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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

19. Epilogue

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Edward, Jacob, Sekhmet, and I found ourselves at the Seattle airport, waiting for Valentina and Embry after their six year honeymoon in England. We were all very eager to once again see our beloved runaways.

In addition, Jacob couldn’t marry Sekhmet without Embry for a best man. Yes, you heard correctly, Jacob and Sekhmet were engaged. Edward wasn’t too pleased, nor did I for that matter, but we both realized that the situation could be much worse.

After an hour of waiting, Mr. and Mrs. Call came off the plane. Hugs were exchanged, and we finally climbed into our newly acquired Escalade. We learned on the four-hour drive to Forks that England had been amazing. They were loath to leave, but there was really no other option. Embry had been offered a top notch at Forks Hospital, and felt that he needed to rejoin the Pack. He had “mysteriously” been accepted to Oxford shortly after their move, and had graduated a doctor.

Valentina had received her bachelor degree, thanks to constant study, and Alice’s tutors. She had majored in Education. She had loved Kent, and very much wanted to visit often.

We drove to First Beach, where everyone else was waiting. Alice had planned an over the top surprise homecoming/belated wedding reception. She really had outdone herself this time. We had reused some things from the graduation party, and Alice had commissioned Ethan Allen to custom make canopies for today’s event.

Embry and Attalia smiled at seeing all of their old friends again. Embry’s mother had chewed them out for half an hour about neglecting to tell her where they were going. The poor woman was in the first stages of the Alzheimer disease, and thought they had only been gone for a few hours.

Emmett, Charlie, and Carlisle barbequed while everyone greeted the happy couple. After the food was loaded onto the now groaning tables, everyone began to dish up. I swear there was enough food to feed five third world countries, and it all disappeared within an hour.

While all the human-food-eaters were patting their stomachs contentedly, Valentina asked, “Jacob, Quil tells me that you’ve been keeping tabs on my family. Tell me their news. I haven’t seen or heard from them since I left. What have Attalia and my parents been up to?”

There was an awkward pause. Jacob, at Edward’s request, had kept track of the Swan family’s whereabouts, and what he found had not been pretty. Some of it was common knowledge, but a lot was carefully hidden.

Jacob sighed, “Valentina, it’s pretty sad, but I’ll tell you. I’d want to know if I were in your shoes.” After a short pause, Jacob began the depressing tale, “After Attalia left for college, your mother and father announced their impending divorce. Your mom took your dad to the cleaners. He ended up living in his car, and now lives with Charlie in Bella’s old room.

“Your mom sold the house, declared that Forks was a hellish pit, and moved back to California. She now lives with your grandmother and aunt. She has a steady boyfriend, who is waiting for his ‘big break’ into the acting world.

“Attalia and Mike got married six months after their first semester of college. A year later, they had their first baby. Now, they have three children, and seem to be happy. Mike is a lawyer, while Attalia writes for the local paper part time. They both live in Port Angeles, though Attalia visits Carol quite often.”

At this point, Rosalie interjected, “Alice and I sent them tickets to Paris for a wedding present.”

Valentina’s confused look made me clarify, “Well, yes they went to Paris, but they had a two-day layover in Siberia. It wasn’t that nice.” Everyone laughed, Valentina the hardest.

“Serves Attalia right. She was never nice to me. Her creepy stalker boyfriend was no cake walk either. He was always jealous that Embry had more muscles than he did.” Valentina kissed her husband affectionately.

“Actually,” Alice interjected, “Attalia will be here in exactly an hour. I invited her family, too. I thought you would like to meet them at the bonfire tonight.”

For the next hour, we walked along the beach enjoying the sound of the clattering rocks. Some of the boys went cliff diving, while the girls gathered driftwood for the bonfire. Sam and Emily’s little girl, Jane, particularly enjoyed searching for the timber. The atmosphere was one of tense quietude. Jasper looked as if he were about to get a headache from all the suppressed emotions. I didn’t have to be an empath to know that everyone was waiting for the once-hated Attalia.

Finally, the dreaded family arrived. Her two girls were cute, blond, and tan, yet had rather nasty expressions on their faces. Her youngest, a boy, looked lonely and picked on. Attalia’s figure she had so prided herself on in high school had gone to pot, and Mike looked as though cooperate overtime was not benefiting his health any. He looked like the living dead.

Valentina rushed to give her sister a hug. Whatever their differences, she still loved the girl that had played Barbie dolls with her as a child.

After a short embrace, Valentina turned to Mike, and shook his hand warmly. Finally, her nieces and nephew grabbed Valentina’s attention. “Attalia, what are their names? Oh, they’re so adorable! You must be so happy.”

Attalia grimaced, clearly the opposite of happy, “This is Annette, Michele, and Lawrence.” Annette and Michele resembled each other closely, while Lawrence looked more like his father. All three children where quite well dressed, yet looked slightly bored.

Valentina smiled at the three children tenderly. At this point Annette asked, “Are you mommy’s sister that ruined her life by getting married? You don’t look ugly. Mommy, why did you say she was ugly?”

Mortified, a blush began to creep up Attalia’s cheeks. I had to swallow the venom that began to swirl in my mouth. I had an amazing amount of control, but blushes were a weakness of mine. How had Edward survived this torture while I was human?

While I dealt with my appetite, I heard Valentina laugh heartily. “Yes sweetheart, I am mommy’s sister. I don’t think I ruined my life by marrying young. Thank you for thinking I’m not ugly, darling.”

Attalia was frantically searching for anything to look at besides her sister. Eyes lighting upon me, her mouth fell open in complete shock.

Curious, I opened my mind to Edward, What is Attalia thinking? She looks as though she has seen a ghost.

Attalia thinks that you have had a ton of plastic surgery, and is wondering why you don’t have any demon spawn running around. She was sure you were pregnant back in high school. Her thoughts are really rather amusing.” Edward was shaking with laughter.

Suddenly, my husband groaned, “Ugh. Mike’s thoughts are irking my. Apparently, you are prettier than his wife and secretary combined. It’s disgusting.” He glared in Mike’s direction. I kissed him gently, which seemed to calm him down.

Alice ran over to me, and began talking excitedly. Soon, Sam and Emily brought out five huge sheet cakes, and laid them on the table. Glasses of sparkling cider were passed around, and we toasted the happy couple.

“I have an announcement,” Valentina began, “I’m pregnant!” I thought her heart had sounded a little off. Carlisle seemed unsurprised. We all congratulated her with hugs and kisses. Paul wondered loudly who the baby would imprint with, while Embry grimaced. Valentina stood on her tip toes, and soothingly kissed her husband, reminding him that if not for imprinting, they would not be married.

Cuddling up to the now blazing bonfire with our cake, Edward and I watched the blue and green flames. We gazed as the sun set, and many of the couples, with one exception, kissed occasionally.

As I sat there, I reminisced about my senior year in high school. My, how the tables had turned! Valentina and I had been teased, and gossiped about, yet now all of that mattered little. We were blissful, and knew we had made the correct decision. We were in love. We had had to escape from the normal human pattern, and we had.