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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

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18. Complete

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It had been three long months. Between missing person reports on Embry and Valentina, gossip around town that the Quileute Indians were secretly serial killers, and Aunt Carol covering up her youngest daughter’s “miscalculation,” it had been a very long three months indeed.

Edward and I were finally moving out of Charlie’s house, and into the big, white mansion. Yes my friends, today was the day I was to become a vampire! Part of me was overflowing with joy, while the other fraction was frightened to no end.

Sam had given the go ahead for the conversion to take place, and we were going to take full advantage of that before he changed his mind. A lot of our thanks had to go to Jacob. He had negotiated the treaty with the pack leader, claiming it was in behalf of his future…in-laws. Edward had nearly throttled him upon hearing the last word. I had nearly thrown up. We both were now well on our way to accepting this strange phenomenon, and were trying to move on with our lives, which brings me back to the present.

In honor of today’s special occasion, the Cullen’s were throwing a “going away to College” barbeque. We were supposedly leaving early the next morning, all traveling to Dartmouth, where we had all magically been accepted. Really, I was going to become a vampire, and not be able to be around anyone for quite a while.

Emmett was in charge of grilling, while Edward and I were preparing the salad. Everyone was invited…including the not-so-loved side of the Swan family. Even my mom and Phil were attending. Edward, out of the goodness of his un-beating heart, had secretly flown them up as a surprise. Renee had gushed for half an hour on how amazing first class was.

When Attalia and crew showed up, I mutely groaned. Edward put on his best face, and we greeted the family cheerfully. “Attalia, Aunt, Uncle how are you doing. So kind of you to come!” Man, Attalia was wearing a short skirt. Could it even be classified as a skirt? I would have to ask Alice…

Without even acknowledging us, Attalia sniffed, and walked over to Mike. They had broken up, but Alice had told me she saw them quite happy together down the road. She had smiled in that conniving way only she could pull off as she announced this to the family, and I was almost completely sure that she had something to do with their future.

After exchanging forced pleasantries with my father’s brother and his wife, Esme and Carlisle graciously took the deplorable duty over, thereby allowing us to escape. Edward dragged me over to where Attalia and the rest of our high school friends were sitting, muttering something along the lines of last chance to see them.

“And like, it was like so much fun. Whoa! How could like anyone in like the history of fashion ever wear that?” Lauren’s high pitched voice was like a cheese grater to the ears.

“Oh, I know! How could Alice wear like those heels to like a barbeque? Who is she trying to impress? She like already has Jasper like wrapped around her finger. We all know he’s just too scared to break up with her. She’s not even that pretty.” We came to halt behind Attalia, and listed to the end of her little tirade. By this time, everyone was looking uncomfortable, and Edward looked angry.

Controlling his voice he greeted, “Hello everyone. So glad you could make it today.”

Attalia stiffened, turning as she did so. “Edward…Bella, I didn’t see you there.” She laughed nervously. She was in trouble, and she knew it.

“We know you didn’t.” Edward stared her down with his creepy vampire expression that only he could pull off to perfection. To add to the fear in the group, Jasper walked over, emanating pure fear. After a few minutes, conversation returned to normal, and we passed a comfortable half an hour, listening to the local gossip. I had no idea that Mrs. Cope and Mr. Banner were now dating. I don’t think I ever wanted to know all the details of their relationship that Jessica seemed to know.

Soon, Emmett called, “Food’s ready! Come and get it.” Gradually, people began to line up, paper plates in hand, and pile food onto their plates. It was a testament to Alice’s creativity that the perfect pyramid strawberries were cut into stars. Only she could make an outdoor barbeque fit for a backstage concert party of the highest order.

Edward piled my plate high with a selection of delicious things. We sat at one of the newly purchased picnic tables, and I began to eat my food. Emmett was a master griller. All in all, it was a perfect last human meal.

Our guests hung around until twilight. Attalia bid me adieu with hardly a fleeting glare in my general direction. It was such a lovely way to end such a lovely relationship. Not! Still, I wish our last goodbye could have gone smoother. I would like to remember positive things about my cousin, but I’m not sure I had any positive memories of her to recall.

Finally, my parents and Phil left. I began to tear up as final hugs and kisses were exchanged, and they got in their cars to go. Phil and Renee were going to the airport, while Charlie was going back home. All of them were woefully ignorant of the fact that this was the last time they would ever see their only daughter again. This was what I wanted, but it hurt to say so many goodbyes in one day.

Luckily, Edward was there to offer support as I cried. Finally, at midnight I was finally prepared for my key to forever. How appalling could three days of pain be? My heart sped up even thinking of it. I tried to not think of it.

Carlisle tied me down to the table, and prepared the morphine. “Bella,” Edward began, “Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?”

I sighed. How many times did we have to go over this? I looked him straight in the eyes, and replied, “Yes Edward. I’m ready for this. I know I am.”

“Alright.” With that last word, he leaned down, and with almost a kiss, sliced my neck. I immediately felt the venom begin to course through my veins. No! I mustn’t scream! Now if I could only think that for the next three days…

The morphine hadn’t helped, but as I felt the pain leave my body, I could hear the entire family marveling on my pain tolerance. I determined to never tell Edward how horrible the pain actually was. He had stayed by my side through the entire transformation. I couldn’t tell him of the pain I went through. It would only hurt him.

I opened my eyes, and saw that vampires could see a new color of the rainbow. It was a strange color. I could hear cars on the road fifteen miles away, and I could see every dust particle in the air. Downstairs, I could hear Sekhmet playing with Rosalie.

Suddenly realizing the Greek god that was standing next to me, I ran to Edward in a third of a second, and wrapped my arms around him. Our first kiss as equals was hard, and passionate.

“Do you want to see Sekhmet, darling?” He asked. I nodded vigorously.

We ran downstairs, and met Jacob, holding her protectively. This was the beginning of my new life. Somehow, I could see that it was only going to get better. Sure, there were going to be little problems, but I had an amazing husband, loving family, and beautiful adopted daughter. What could make life more complete.