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Saint Mary

Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are Vampire sisters that go to Saint Mary's Private Catholic high school. What happens when their school gets three new Vampires?


4. Oh La La!

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Alice P.O.V

9:00 a.m

French Room

I walked into the french room after I said bye to my sisters. I was early; so I sat down in one of the empty desks in the back. I took out my French Text book, notebook, pencil, and my cell phone. I started thinking about Jasper when a familer sent hit my nose. One of those new hot Vampires. Is it Jasper?? I thought before looking up. It was Edward. He smiled when he saw me. I smiled a little back.

He walked, gracefuly to the chair next to me and sat. "Alice." He said. I nodded. "Edward." I replied. I started to aimlessly doodle sqiggly lines on my paper. The bell rang. A few students ran though the door. The teacher came in. Blond, bye eyed, skinny, big breasts...early twenties maybe. WAY to much lip stick and blush. And her clothes! A mini pencil skirt with a tight whit blouse? And with those six inch high-heels? I don't think so.

After she wrote her name on the board. Ms. Lela Parker...huh...a sluty name of a sluty person. I noticed that Edward was frowning. Maybe from all the Minds he has to hear about ms. Parker.

I tore a page out of my glittery pink notebook and wrote him a note.

Hey Eddie!! So...Do u like Bella?...Cuz I heard she likes u


I gave him the note. I peaked sideways after he read the note. If he was human...he sooo sould be blushing right now!! He swiftly ran his pen across the page with speed. He gave me the note. I opend the note and read its contents.

Alice, PLEASE don't call me Eddie, and...she does?

I giggled as I read the note.

I looked at him and nodded. He smiled.

What do u wanna kno about Bells?


I gave him the note. After he read it. He started to write across the page again. I got it back a few seconds later.

Whats her Power? Whats her favorite color? Whats her favorite animal blood?

I giggled again. He seemed so egear to know things about Bella!!

Well...she has a...different power then people. Her favorite color today is brown...i'm sure. and her favorite animal...Mountian Lion.

I gave it back to him. After he read it. He smiled again.

My phone went off. I looked at the new text. It was from Rosie.

hey A, Hows french? I have Jasper in my class!! He kept on asking me if u liked him. Iz it ok if I sed yea?

Luv ya,


I giggled and started to Text Bella.

Bells!! Guess whos in my French class??...EDWARD...he gave meh a note. he was talkin bout u!! I waz shocked!! Rosie just sent me a text...Jazzy is in her class 2!! c u at lunch? same table?

Luv ya,


I sent the text and turned back to the board. My phone vibrated, I knew that Bella text me back. I fliped open my phone and looked at the one new text message.

Whats he askin?...and I have Emmett in my class!! he sent me a note...it was...weird...anyways...OF COURSE...y wouldn't we sit at da same table?...

Luv ya,

Bell :P

I smiled. I can tell Rosie!! I almost sqealed. I started a new text when I got the paper back.

Hey R!! Hows P.E? and...YEA!! Oh! Bella told meh that she has Em in her class!! -Sqeal-

Luv ya,


After I sent Rose's text, I started on Bells.

Edward was askin meh stuff like, 'whats her power?' or 'Whats her favorite animal blood?' I didn't tell him bout the power though...are you going hunting with your four legs later?

Luv ya,


I sent that text and looked at the note. I slowly opened it and peered inside.

Last night...Jasper wouldn't stop thinking about you...I would know...And Emmett with Rosalie.

If I was human...I would be blushing. Jasper. Jasper Cullen. The Vampire Hottie like me? I got another two text messages.

I replied to the note first.

Really? Well...Rose and Bells would stop talkin about u and Emmett.

I gave him the note. I then checked my text messages. I opend Bella's first.

Lolz...really?...kewl. uhh...MB...idk yet...ttyl, bells gonna ring in five.

luv ya,

Bells :P

I replied.

Yeppers and kk. ttyl c u at lunch then :)

luv ya,


I sent that then read Rose's.

OMG 4 real?? kk...i'll text her. c u at the lunch table? iz it ok if i bring Jaz? ;) -cough-

luv ya,


That time, I almost sqealed loud. I held my lips in a tight line so I won't. I sent her a text quick.

Yeppers...and...YES!! OF CORSE!! Bring him!! I'ma go ask Eddie if he will 2 ttyl c ya in five.

Luv ya,


I sent the text and thought to Edward; I didn't have time to write another note.

Do you and your brothers wanna site with my sisters and I at lunch? we have our own table.

I looked at him. He swiftly nodded. I smiled. The bell rang. I swiftly sat up and gathered up my books and backpack. I then walked out the door toward Bella's locker. I sooo can't wait for lunch!!