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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

16. Rudely Interupted

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As soon as Valentina and her monster of a mother left, Edward and I went upstairs. He pulled out his phone, and called the Bellevue Bentley dealership. "Yeah, Stan? Hey, can I ask you a favor? I need a black car. Newest model you have. Leather interior, of course. I'm thinking an SUV." Edward paced while Stan spoke to him. "Alright. Charge it. Can you get a man to drive it to the address I give you? It's a present for a friend. Thanks." He hung up.

"Thank you, Edward. That was very charitable of you." Would my dear husband ever cease to impress me?

He smiled guiltily. "It wasn't all that charitable, Bella. I really, really want to see that old bat's face when she finds out her daughter ran off with a boy who has no plans of becoming the future President of the United States. Besides, in this family, we take care of each other. You must know that by now. Technically, Embry will be my nephew-in-law's brother. I have a feeling we will see a lot of Mr. and Mrs. Call in the future."

I grinned. Excellent. It was pleasant to realize that I didn't have to give my entire family up at once. Looking back, I would never have considered that I would grow to love my youngest cousin best, but knowing that I would still be able to see her after my conversion endeared me to her. "So, the Charlie storm is over. What do you want to do with the rest of the evening?"

"Well, we could go home...but Sekhmet is there. Maybe we should go see a movie. Or we could stay in..." He trailed off, raising his eyebrows, and opening his arms for me. He was trying to dazzle me into the last option. It wasn’t fair.

I didn’t look at him, knowing the affect he had on me. I wanted to see my lovely little niece. "Let's go to your house." I declared, pulling Edward out of the rocker, and dragging him down the stairs. Edward was unhappy, but drove me all the same.

Upon walking in, I saw Sekhmet in Jacob's arms. The way he looked at her was vaguely familiar. I had seen that look countless times in Edward's eyes while he was staring at me. Did vampires imprint as well?

"Edward, Bella." Jacob greeted cautiously.

I reached my arms out for Sekhmet, but Jacob quickly moved back, while Edward's arms immediately formed a restraining cage around me. This irked me to no end. I couldn't even hold her! "Fine." I declared angrily.

I sat on the couch, listening to Jacob and Rosalie argue. "Jacob, you got to feed her this morning. It's my turn! I'm her aunt. Aunt takes precedence over mangy mutt that thinks he's in love, right Bella?"

"Whatever you say Rosalie." I was still too upset with Edward to feel any sympathy toward Rose's cause. At least she was allowed to touch the baby.

"See, Bella agrees with me. Sekhmet does too." Jake was smitten. When Rosalie tried to grab the baby, he turned, and stuck his tongue out at her.

A few minutes later, Esme, seeing my frown, began to rub small circles along my back. It felt relaxing, but I persisted in being tense. Jacob and Rose were still bantering back and forth, growing louder and louder.

Soon, I could take it no more. I signaled Edward that I had a headache. Maybe we should have gone to see a movie instead. We drove home, too fast as always. I stomped up the stairs, and went to bed. Edward watched the game with Charlie until I was fast asleep.

Upon waking up, I perceived that my bed was too soft and warm. Coming downstairs, I observed that Edward was "sleeping" on the couch. This was the first fight we had had since tying the knot. Just thinking about it made my stomach kink up. I sat down beside Edward, put my arms around him, and said, "I'm sorry. I wasn't mad at you. I just...I don't know. I just-"

Edward put his index finger over my lips. "Hush love. All is forgiven. Actually, there is nothing to be forgiven about."

"But you 'slept' on the couch last night. Weren't you mad at me for being so…so juvenile about Sekhmet? I know it's dangerous for me to hold her. She's looks so sweet though. I can't see her harming anyone." No! I was here to apologize, not to argue my point. There would be other times for that.

"I didn't really stay down here for your benefit. Charlie has been thinking that we don't fight enough. Apparently, that is not normal. Too keep up appearances; I thought that since you were mad, we could stage a mock fight. He thought that I was pressuring you into starting a family, and you were rebelling." A smile danced across his perfect features. I had to smile too. Of all the ridiculous things. We already had a family.

I stopped thinking as Edward leaned in to kiss me. I heard a faint chuckle. I could only guess he was laughing at my tell tale heart that had sputtered into overdrive. Just as his lips touched mine, my heart stopped, and then began to race again. After an hour of pleasurable kissing, we heard a faint knock at the door. As I attempted to rise from the couch, Edward restrained me. Not unwilling to continue kissing him, I readily complied. The knock came again…and again. Finally I heard the door creak open. By now, I was lost in Edward's eyes, and didn't care if the Queen of England had come to call.

I heard a small, deliberately feminine gasp. Edward and I instantly broke apart, to see Aunt Carol, ashen faced, staring open-mouthed at us. "What are you doing?" She yelled, astonished.

I winced and blushed bright red, but luckily Edward remained cool as a cucumber. "Well Aunt Carol, I'm kissing my wife. What are you doing?" I could see disguised amusement burning deep in his eyes. My spouse found the situation very funny, indeed.

"What am I- I am calling upon my sweet, but misguided niece. A niece that you have corrupted, young man! I ought to call Charlie on you. This is his house after all. Doesn't he have any rules for you two?" Carol was becoming more flustered by the minute. I barely caught a giggle that was intent upon escaping.

"Of course he does. Do you think we carry on this way when Charlie is on the premises? I say unto you, nay." I had regained some of my composure, and was finding this situation more and more hilarious.

“Well, my dear brother-in-law will need a few pamphlets on raising hormone-crazed teenagers. He is obviously doing a horrid job."

"Charlie did just fine, aunt. I was the one that fell in love with and married Edward. Charlie had no say in the matter. He didn’t even know we were that serious. So, why did you come over here anyway?" I was curious, and anxious to get the heat off of me...and go back to kissing Edward

"Oh yes. I came over to ask if you knew where Valentina was. She disappeared. I've tried her cell phone, but it seems to be dead. I hope that she hasn't run off to Embry Call's place again. She practically lives there anymore. I have banned him from the house, and grounded her, but that hasn't stopped them from having clandestine meetings. I don't know what to do with her anymore." Carol sighed, and rolled her eyes.

"We have no clue where Valentina is, Carol. I think she might be spending the day with Embry, but don't quote me on that. Oh, that reminds me, Edward, I need to speak with you about houses, later."

"Of course, love. I think I know what you mean. I'll get right on it."

Knowing Edward's idea of a house, I said, "Life-time maid service might also be a welcome gift for the couple."

"What a wonderful idea."

"Couple. What couple?" Aunt Carol was becoming suspicious.

"None in particular." I mumbled, clearly lying.

"Oh no! Oh no! Valentina and Embry are a couple now? Why would they need a house...and maid service? No! They aren't eloping? My daughter would never do anything like that! Your influence has made my daughter do this! She will get her marriage annulled when she arrives home, and then she shall on no account be allowed to speak to you or that Embry boy again." She began to hyperventilate. Aunt Carol stormed out of the house, muttering something about her husband, and smelling salts.

I turned to Edward. “Maybe we should buy them a house on the opposite side of the country. That would be a service, right?” Edward and I collapsed into laughs.

“That was why I bought the Bentley. It was worth every penny I spent.” We laughed again. “Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” Edward asked, as he tangled his fingers into my hair.