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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

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11. Cullen Horror Stories

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School was an experience that I would give everything, excluding Edward, to not repeat. Everyone, even the teachers and staff, stared at us throughout our classes. It was like we had huge scarlet "M's" attached to the lapels of our jackets! It wasn't like we were Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale.

Since the whole town knew of my marriage, I wore my pretty, pretty ring where it should have resided for the past nine months. I think Edward liked looking at it. Scratch that. I know Edward liked looking at it...and if I'm truly honest with myself, I like it as well.

Throughout the school day our teachers taught about high divorce rates for early marriages and waiting until your thirties to tie the knot. Little did they know that Edward was three times their prescribed marrying age!

Lunch was an interesting affair. When I tried to talk to Alice, she informed me that Carlisle had restricted her from communicating with us, because it might influence her and Jasper to run off as well.

"Sorry, Bella." Alice answered my pleas, "Carlisle told me to stay away from you guys." There was just a flash of her vengeful smile as she turned to sit with Angela at another table. She was even blocking her thoughts from Edward! It wasn't like they hadn't gone to Vegas before. This was taking our punishment too far! Who was going to keep my wardrobe updated?

All the guys in school that weren't in love with me high fived Edward and told him how he was exceedingly lucky. Mike, Tyler, and Eric just sat, looking dejected.

I sat by Mike. After a few minutes he asked, "Bella, why did you get married?"

"The answer is quite simple. I love Edward, Mike." My answer stunned him into silence.

The girls, except Attalia, Lauren, and Jessica, gushed over the size of my ring and asked if I'd married Edward for his money or looks…or both.

Attalia sat in dignified silence. According to Edward, she had hoped that our marriage would get us kicked out of school and we'd end up living on the street, next to the people Alice donated my used clothing to. Thanks to Charlie, and Edward's sizeable trust fund, this had not happened.

Nevertheless, Attalia stared fiery vampire glares at us. Lauren and Jessica wondered aloud why they hadn't figured it out sooner. All the signs that something was up had been written on the wall, or so they said. Personally, I thought we had done a wonderful job of hiding our marriage. It had taken a devilish child eavesdropping on a judge to find out.

In science, Mr. Banner deviated from his normal course instruction and spoke instead on where babies come from. He kept eye contact with Edward and me the entire hour. The rest of the class stared at us as well. It wasn't like we'd done anything like that. I decided it had gone too far when Mr. Banner started talking about how male bees get their guts ripped out after copulation. I closed my eyes and went to my happy place, where Edward and I were both sparkly and this day was far behind us. As soon as the bell rang Edward walked us quickly to his car, all the while fuming at what Mr. Banner had subjected us to. We sped home and spent an uneventful afternoon cleaning the house and finishing homework.

When Charlie came home, I could tell he was in a mood as bad as my own. "Hey dad," I greeted him, "how was the office?"

"I've had better days. The boys gave me a lot of grief about you and Edward." He sighed. I felt so bad for Charlie. It wasn't his fault...at all...that I married Edward. Charlie continued sadly, "They can't believe that I didn't know for so long."

"It's not your fault, Charlie. We chose to keep it a secret. There was nothing you could have done without everyone thinking you were paranoid." Edward's reasoning calmed my father, albeit slightly.

Charlie sat down to watch the baseball game while Edward and I went into the kitchen and cooked dinner. I loved to cook with Edward. He was a wonderful chopper and could grate mounds of cheese in seconds.

We sat down to the table and said grace. Edward didn't have a plate, as usual, but this time Charlie noticed. "Edward, aren't you hungry? We don't want you to get sick or anything." Charlie's facial expression made the last sentence obsolete.

"No Charlie, I'm not very hungry tonight. I'll eat something later, when I get hungry." Or thirsty, I thought quietly to myself.

"Don't you like Bella's cooking? You're going to be eating it for the rest of your life, you know. It's quite good, actually." Charlie was enjoying backing Edward into a corner a little too much.

"Of course I like Bella's cooking, Chief Swan, and I am looking forward to eating it. However, I don't feel hungry right now. "

"Nonsense. Eat, now."

Edward had lost. Charlie dished him up a huge plate and watched carefully to make sure all of the food was eaten. If it had been anyone but my beloved Edward, the scene would have been most amusing, but now my husband would spend the night puking. Thanks dad.

After dinner, we made a quick exit upstairs, while I took a shower; Edward went out hunting for the night. It had been a day that would go down in the Cullen Book of Horror Stories.