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Damaged by Awsomealice94“I better dream if I have to struggle” Story of 19 year old Mary Alice Brandon

Damaged by Awsomealice94 Disclaimer- i own nothing Story is finished, so posting should be done regularly :) i started this last winter and haven't told a single person about it until a couple of months ago-which was hard for me, as you can imagine :) i finished two days ago

8. Chapter 8

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~Time is gunna take my mind
and carry it far away where I can fly
The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you
If I were to be alone silence would rock my tears
'cause it's all about love and I know better
How life is a waving feather~
Dancing, Elisa

“Once upon a time, far away, there lived a princess. She was beautiful, with long black hair that looked like the sky at midnight. She had the sparkle of a star in her eyes, and always helped people around her in any way she could.” Mary Alice said as she sat on the ground. In truth, she was making most of this up as she went-but the small children who sat in front of her didn’t notice and didn’t mind.

“One day she was in the forest outside of her kingdom, looking for wild flowers,” Cynthia and I always picked wild flowers she felt with a ping of pain, “and came upon a small baby bear. He was lost, and needed to find his way back to his family. The princess, who loved to help in any way she could, agreed to help the baby bear. She walked with him, determined to find his mother. Suddenly, they came across a deer. She asked the dear if he had seen the baby bear’s mother. He said that he did, and he led the way through the forest. Finally, with a cry of joy from the baby bear, his mother was in front of them. The mother and her baby were both very grateful of the princess and deer, and she wanted to offer them something. But the princess was too modest, and decided that the bear could keep her gift. The deer was gone and so the princess continued to look for her flowers.” Mary Alice told the children.

“But it was nearing nightfall, and the princess still hadn’t found her wild flowers. The deer had led her so far into the forest that she had a hard time trying to find her way back to the path that would take her home, to her castle. Many hours passed and the sun was just about to set. She was scared and didn’t know where she was. Suddenly, there was a tap on her shoulder. She turned around, frightened. But there in front of her was a handsome prince, with wild flowers in his hands. He told her, ‘excuse me princess, but I understood you were looking for these.’ Then he handed her the flowers. She told him that she was lost, but he responded that she need not worry; he was here to rescue her. So they held hands, all the way back to her kingdom.” She said.

“Soon they fell in love, and married. So they walked away from her castle to start a life together, all the while holding hands. He vowed to protect her, and to always love her. And so the princess and the prince lived happily ever after. The end.” She concluded. The children looked up at her, mesmerized.

“Can anyone tell me what the moral of my fairytale was?” she asked them. They shook their heads, no.

“The moral was that if you care and help people, it will turn odds in your favor.” She heard Dr. Sacks say from the entrance of the rec room.

She smiled up, “exactly.” She nodded. He smiled too,

“Your smile is very beautiful, Alice.” He noted and she now realized that she was smiling, for once.

“Yours is as well.” she said back.

“I wanted to talk to you about yesterday, if that would be okay.” He motioned for her to take his hand as a nurse came and watched the small children.

“That is always a nice thing you do for the children.” He said to her as they walked down the hall, to her room.

“I just try to help as much as I can, the children-I can only remember little about being a child here, only that it was painful and sad. I didn’t know what I did wrong to end up here. But I had somebody to help me through it, and I hope that I am that somebody for them.” She explained as he un-locked her door and they stepped in.

“You were the one that helped me, you know.” She said to him as she sat on her bed.

“I’m glad I did.” He nodded back to her.

“Why did you?” she asked him.

He looked like he was thinking, trying to explain it best to her. “I helped you because you truly don’t belong here. In a way, I think god put you here to help the other children that were and are here. Your gift is something that is unique-it’s a blessing, though it may not seem like it now. And the way you looked up at me when you first came, your eyes-you saw what would happen in the future-what our friendship was. Do you remember what you saw?” he asked her. She shook her head no.

“That’s okay; I doubt you remember so far back, unless it was a very important thing that occurred.” He shrugged.

“My visions were new then, I wanted nothing to do with them at the time- I must have forced myself to forget.” She explained. Mary Alice did that the first two years of being in the asylum. She suddenly figured out that it was her visions that got her in this place, and being just a child, she thought that if she just paid no mind to them they would go away. But they didn’t…

“Remember how I told you that I would explain to you who or rather…what I was another time?” he asked her she nodded.

“Well, I won’t go too much into detail, because now isn’t the best time, but I couldn’t leave you just wondering,” he paused and she nodded for him to continue, “You’re more normal then I am. You are human. I’m not an angel, if that is what you’re thinking.” That had actually been her first guess, but something told her that that one guess was wrong. A vampire…somehow that name was just calling her.“I’m far from it actually. You see, though I am not human, I am still good. I am as good as our kind gets. But I must warn you, though I am good-others are not. And one might be in this hospital-”

“Dr. Sacks, Dr. James Cutting would like to see you about another patient in room 142 right away.” A nurse interrupted him.

“I’m sorry for this, I will explain to you more in depth I promise you. I need to go, it’s something urgent-I can hear some of it.” Mary Alice, who was about to say okay was left in her room as Dr. Sacks ran out.

Wait, she thought suddenly realizing that room 142 was on the fifth floor when they were on the 3rd, how could he hear some of it?