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this is a poem about how bella doesn't understand why Edward loves her and want to be with her


1. Flaws

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Who are you

Why should you care

About me

I'm nothing special

Just a girl

A human

Nothing out of the ordinary

But I am confused

Why are you here

Next to me

Holding me

Hugging me

Kissing me

Everyday I see you

You never change

Even when I yell

Your love remains

You hold me until I am strong

You hold me forever even if I'm wrong

But still I'm confused

You say you love me

How can that be

Your not normal

Your not human

You're beautiful

I'm just me

I still can't see

What's so special about me

You love me

You say it again and again

You say your love know no end

How can that be

Why do you love me

Do you love my warmth

Do you love my looks

Do you love my personality


You say you love me for me

You ask if it will be enough

I start to cry

You ask why

I say your the first one to love me

For me

You come over and hold me

You comfort me

I know then that you care

I sob harder

Knowing that no matter my flaws

You will always love me

And no matter your flaws

I will always love you!!!

Hey I thought that it might be a nice poem. give me feedback if you want good or bad.

Thanks xoxo A Rose For Your Thoughts