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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

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17. Jolly Old England!

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Sneaking of Mama’s house was quite the ordeal. At midnight, my totally hot (in more ways than one) fiancée lightly tapped my bedroom window. Though he had done this many times over the past months, it still continued to send butterflies straight to my stomach. Papa and Mama would not approve!

I opened my window, and Embry silently climbed in. He took my suitcases, holding all my important possessions. I stood on my toes to get a kiss, and Embry willingly obliged. All too soon, he pulled away, and disappeared out my window, running the suitcases to the car.

In a few seconds, he was back for me. Picking me up bridal style, we jumped out of the window. I nearly screamed, yet suppressed it just in time. I didn’t need to alert my parents to my planned elopement. That would totally be the opposite of helpful. Embry helped me into the car, and soon we were off. Fairfax, Maryland, here we come!

I attempted to keep my eyes open, but Embry pled with me to rest. After a few feeble protests, I conceded, and began to dream of white dresses while the pavement quickly faded behind us.

What felt like minutes later, I awoke with a jolt. Looking out the window, I saw what looked like maple trees: tall, leafy, and green. How many miles had we covered? I couldn’t have been out for that long. Why was I obsessing about this? I should ask my hunky boyfriend.

“Embry,” I began.

“Yes Honey,” His voice was so amazing. It didn’t sound like Edward’s honey and bells tone. No, his was rougher; like freshly hew cedar…a new Gucci wool sweater.

“How long was I out? Where are we? How much longer? We smiled as I finished. I sounded like a small child. Heck, I was small child compared to some of the creatures in our acquaintance. Even family!

Lovingly, Embry answered, “You’ve been asleep for about twelve hours, now. I couldn’t bear to wake you. You are just too cute when you sleep. You snore.” He sniggered as I began to scowl. I so did not snore! He continued, “We are a little over half way to Maryland. Only a few more hours, baby.”

“I don’t snore, Embry.” I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at him. It was very tempting!

“Yes, you do. “ My man could barely contain his laughter. He began to snort.

I huffed. It was a pointless argument. I didn’t want to argue. The karma for the rest of our marriage would be bad. Trying to forget our little tiff, I sank down into the warm leather. Embry’s fingers found mine. It was almost too hot, but confusingly, it felt right in my hand. Oh, how I loved him!

As a little girl of twelve, I had made a list of qualities that I wanted in a husband. It had been placed into my never used journal, and forgotten for three years. While secretly packing this morning, I came across the ten pages buried under a ton of homeless junk. I reread it, and realized that my baby fit the list exactly. I was so lucky!

Looking back to the time where I did not know of the supernatural, I saw how vain and fickle I was. If you had asked me a month ago if I would ever get married, I would have vehemently replied in the negative. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just live with someone for my entire life. Now, all I could see was my darling Emmy. I could now understand that living together took no commitment. Marriage was so much more durable. I wanted to be part of something that could last a lifetime, not just a few years.

I knew of Embry’s secret life, and had accepted. Heck, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. He even let me have a ride through the forest once. The wind in my hair felt amazing. The speed was better than any rollercoaster I had ever been on. I had been on a lot, thanks to Atalia.

Thinking about the rest of my life was slightly overwhelming. Emmie squeezed my hand, and gently looked at me before facing the road again. How I loved him! Fantasies consumed my thoughts for the rest of the car ride. My darling and I kissed as often as the road would permit, and I believe he enjoyed it. I know I did.

Finally, we saw the “Welcome to Maryland” sign to the left of the road. We had made it. The dreaded parents hadn’t caught on to our totally awesome plan yet! We were home free.

As we rolled into Fairfax, we realized how small a town it really was. It was only slightly bigger than Forks. We parked at the courthouse, readied ourselves, and walked though the revolving door.

They asked for our marriage papers signed by our parents, and once they had been reviewed, we were ushered into the Judge’s office.

To our surprise, Alice and Jasper were sitting in the witness chairs. I was totally shocked. “Alice, what are you doing here?”

“Valentina, you and Embry are family. Family doesn’t let family get married in non-designer jeans. I brought you a dress. Embry’s tux is in the trunk of the Porsche. Hurry, we don’t have much time.

Alice scooted me off to the bathroom, Embry reluctantly letting me go, and after an hour of Oscar de la Renta, Dior, and Fendi I was finally “ready.” I have to admit, I looked hot. I only hoped Embry would think the same.

We met back in the judge’s office, where Embry and I were married. We both smiled goofily as the judge pronounced us man and wife. Our first kiss as a married couple carried all the passion of a million romantic movies.

According to Alice, we were on a tight schedule. Apparently, a photographer was waiting for us at an old historical landmark the “C Foundation” owned. Alice told me that it was famous, because Abraham Lincoln had frequented the house while campaigning in Maryland. Apparently Dr. Cullen and Mr. Lincoln were quite good friends back in the day. Carlisle had donated almost all of his entire fortune to the Lincoln campaign. It was sort of creepy knowing that close relations had rubbed elbows with people you read about in history books. Who knew Carlisle was in the country while our first president was campaigning?

After three hours taking the perfect pictures, Alice forced us back into our Bentley, and told us to drive to the airport. We did as directed, and met the two beautiful vampires near the luggage check.

“Here are your tickets for London. There is a small flat in lovely Kent with your name on it. Someone will meet you at the airport, and take you to it. Enjoy!” Alice paused, “Don’t worry, Embry. Your car will be shipped over in a few weeks.” She was grinning from ear to ear, obviously very excited about this whole plot thing.

“Thank you.” Emmy was lost for words.

“Feelings are going to be pretty bad back in Forks. If I were you guys, I’d stay out of the country for a few years. The flat is yours. There are credit cards sitting on your dresser. Money will be put on them every month. Use it wisely. Also, we have private tutors that start next week. We can’t let Valentina neglect her education.” Jasper was always so calm and methodical. He and Alice had thought of everything.

I hugged them both. “Thank you! We’ve got to go, but keep in touch. Give Bella a hug from me! I was never the cousin I should have been to her. Please, ask her to write to me! I have a feeling I’ll miss you guys a lot.” I heartily waved goodbye as Emmy pulled me to the flight gate. Three years in England would be fun. It would be a three-year, all expenses paid honeymoon.

We boarded the plane, and began kissing as soon as we had taken off. We had money, a house, and total trust in each other. Yes, England would be very fun, indeed.