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Damaged by Awsomealice94“I better dream if I have to struggle” Story of 19 year old Mary Alice Brandon

Damaged by Awsomealice94 Disclaimer- i own nothing Story is finished, so posting should be done regularly :) i started this last winter and haven't told a single person about it until a couple of months ago-which was hard for me, as you can imagine :) i finished two days ago

14. Chapter 14

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~And she runs on her own
And you'll hurt before you know
Not a sweet alibi
When you get your bloody dose
In the still of the night
It is there you'll feel it most
In this dark carnival
Where the end is close~ Dark Carnival-Vanessa Carlton

Mary Alice’s knee wouldn’t stop bobbing up and down. Her hands wouldn’t stop sweating.

She was nervous, and though she was trying to hide it she simply couldn’t. It was impossible. Carlton said she had to act normal, and that they would leave as soon as Mary Alice was in her room to go to sleep. That way, people would still think she was in her room-even if she wasn’t. They would slip out with the darkness of night covering their trail. What they thought here at the asylum once she and he were gone wouldn’t matter anymore-they would be gone and together.

So, she wouldn’t go to sleep like everyone would think.

Instead she was going to run, and Carlton Sacks would keep her safe and alive. It was not only the fact that she was in grave danger and almost sentenced to die at midnight by a sadistic vampire, but the fact that she was leaving this place for good, that made her nervous.

She hadn’t stepped out of the mental asylum since she was little. Since she lived with her family. She remembered first stepping into the building as if it were a mere hours previous.

It was dark and light rain was falling from the sky when her father took her in their family car.

Little Mary Alice was told nothing as she was carried to the car. She had nothing with her except for the clothes on her back. In her hand, she carried a cloth doll that was given to her on her previous birthday-she carried it everywhere. She had thought they were going out to get something sweet as an after dinner treat. Her Father did that a lot. He loved his girls more than life itself, it seemed.

But they arrived someplace else. Someplace that Mary Alice had never seen before. She read ‘Biloxi Mental Asylum’ and she froze. She clutched her doll.

“Why are we here?” she asked her father. He was different now-he looked at her different. There was no love in his eyes. She became frightened.

“Why don’t your visions tell you?” he asked her. It was the meanest tone her Father had ever spoken to her in her life. She felt like crying as he stopped the car. He got out in the rain, and lifted Mary Alice up and onto the ground. He put a piece of paper in her coat pocket, and ripped the doll out of her hands. She cried in protest but something about the way the people from this strange building-the asylum-looked at her told her to be quiet.

“All of the information is in her pocket. Nobody will hear of this-understand?” he said to a nurse that walked out quickly in the rain. She nodded and then her father got into the car. Without her.

“Father! Father!” she screamed running to the car, but the nurse held her back as she cried. What was going on? All she knew was that it was the last time she ever saw any member of her family. It was the last time she held her doll-her comfort. The nurse picked her up and carried her inside the deathly horrible place, as she continued to scream. There she was given a Doctor, and he hadn’t changed one bit over the last 8 years.

“Mary Alice, are you alright?” A nurse asked her as a tear rolled down her face.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry-I just remembered something is all. I’m fine.” She said. It was the same nurse that carried her inside here 8 years ago. Mary Alice got up from the table she was sitting at and stood up. Everyone reacted to her moving-she couldn’t do one thing in here without being noticed.

She couldn’t stay in here. Not with that nurse right next to her. She couldn’t eat her breakfast-it was unappetizing and she was sure she would get sick if she ate it anyway. She was too anxious. Too nervous.

“Alice, could you please come with me?” Carlton asked her, his clip board in his left hand. He put his pen back in his pocket and smiled gesturing for her to follow him. Mary Alice sighed of relief-she didn’t know how else she would get out of the cafeteria unless he was with her.

“How do you always know to come at the right time?” she asked them as they walked down the hall, holding hands.

“I can hear you. I still watch out for you, Alice, even if I’m not in the same room. I can also hear your pulse-your heart is beating way too fast to be normal.” He told her, glancing down at her with concern.

“I’m just…anxious.” She admitted as they walked around the hallways. Nobody was on her floor except an occasional nurse-all were in the cafeteria for breakfast.

“Completely understandable…I am a little, too. I don’t like waiting so long to get you out of here. James isn’t here-he is on a hunting trip. We both take one every two weeks or so…it makes me uneasy that he isn’t here. I can only tell if he is a couple miles away-and he isn’t. So I have no idea when he will be back.” He explained.

“It will be dark out…he will come through my door.” she said to him, having a vision. In the vision, Carlton and she were in her room, about to leave when James entered the asylum. They would go through the window-but then the vision ended.

“That helps-we have the upper hand with you being able to see what he is planning.” Carlton said some relief on his face. He was still on edge, and he knew they both would be until they had gotten far away from this place.

Mary Alice sat on her bed, heart beating fast. She tried to take steady breaths, but doing so didn’t help much. It was dark now, and all she could picture was James Cutting in her mind. Carlton unlocked her door and stepped inside quickly. It was around ten at night, everyone would be in their sleeping corridors.

Mary Alice began to scream, not knowing who it was. Carlton moved at top vampire speed to cover her mouth, “Shhh, it’s just me.” he said to her. She nodded and Carlton released his hand.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to draw attention.” He said to her, kissing her.

“I’m just a little on edge and alert. It’s just…we’re leaving. I won’t wake up to this same room anymore.” She marveled, getting up and looking at her bed.

“Alice, we need to leave.” Carlton’s voice wasn’t kind like usual, and he demanded it more then asked her.

“He’s close.” She verified as Carlton told her to climb on his back.

“Yes.” He said curtly, before breaking the bars off of the window with his hands. He threw it to the side and kicked the window out. Mary Alice wondered how close-it was most likely two miles away.

“Hold on.” He said to her, and Mary Alice felt something that she hadn’t felt in 8 years. Fresh air. Her bars weren’t on her window anymore. And she could smell the leaves and the rain that had fallen earlier. It felt….so perfect.

Mary Alice almost didn’t even know that Carlton had hit the ground before she realized she wasn’t flying in the air anymore. That was a 5 story jump…she wasn’t surprised now that she knew what vampires could do. But it was one thing to hear about the super strength and speed, and another to see it.

Wind whipped at her face, just like in the visions.

“Where are we going?” she whispered.

“To the one place he won’t think you’ll be.” Carlton told her, and with that he descended into the catacombs.

“Big mistake.” James muttered, crouching behind a rock about a mile away, watching the pointless rescue mission. He would wait until they were all the way in the catacombs before going after her…that way Carlton would think they were in the clear. But they were far from it.

“Okay, Alice. We just need to wait here until he thinks we are farther away.” He said to her as they stopped. Being underneath the asylum was chilling to Mary Alice, she had just gotten out and now she was back again.

“Will this work?” she asked him. She wanted to believe so but part of her was telling her a vision would come true…and it wasn’t the one she wanted to have happen.