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It Hurts

This poem takes place when Jacob rejected her in New Moon. Bella/Edward Bella/Jacob

Hope you like it!

1. Chapter 1

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It hurts like knifes

It hurts like teeth tearing at your flesh

It hurts like someone you love just

left you stranded,

That’s how I felt when he left me,

When he left me I was broken, like

when your heart is torn in two,

When he left I had a wound

tearing with every second,

It hurt so much,

Don’t leave me please,

I found Jacob he help me heal,

then he broke me too,

It hurts much more now,

Now it feels like claws tearing

At me

I lay here in bed . . . thinking . . . crying . . .

My heart hurts so . . . much . . . more . . .

Here, I think my life just ended

I see darkness it’s numb now

I don’t feel anything

The darkness envelops me, my

last thought is "I hope you had

your fun Edward."

Good Bye, World