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Saint Mary

Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are Vampire sisters that go to Saint Mary's Private Catholic high school. What happens when their school gets three new Vampires?


3. Notes and yea right!

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The next day, I slipped into the shower and washed all the dry blood, that may have dropped from the hunt yesterday before school. After my shower, I brushed though my Mahogany waist length hair, brushed though my teeth; making sure that there was no blood stain on my pearly white sharp teeth, and walked back into my room to change.

I put on my lucky bra and matching underwear. Then I slipped into the tiny skirt. It barely covered my thighs! I buttoned up the shirt, Put on the tie, put on the white socks, and slipped on my favorite black Converse.

I added my lip gloss and eye shadow in my mirror. I heard Alice and Rosalie moving around in the living room. I grabbed my messanger bag and pick my black and red kicker and my i-pod. I put them in my backpack and walked out the door.

Alice and Rosalie turned to me and frowned. I sighed. "You hate the new uniforms too?" I asked my sisters. They nodded. I giggled. "We better go find our lockers, then to our first class." I said, grabbing my sisters' hands and walked out the door.

Finding the lockers were easy, They were right next to eatch other.

Rosalie had P.E first, then Biology, then Trig, Spanish, then we all had the same lunch, then she had World History last.

Alice had French first, then Trig, then World history, lunch, P.E, and Bio last.

I had, Latin first, Trig next, P.E, lunch, World history, then Bio last.

We all said our goodbyes and left to our classes.

When I got to the classroom, One of the new vampires...Emmett was sitting in the back, with one seat open on his left. He smiled at me as I walked in. All the other seats were full. He noticed that also. I trudged over to the seat and sat.

When the bell rang, the teacher came in and started to write on the board. I doodled, aimlessly on my notebook until a note landed on my page. I noticed that my Name was written in neat, almost elegant script. It had to be Emmett's hand writing, because also, the name said: Bells.Only my sisters called me that. I opened the note

Hey Bells, is Rose always like that?


I giggled at the note and wrote back.

Hey Emmy, and nope, shes usally nice to Ali and me, she was just mad cuz...you kinda...stared at her chest...BTW...she HATES that.


I folded the note and flicked it on top if his desk. He took it with Vampire speed. I notice that he smiled sheepishly.

My phone Vibrated in my pocket.

Bells!! Guess whos in my French class??...EDWARD...he gave meh a note. he was talkin bout u!! I waz shocked!! Rosie just sent me a text...Jazzy is in her class 2!! c u at lunch? same table?

Luv ya,


I smiled at the text and text her back.

Whats he askin?...and I have Emmett in my class!! he sent me a note...it was...weird...anyways...OF COURSE...y wouldn't we sit at da same table?...

Luv ya,

Bell :P

I sent her the text right when the note landed on my notebook again. Sighing, I opened the note and read its contents.

I was...not staring at her chest...I was...uh...reading her shirt!! yea!!...she has nice hooters btw. ;)


...Okay...EWW!! That was sick!! I shuddered. I peaked a look at Emmett, he was daydreaming...maybe about Rose. I wrote back.

Riight...her shirt didn't say anything, DUMBASS..and...EWWWWWWW!! Why would I want to kno what you think of her breasts? -B

I thew the note at him. It hit his head. He jumped and looked at the note. He took it eagerly. I giggled when my phone went off again. Sighing, I opened it and I got two new Texts. One From Rose and the other from Alice. I opened Rose's first.

Hey B. Ali told me u have Em in ur class? ouch. Whats he talkin bout now?

luv ya,


I thought about that for a minute. then started to text her back.

Hey R...Yea...he iz in my class.he was talkin about you...lolz...How Jaz?

Luv ya,

B :P

I sent the text and looked at Alice's next.

Edward was askin meh stuff like, 'whats her power?' or 'Whats her favorite animal blood?' I didn't tell him bout the power though...are you going hunting with your four legs later?

Luv ya,


I sighed with relief. My power was weird but helpful at times. I giggled low when she said 'four legs' I text her back.

Lolz...really?...kewl. uhh...MB...idk yet...ttyl, bells gonna ring in five.

luv ya,

Bells :P

I sent that and noticed, the note, sitting right there. When did it get there?...I carefully opened the note and peered inside.

uhhhhhhhh...I don't know...anyways...after we talked 2 u gurlz, Eddie and Jazzy wouldn't shut up about u and Alice btw. I waz busy thinkin about Rose though. ;)


I giggled and if I could, I would be blushing. Edward was talking about me? He was cute...and hot...and...sexy...crap. If I was human, I would so be drooling by now.

4 reals? kewl...wanna sit wit me and my sisters at lunch?


I gave it to him right when the bell rang. Emmett glanced at the note and looked at me. He smiled hugely and nodded. I giggled and Nodded. I gathered up my notebook, pencil, and binder and put them inside my backpack before walking out the door.