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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

13. I'm Pregnant!

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Most of the juniors and seniors from Forks High were at the party. Attalia and Mike even graced us with their unwanted presence. It really was gross the way the made out in the corner, right next to an original Manet painting.

Despite my cousin’s atrocious behavior, Alice’s party was a complete success. The music was loud, the food good, and the company energetic. Edward and I socialized with our friends, and seemed to enjoy the idle chitchat. I just wanted to fall asleep for a good twelve hours. Somehow, I didn’t think Alice would permit this…

Halfway through the party, Edward heard a knock at the door. I thought everyone had come. I’d heard of fashionably late, but the party was past that point. Edward and I made our way to the white door, and opened it.

To our surprise, a vampire who looked exactly like Edward, down to the topaz eyes, stood with a baby in his arms. It was incredible! I had never seen anyone who had that messy bronze hair other than Edward. What was going on?

Edward’s mouth fell open in shock as the stranger began, “Edward, I know you do not remember me, but may I come in? It is vital I speak with you.”

After a moment, Edward replied, “Yes. Please come in. We will be able to use the study upstairs. Forgive all the humans around. We are having a graduation party for my sister Alice, my wife Bella, and I.”

As we journeyed to Carlisle’s study, which devoted a wall to his long life, and sat down, Edward whispered to me, “I can’t hear his thoughts. He is like you."
“I am Andrew and this is...” He sighed, “Before I reveal any more, where is your wife? She will need to hear my story as well.”

Edward and I smiled at each other as I declared, “Andrew, I’m Edward’s wife. My name is Bella.”

The strange vampire seemed shocked. “You married a human? You always were daring.” He stared off pensively, seeming to contemplate eternity. He was a sad vampire.

“What do you mean by ‘you always were daring.'?” Edward asked. I was curious about that curious statement as well.

“Where to start?” Andrew laughed. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m Andrew James Masen. Edward, I’m your older brother. I was changed by someone named James in 1917. I was serving in Egypt at the time, and I’ve been there ever since. Our parents didn't know of my disappearance. “

Edward had a brother? It was an incredible revelation. Edward seemed calm as he replied, “Why did you search me out now, and not years ago? Why are you here?”
“A good question, my brother. My answer lies in my arms. Sekhmet is why I’m here. She is your niece, Edward and Bella.” Andrew smiled, as he looked at his daughter. Despite our open mouths, he continued, “Her mother, my one and only love, died giving birth to her. I tried to change my beloved Nefertiti, but it was too late. “ His face twisted in anguish. “I can’t live anymore, Edward. I’m going to die. I’ve met someone that will kill me. All I need is a safe home for my darling Sekhmet. Please Edward and Bella, as your brother; will you take care of her?”

Andrew’s plea was so sad. My heart went out to him. I couldn’t imagine losing Edward. I could only imagine that losing your mate as a stone vampire would be a death sentence. Visions of Victoria surfaced in my mind.

Edward was sat tense beside me. He answered his suicidal brother, “I understand your wish. My family and I will take Sekhmet and raise her as our own. She will never want for anything.“

“Thank you. Might I ask one more favor?” Edward nodded and he continued, “Would you two raise Sekhmet? I would feel more secure in the knowledge that I left her with blood relations. Please. I know you’ll raise her with stories of our parents, Edward.“

Edward looked questioningly at me and I nodded my approval. I had never wanted kids, but I could tell it meant a lot to Andrew. I couldn’t deny his last request! “We will do as you wish, Andrew. We’ll love Sekhmet as if she was our own.“

Andrew sighed as if a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. He hugged us both, kissed his daughter, and walked out of our lives forever, murmuring to Edward as he went, “Don’t keep Bella human, Edward. You will follow after me, if you do.”

Our adoptive daughter was beautiful. She had the typical Masen hair color, topaz eyes, and a rather flushed complexion for being half vampire. We sat in Carlisle’s office for five minutes, before Rosalie came in. Taking Sekhmet, she advised, “Your classmates are remarking on your absence. I’ll take care of Sekhmet. Go party.”

We went downstairs together, and Edward wandered off to get me some punch. Attalia appeared, and asked, “So, who was that totally gorgeous guy I saw you guys with? I’m mean you’re already married, so you can’t be jealous if I take a liking in him.”

“His name was Andrew.” What was the point of lying to my cousin? I continued, “He is Edward’s long lost brother. We both met him tonight. He is dying and wanted us to take care of something. “ We still had no idea on how vampire hybrids acted. Better to keep Sekhmet a Cullen secret.

Edward arrived on the scene at this point, and Attalia promptly began flirting with him, “Oh Edward, that color looks so good on you! I bet you have a really good sense of style. All three of us simply must go shopping sometime.”

Edward abruptly answered, “Actually Attalia, my sisters buy and pick my cloths out. I really have no say in the matter.” Turning to me he lovingly requested, “Bella love, may I speak with you for a moment over there?”

“Of course, Edward.” We journeyed across the room, almost to the kitchen.
“Sorry, I just couldn’t stand her thoughts anymore. But I did want to speak with you about Sekhmet and your conversion. I think we need to change you within the week. What are your thoughts?”

“Edward, you know how much I want this, but I don’t know we could have Sekhmet and a newborn in the house at the same time.“

“That’s the problem. I don’t want Sekhmet in the house while you’re human. She’s a vampire baby and we don’t know her powers yet.”

His point was good, “We’re going to have to be parents to this child. We’ll work through all the difficulties. We-“ Edward squeezed my arm.

Attalia was directly behind me with a bright gleam in her eyes. We stared at each other for a minute. She quickly turned on her heel to her little following. Great. Now the whole town was going to think I’m pregnant.