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Damaged by Awsomealice94“I better dream if I have to struggle” Story of 19 year old Mary Alice Brandon

Damaged by Awsomealice94 Disclaimer- i own nothing Story is finished, so posting should be done regularly :) i started this last winter and haven't told a single person about it until a couple of months ago-which was hard for me, as you can imagine :) i finished two days ago

12. Chapter 12

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~Now I feel so light.
My sense of movement's slowed
and somehow my tongue's tied
My thoughts are shattered
and they're making stars in the sky
and I've never felt so speechless
in my life~

Alice now knew everything. As much as she could process in a day, at least.

It wasn’t like she didn’t know a lot of it before, but to Carlton it felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He felt more confident-Alice said she wouldn’t run, that she wasn’t scared. And for him always thinking that she would run, it was the greatest feeling in the world to be proven wrong.

The only thing he didn’t tell her was about James. James was a vampire…and Carlton was sure he wasn’t a vegetarian. All Carlton had to do now was figure out why James was a doctor in a mental facility.

Carlton was here because he was a doctor in his previous life, and he wanted to help people. Here, the hospital needed doctors. Here, patients needed doctors who understood them. Carlton was perfect for it.

James wasn’t.

Carlton tapped his fingers on Alice’s charts; she was supposed to be receiving medication today.

Supposed to being the key words.

Alice never received medication that doctors other than himself gave her. And when Carlton gave her something, it was either vitamins or pain reliever if she needed it.

He opened his pen and put a small check mark and his signature on the paper saying that she received medicine. He couldn’t call it lying…per say…he could call it the right thing to do, though.

Alice didn’t need this medicine. It made her head hurt, and in some cases she had terrible side affects to it. It was just better she didn’t receive it at all. Some doctors-they had no idea what some patients needed. If Carlton wasn’t there, he was almost afraid to even think about what would happen to Alice.

Mary Alice had easily gotten out of her restraints, thanks to a helpful tip from Dr. Sacks. Because of her wrists being so tiny, if she flattened her hand and made enough room as possible to slip out of them, she could. Plus, he always left the right hand lose so it was easier for her.

Once Mary Alice had gotten her right hand out, she undid her left and then quickly undid the buckle on her waist before moving on to her ankles. The full moon gleaming in the sky outside made it just light enough for her to get up without any problems. She wasn’t tired…not after everything she had learned about today.

She walked over to her barred window that she had looked out of so many times over the years. She always looked out of it with longing-longing to just step out of the horrifying walls of the asylum.

There were little stars over Biloxi, Mississippi tonight. Mary Alice looked down at a few trees and a pathway leading to more nurse’s corridors. Everything was still damp outside from earlier today.

What she wouldn’t give to feel the rain and feel the soft grass between her toes.

This was her paradise.

Every day, she looked out to this. When she was little, she would always tell herself little lies to get her through every day-and even now she still does.

‘Mother is coming to see me today, and if I get through shock treatments she will be waiting for me’


‘You can live back home with Cynthia and Mother and Father if you just get through today’

Sometimes she would go to bed dreaming about those lies coming true. Though, in reality, the lies didn’t even come close to happening.

She remembered how it used to be…the first few years of her life that were actually lived at home. Her house didn’t have bars on the windows, and you could actually open them and step outside.

There was warmth, softness, and bright colors before she got here. There were things to look forward too. There was mother-Mary Alice still remembered her sweet smelling perfume. There were sweet dreams…peace. But there wasn’t a Dr. Sacks.

Dr. Sacks was one thing to look forward to for the next day…the only thing she looked forward to. Mary Alice now realized how much she needed him. Without him….she shuddered at the thought of what would happen to her. They needed each other….

She sunk down against the hard and cold stone wall, and folded her arms around herself tightly. She breathed in and out, and closed her eyes. She gasped-freezing in place. She was having a vision.

Darkness was around her. She heard Dr. Sack’s voice call for her…she heard Dr. Cutting’s voice as well. She couldn’t see much. Wind whipped at her, making her vision blurry…then there was pain-but it had a strange numbing feeling that went with it. She noticed that she should be screaming now…but it felt no different from any other day

“What did this mean?” She asked to herself, coming back to reality. She was getting many visions, each the same and yet different in parts. Like the future was changing with somebody’s choices. Somebody was planning something and was switching things around.

And she knew it included Dr. Sacks, Dr. Cutting, and herself.

“How are you?” Carlton came into her small room. Mary Alice jumped at the sound-it was no later than 4 in the morning. What was Dr. Sacks doing in here?

“I was walking around the halls-I can’t sleep, remember?” he joked closing the door. Mary Alice gave a little smile and nodded, recovering. It was one of the questions she had asked him, if he could sleep or not. How could somebody live without dreaming? It was one of the things that kept Mary Alice from not dying.

“I heard you were awake, so I came in. If you wish for me to leave, Alice I-” he started before she stopped him.

“No, I just couldn’t sleep, that’s all. I had a vision.” She admitted sitting on her bed, as he sat next to her.

“What was it about?” he asked her, curious and a little afraid.

“It was a different version of the same series visions I have been getting lately. Of the catacombs…” she trailed off. Carlton bit his lip-he was afraid of that.

“And what was different about that one?” he asked her, being calm for her. He didn’t want to know the answer but he knew that it would probably be crucial to their wellbeing.

“Dr. Cutting-I heard his voice. You were calling my name…but the vision was dark after something…something hurt my neck.” She shook her head- it was too blurry and dark for her to understand much more than that.

Carlton froze. Damn. This was what he had somehow been waiting to hear-and yet hoping that he wouldn’t. He was right-James wasn’t a vegetarian.

“Alice, this is very important-do you know how many days or even hours we have until that vision comes true?” he asked her, making her look directly at him. Dr. Sacks face was slightly panicky.

“I... well, no.” she said, her voice shaking.

“Try, Alice. Go with a gut feeling.” He pleaded her. She nodded, closing her eyes and concentrating.

“Twenty-four hours.” She whispered, the words slipping from her lips, the words hardly hers. She was sure that was it…although, how she wasn’t certain. Carlton’s face was horror stricken.