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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

15. Married in Forks

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Too scared to face Charlie and the fallacious rumors that were undoubtedly floating around town, Edward and I stayed in his room well past noon. I still couldn't understand what Attalia had to gain from this kind of behavior. Maybe if I had tried to be nicer, she wouldn't feel such resentment toward me and my family. Then again, that probably would have angered her all the more. She lusted after my husband. I had done nothing.

Edward was not letting me anywhere near Sekhmet, because she might be dangerous to me. She was a baby. How could she be dangerous? Rosalie was taking care of her for the time being. She was only too happy to do so, seeing as she had always desired a child. As Edward and I prepared to venture out into the gossipy jungle of Forks, we could hear Rosalie and Esme faintly singing to the darling angel.

Edward nearly had to drag me to the Volvo. I blushed scarlet at the mere thought of the rumors that were circulating about what Attalia had heard. Did I have to actually venture out into the front lines of the flying shrapnel? According to my all-loving husband, I did.

While Edward drove to Charlie's, I chewed my fingers to the bone. Edward sighed, "I should have taken the Vanquish. It's faster. We may have been able to save your nails." I almost smiled.

We pulled up, and I quickly unbuckled, but hesitated before opening my door. Charlie had been okay with the fact of my marriage, had even supported it, but how was he going to take whatever rumor that had spread to him?

Edward pried me out of the car, and carried me into the house fireman style. Even though I knew it was futile to kick him, I did anyway. He just laughed. "You're going to bruise your feet, love."

"I already have, Edward. It's your fault, too." I huffed.

Edward set me down, and called, "Charlie, we're home and would like to speak with you, please."

Charlie stomped into the living room, carrying his shotgun. "You," He screeched, pointing at Edward. "How dare you show your face here? You got my daughter pregnant, and are now leaving her for Mrs. Cope! I'm going to shoot you."

The gun cocked as Edward moved protectively in front of me. The gun fired. I screamed. After ascertaining that everyone was alright, my heart rate slowed slightly. I looked around, and found a small bullet hole in the dark paneling. It would forever be a testament that the Swan household was dysfunctional.

After the gun fired, Charlie calmed, and we were able to sit like the adults we professed to be around the kitchen table and discuss things calmly and rationally. Almost. "Bella, why did you marry this creep? I mean, leaving you for Amelia Cope seems rather strange behavior for anyone!"

I sighed. "Edward isn't leaving me, and I'm not pregnant. Attalia overheard part of a private conversation and jumped to conclusions."

Charlie still looked skeptical. Edward took the opportunity to add, "I love your daughter, sir. I could never leave her side. Not now. Not ever."

"What conversation did your cousin overhear, Bella? What could make these rumors spread?" Charlie was ignoring Edward, yet seemed to be more receptive to the truth.

"Well, it's a long story." I paused, gathering my thoughts, comprising half truths, and continued, "At the party last night, Edward's long lost older brother showed up. He told us that he had, uh, terminal cancer, and that his wife had died in childbirth. He pled with us to take his newborn daughter, and treat her as our own. We couldn't deny Andrew his dying wish!" I trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Are you sure you aren't pregnant, Bella?" Charlie asked.

I sighed, exasperated, "Yes. I'm one hundred percent sure, dad."

"That's good enough for me then." Charlie paused, turned to Edward, and said, "Sorry for trying to shoot you, Edward. I hope you understand..." He trailed off.

"Of course I understand, sir. I would have done the same if the roles had been reversed. No blood, no foul." He smiled.

At that moment, Edward's cell phone rang. "What is it, Alice?" He asked. After a few minutes, he began to laugh. "Bella, can I talk to you upstairs?" He asked after the phone conversation had ended.

"Sure." I replied.

Upon entering our room, Edward said, "Alice just called. Jacob showed up at our house. The pack heard that you were pregnant and wanted to renegotiate the treaty. Rosalie showed him Sekhmet, and...he imprinted. I don't like the idea of having a puppy for a nephew, but there isn't a lot I can do."

I was astonished. "Wow. Well, Jacob is nice at least. It could be worse..." I was beginning to feel slightly repulsed, but what could I do? This could make breaking the treaty so much easier.

Soon, Aunt Carol and Valentina arrived to give me some free marriage counseling. Four hours later, my aunt was still droning on. I had really tried to listen, but after the first five minutes, I had to tune it out. None of her rhetoric applied to our circumstances. Edward was the perfect husband.

Valentina sat next to her mother, doodling Embry's name on a blank sheet of paper, over and over again. Imprinting had been good for her. I could only hope it would be as good in Sekhmet's case.

As Aunt Carol began to recommend good adoption agencies, Edward tried to explain Sekhmet. Carol only smiled, utter disbelief clearly etched across her face. Her calm facade irked me. She was so prejudiced! I hated how she had to always be right. I wanted to scream the whole story at her, throw it in her face, yet I could not do that. She would commit me to an institution, like Alice.

An hour later, she was finally done with her lecture, and prepared to leave. While she taught Charlie how to deal with delinquent teenagers, Valentina asked, "Um guys, could Embry and I borrow a fast car?" Lowering her voice, she explained, "You see, we want to get married, and need to drive to Mississippi. The marriage laws are less strenuous there. We need to get there quickly, for obvious reasons. Don't rat me out to my parents, please!"

Edward and I smiled at each other as I replied, "Of course, Valentina. I would rat you out, but imprinting is a little more long-lasting than a fifteen-year-old fling. We both wish you all the luck in the world." I would have to ask Edward about buying them a furnished home as a wedding present...

Edward declared, "Actually, I'd rather not have any of my cars smell like werewolf, no offense. What kind of car do you want? We will order you one to keep. That would be easier for everyone."

Valentina's eyes widened in surprise. "That would be wonderful! Thank you. How can we ever repay you?"

"By being happy. We are family, Valentina. That is what family does." I replied. Soon Edward and I would not be the only married teenagers in Forks.