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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

10. Anything

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After a restless sleep, full of nightmares, I awoke with a start to the smell of crepes, bacon, and fried egg sandwiches. Edward had been watching Food Network again.

I dressed in the overly stylish outfit that was laid on the black sofa and walked down to the kitchen. Edward served heaping portions of everything on my plate; sometimes I thought he cooked just so he could watch me attempt to eat it all.

It was beautiful outside today, so Edward and I spent quality time with Esme, planting flowers. We ate, cleaned up, and I watched Rosalie and Edward play a game that used five chess boards, many pieces, and more complicated moves. They had developed it over the past century during those cloudless days when they had to stay inside.

As they were putting the game boards away, we heard a furious pounding on the front door. No one ever came to see the reclusive Cullens. Who could it be?

Carlisle, who had just returned home, opened it and found an irate Charlie standing on the front porch with a shotgun. Charlie was here to shoot Edward! I guess he had heard the news.

"You," Charlie shouted when he spotted Edward, "I'm going to shoot you and bury you in an unmarked grave!"

As he began to raise the rifle, Carlisle stopped him and asked, "Charlie, before you shoot my son, would you mind telling Esme and me what he has done to merit such treatment?" It was like he was asking for a weather forecast.

"What he has done? You don't know what he's done? The whole town is talking about what he's done! He married my daughter…SEVEN MONTHS AGO!" Edward and I hung our heads in shame as a bullet went through the wall.

I heard Alice whisper to Emmett, "Pay up, brother. I won the bet again. Why do you even bother betting against me anymore?" I couldn't believe that they had bet on whether Charlie's gun would go off. Someone could have gotten hurt.

To my surprise, Carlisle turned to us with a shocked expression upon his face. "Edward, when did this happen? How could you two be so irresponsible? I thought you had been raised better than that. Edward, if you've married this girl, then I must conclude that you are old enough to move out. Go pack your things, son." The disappointment was evident in his voice. Carlisle turned back to Charlie and asked him to stay and watch the game, deaf to Edward's protests.

We went upstairs and began to pack. "Edward," I began, "what was that about? Did Carlisle actually kick you out?"

To my surprise, Edward began to laugh. "It's the family's punishment for getting married in Vegas without them. Alice saw that Charlie would let us move in with him. She thought it would be a good revenge to make me act human all the time for a while. Esme was still a little upset at not getting to see her favorite son's wedding, so she got Carlisle to kick me out."

"Edward Cullen, that is so not funny. I'm getting Alice a gift card to K-Mart for Christmas…I'm going to make her spend it too!"

"Noooooooooooo!" We heard Alice before we saw her. She ran up three flights of stairs at vampire speed and rushed into Edward's room. She continued, "I promise I'll be good! I'll even help you out. I saw that it would take a lot of groveling to move in with Charlie. I'll do it for you. Just please, please don't make me shop at K-Mart. Only ugly people with bad shopping habits go there! That store has never even heard of Kate Spade. How will I survive?"

"Alright Alice, if we don't have to suck up for a place to stay, then I will get you a gift card for somewhere more appealing." Visions of Target entered my mind, but I quickly stopped them. Alice hated Target almost as much as K-Mart.

She skipped downstairs and began to work her magic with Charlie, while we finished packing up. We moved the few boxes Edward needed to Charlie's house and rearranged my room so his things would fit.

Charlie glared at Edward the entire night, but I could tell that the initial shock of our marriage was over and he was almost growing used to the idea. In fact, I liked this arrangement as well. Edward could be over all the time now, instead of only while Charlie was sleeping.

Right before I went up to bed, Charlie asked, "Bella, exactly how long have you two been married? Why did you marry that boy?"

I paused, thinking about my answer, "We got married the day after my birthday, daddy. You remember, when I went to see mom with Edward, we made a pit stop in Vegas. The answer to your second question is easy; I love him." I left him standing there, stunned, as I ran upstairs.

As Edward hummed my lullaby, I realized that tomorrow, I would have to face all my friends at school; pure dread filled me. However, I knew that as long as Edward loved me and was by my side, I could do anything.