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From The Heart

Eight year old Bella Swan ignores her parents’ rules and goes exploring in the woods next to her house in Forks, Washington. Wandering too far into the forest, Bella comes across a homeless “dog”. Having always wanted a dog, Bella somehow manages to lure the “dog” out of the shadows of the forest to get a better look at him. Her new found pet is over six feet tall, and one and a half tons of predator. She names him, finds a way to convince her parents to keep him, and automatically makes him her best friend.
Nine years later, Bella meets Edward, and beings to learn some strange things about her pet “dog”, Rohan.

Will be Bella/Edward so no worries. You will have to use your imagination and just accept the fact that a 8 year old can convince her parents to keep a Wolf/Grizzly Bear looking animal without screaming bloody murder, shooting it, and then calling the cops. Whatever you recognize belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

2. Can I Keep Him?

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1245   Review this Chapter

He slowly emerges out of the forest, cautiously eyeing my parents. Carrying his massive head low to the ground, sniffing the air, he stops next to me. He is blacker than coal; his thick, fluffy coat shines beautifully, reflecting off the setting sun. Even in brighter light, his eyes are a brilliant color green. He is gorgeous, tall, with muscular shoulders and a strong back. The only fault on his entire body is a large jagged scar that is missing hair on the right side of his chest. He stares at me intently, with almost pleading eyes, he’s uncomfortable, and I can feel it. The back yard is silent, only the wind makes its presence known; it shakes the trees of their autumn leaves, and moves wildly through his fur.

My mother finally breaks the silence, “Bella, please, get away from it.” She tries to keep her voice steady, but it cracks under her nerves.

“No Mom look! He’s a sweet dog!” Stepping towards my dog, I extend my hand out to pet him.

“Bella no! That’s not a dog! It’s a grizzly bear!” My mother shrieks.

“Calm down Renee, there are no grizzly bears in upstate Washington.” My Dad cuts in.

“But, it’s huge!”

“He’s a German Shepherd!” I shout, trying desperately to keep my parent’s attention. “My friend Nicole has one just like him, with stand up ears and everything!”

“Bella, come here, get away from that animal.” Charlie offers his hand, trying to coax me away from the dog.

“He’s not a wild animal!” I shout, “He’s a Ger-”

“Honey, no German Shepherd is this big, you can’t keep this animal.” My father interrupted.

“But you said I could have a dog!” I can feel the salty tears sting my eyes, I wasn’t going to win this battle, I could already tell.

“Yes, sweetheart, a dog, a nice normal sized family dog, like a Golden Retriever.” Mom answers in a louder, more confident voice this time.

“I don’t want a Golden Retriever, I want this dog!”

“Bella this is not a dog, it’s the size of a horse!” My mom all but squeals.

“Yes he is a dog, look!”

I turn towards my dog, meeting his eyes; I silently pray that he has some manners. He focuses on me, still looking agitated, I hope for a miracle.

“Sit boy!” He slightly cocks his head to the side, as if to say ‘are you serious?’ But only after a short pause, he sits. Victory! “Lay down.” Thankfully, he obeys again.

I let out a sigh of relief, “See how good he listens!”

The backyard falls silent once more, with all eyes on my well behaved dog lying at my feet.

“Bella you can’t keep it.” My Dad states in a low voice.


“Sweetie what if someone is looking for him,” Mom interrupts. “You said you found him, what if he is lost?”

“He didn’t have a collar or tags on.” I shoot back, I was still losing. If I was going to turn this battle in my favor, I was going to have to think drastically. Either pull hysterics, or reasonably bargain.

“Bella I will take you into town tomorrow and you can pick any puppy you want from Jerry’s store, but you can’t keep this one.” My Dad offers, he is trying to bargain with me, but for the wrong thing. I decide at the last minute, pulling a fit might be my only hope.

“I don’t want a puppy, I want him! I already named him!” I scream at the top of my lungs. My parents eyes go wide, maybe that was a little too hysterical.

Silence overcomes the outdoors once more. Renee turns to Charlie, making quick eye contact and then back to me and my dog.

“His name is Rohan!” I scream again, this time on the verge of tears. Turing back to my dog, who is still lying quietly next to me, I move closer to him, and place a hand on his head, stroking him softly.

Lower my voice to barely above a whisper, I make a last effort to keep my dog, “He’s such a good boy, and I want to keep him. Please, Mommy, Daddy, please let him stay.” Not even sure if my parents heard my final plea, I loose myself in his beautiful green eyes, Rohan’s eyes. The name fits him perfectly.

I feel my Mother come up behind me, she puts a hand on my shoulder, “Where did you come up with his name Bella?” she asks softly.

Sniffing loudly, trying to choke back the tears, I pull my eyes away from Rohan and look right at my mom. “That book of Renaissance art you gave me last year for my birthday, we used to look through it every night before bed. The artist’s name is Rohan, do you remember Mom?”

“Yes, I remember sweetheart.” She smiles at me, wiping my tears away with the sleeve of her sweater.

Rohan nudges at my arm with his nose. I turn back to him, studying his soulful eyes, trying to understand what is going through his head, his face is so expressive, he almost looks like he is going to open his mouth and speak, but that would be silly, dogs can’t talk.

“He’s not a young dog Bella.” My dad says, still stationary in his spot ten feet away from me, Rohan, and Mom.

“I don’t care.” I mumble through tears.

“And he’s not cute either.” Mom states.

“I think he is.”

“He’s too big to take anywhere with you.” My Dad adds.

“I don’t care.”

“And he’s overweight.” My Mom points out.

I glance at his middle, Rohan turns his head to do the same. So he is a little chunky, big deal.

“I’ll put him on a diet.” I was making headway, there is no way a couple of minor flaws was going to change my mind.

Sighing out loud, my Dad moves forward to stand next to my Mom. They make eye contact again, this time for a little longer, almost like trying to talk telepathically. After a minute, my mom turns her attention back to me.

“He needs a bath.” She says.

“I’ll do it. I’ll bathe him and feed him and walk him and play with him and pick up after him, I’ll do everything.” I ramble off, and go quiet once more, my eyes shooting back and forth from my Mom to my Dad, waiting for a verdict.

Finally, my Mother sighs loudly, “He has to sleep in the garage tonight, until he smells better.” She states quietly.

“You mean, I can keep him!?” I squeal, trying not to bounce off my feet.

“Yes you can keep him.” My parents say in unison.

“Alright!” I jump in the air, pumping my arms up in victory. “Yes! Thank you thank you thank you!” Rushing to their arms, I hug them quickly before turning back to Rohan and throwing my arms around his neck.

“You hear that Rohan. You can stay.” I whisper into one of his giant ears, and with that, Rohan sighs, puts his head on my shoulder and pushes me closer into his body, almost like trying to hug me back.

“You’re going to regret that.” My Dad whispers to my Mom, in hopes that I wouldn’t hear, even though I did.

“Hush,” she says, “look at her, she’s happy.”