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Damaged by Awsomealice94“I better dream if I have to struggle” Story of 19 year old Mary Alice Brandon

Damaged by Awsomealice94 Disclaimer- i own nothing Story is finished, so posting should be done regularly :) i started this last winter and haven't told a single person about it until a couple of months ago-which was hard for me, as you can imagine :) i finished two days ago

13. Chapter 13

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~It's bugging me, grating me
And twisting me around
Yeah I'm endlessly caving in
And turning inside out
'cause I want it now
I want it now
Give me your heart and your soul
And I'm breaking out
I'm breaking out
Last chance to lose control
~ Hysteria-Muse


James pondered over the word….he came to the conclusion that he liked it. It was the only thing that described him properly. He thrust away the now dead lifeless body, leaving the limp arm to land with a sound of what some would say sickening but an only satisfactory thump to him. He wiped the blood off of his chin, smiling slightly at how messy he became today. But it was all so…good. The girl’s horrified shrieking…the feeling of his teeth sinking into her warm, soft flesh as easily as a human biting almost melted ice cream….and the blood. James shivered with pleasure over the memory of how she tasted-and he laughed at the thought of that being absolutely nothing compared to what was to come. He threw the body, drained of blood, into a ditch and walked away. No regrets, no shock, no horrified thoughts or glances back at what he had done. There was just…nothing but a smile on his lips that he licked clean. James left from his hunting trip-this time it hadn’t been in the woods. It was in town. When he killed Mary Alice Brandon, he wanted her to look into his truly menacing crimson eyes.


It was perfect.

That Mary Alice girl whom Carlton Sacks was so fond of would be dead by this time tomorrow. And her blood would belong to him.

Carlton had done it-James wouldn’t have made plans to go after her if it wasn’t for him. James only went after the people who appealed to him. One of the things that made him want a human so much was if another vampire wanted it. Especially if the other vampire didn’t want to kill it.

It was rare, James had to admit. A vampire falling in love with a human…he barked a laugh. It was the most absurd thing he had ever witnessed in his existence.

He was sure he wouldn’t find it again. But if he did, he would do the same thing he was doing now.

But it just wasn’t right, at any rate. Vampires were predators, and humans were their prey. That was the way it was meant to be. James felt good that he’d be putting an end to it.

It was just the….it was a word that he didn’t use in his vocabulary. It was just the….fear. Yes, fear was the right word. It was just the fear of Mary Alice having a vision that he was…James squeezed his eyes shut-this was even hard to say in his mind. He tried again; it was just the fear of Mary Alice having a vision that he was afraid of the most.

The little brat could see the future. And James had been planning this for a while now. Ever since that one conversation with Carlton. It was only recently that he decided to go down to the catacombs underneath the asylum.

It was the perfect place for the perfect tracker.

It was dark, and it was confusing. A regular human being would have a hard time finding its way around without getting lost. Or maybe, even stuck. It was dangerous already-so why not throw a vampire and his victim there? Plus, as an upside, it had an atmosphere of drama and fear.

But if that dwarf had a vision, Carlton Sacks would know about it. And he would get her out of there as fast as possible. If he did that, it would be after she went to bed-so that nobody would be suspicious. Carlton was an old vampire, younger then James, but older than some at any rate. He wasn’t stupid-he would make sure it was covered up as much as possible.

James took his mind off of something that may not happen. After all, one of his weapons was the element of surprise.

He went over the plan again in his mind. Sneak into the asylum without Carlton noticing-or at least do it at top speed before Carlton can notice. Carlton will think he was on a longer hunting trip than expected and won’t expect him back till at least the next day. Because, in all honesty, Carlton and James both kept tabs on each other-even if they both hid it, they both knew each other were hiding it. Run into Mary Alice’s room. Break the handle to get in, and then take her quickly-covering her mouth so she can’t scream, into the catacombs. Bite her, and drink everything so that not one drop of blood is left. Full consumption. Then leave the asylum and go back to his nomadic life.

It was better to leave Carlton alive to be heartbroken forever than to put him out of his misery and kill him. But if he posed as a problem, then he would be taken out as well. And if the plan didn’t work, though he was sure it would anyway, he would keep going until she was dead. He was a tracker-and wouldn’t stop. In a way, James wanted a little more problem to occur. He always enjoyed a good challenging hunt.

“Alice, we need to talk about this.” Carlton said to her, talking as fast as a human could understand.

“What is going to happen tomorrow? You know, don’t you?” she asked, fear washed over her delicate and beautiful face.

“Yes, from your visions I think I do. I’ve been watching him…damn I should have stopped him sooner. I knew it and yet I didn’t.” Carlton paced back and forth in aggravation.

“Who are you talking about?” she asked him, still sitting on her bed.

“James Cutting-or Dr. Cutting as you refer to him,” Carlton snorted, “he isn’t a doctor, Alice. He created fake certificates to give to the head of the asylum. He’s a vampire. And he isn’t anything like me. Though he pretends to be a vegetarian-or pretends to kill animals, his true nature is killing humans. Real people.” He explained to her.

“I thought he was a vampire…but why would he come here?” she asked him, keeping calm despite the situation. If she was going to panic, it would be once she knew all of the facts.

“To look for his next victim…I think he wanted to have a change from his normal nomadic hunting. And the worst of it all is that he is a Tracker.” He cursed so low that Alice couldn’t hear. The word shouldn’t be heard by a lady.

“A Tracker?” Mary Alice asked, confused by the terminology. Carlton nodded his head, still pacing,

“A Tracker is a vampire that tracks a certain human…that is their gift,” Mary Alice knew that certain vampires had certain gifts because it was one of the things they discussed already; “they find a human. James is a very skilled and very twisted one. Tracking is the thing that he does. It’s his obsession. He won’t stop tracking until he gets what he wants.” Carlton explained.

“And what he wants is me. He’s tracking me. He wants to…to kill me. That’s why it went dark after I felt pain on my neck in the vision. He was…he was biting me.” She whispered, a hand covering her mouth in shock. She was terrified. And now she could panic.

“He won’t stop tracking you until…until-” Carlton couldn’t finish.

“Until he kills me. But why me?” she asked, barely above a whisper.

“It’s my entire fault. He goes after people that are special. Or wanted. He saw how much I….” Carlton’s voice trailed off. He stopped pacing and looked at her.

“Loved me?” Mary Alice guessed. He nodded.

“Alice, I-” he began. She stopped him,

“Carlton, I know…and I love you too.” She said to him. It was the first time she ever used his first name out loud. She liked it…and so did he.

Carlton walked over to where she was sitting on her bed, and kissed her. But it wasn’t on her forehead this time. It was on her pale pink lips.