on Ali, Bells, lets get out of here." She said.

Alice and I looked at eachother. We know what happends when Rose gets mad. We nodded and she huffed and walked away. Alice danced over to Jasper and handed him a pink slip of paper. "Here's our dorm number and mine and Bella's cell." Alice said before grabbing my hand and dancing away.

I looked back at the guys and saw them, staring at you, with their mouths hanging open. I giggled and walked with Alice back to the dorm.

This Year was going to be so fun! Now even better with The bronze here.