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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

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3. Not That Bad

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Over the next few months, Edward and I grew closer and closer. Kids at school started to call us "the old married couple." Little did they know just how right they were.

We had managed to keep our marriage a secret from all human relations for 6 months. When we got back, we'd had heck to pay from the family, especially Alice, for not inviting them.

Now Emmett and Rosalie were on an extended honeymoon in Europe, while Carlisle and Esme were spending time away on their private island. Jasper was "away" at college, and that left Alice and Edward to visibly hold down the fort.

Renee had been an excellent hostess, showing us the sights of Florida, subtly trying to lure me away from overcast, rainy Forks. But, I would never live anywhere sunny again. Sparkling skin made humans nervous for some reason.

Speaking of sparkling skin, Edward and the rest of the family had agreed that I would become an official Cullen one week after graduation. This would be the best time to assuage the humans' suspicious minds.

Charlie had noticed us grow closer, but didn't suspect a thing. I didn't need my mind-reading husband to tell me this, because Charlie would have shot Edward and kicked me out on my butt, if he had suspected.

My life was perfect, well besides the fact that I was secretly married, and most of my life was based on lies and half truths. But that couldn't be helped.

I say my life was perfect, but that changed when they came to town. By "they" I mean my Uncle Adam, Aunt Carol, and their two daughters, Attalia and Valentina.

They were the perfect "Ward and June Cleaver" family. They had everything and did everything from playing the organ in church to knitting sweaters for the neighbor’s cat. I'd even seen Aunt Carrie vacuuming in pearls and designer stiletto heels once.

Growing up, I'd always been jealous of Attalia, who was a few months older than I. She was prettier, more popular, richer, and more athletic than I could ever be.

I'd gotten married first, but I was sure, had this fact been public, she would consider that a testament to my lack of intelligence...or my platinum mining skills.

Valentina was fourteen and obsessed with herself. She always looked amazing, cried if she broke a perfectly manicured nail, and was boy crazy. Both girls were very shallow.

My uncle, a judge, and aunt, a housewife, were nice people. However they considered their daughters gifted in everything and treated me as if I were slightly slow of thought.

One night after dinner, when Edward had "gone home", Charlie abruptly cleared his throat and said; "I got a letter today."

"Mmm." I was only half listening, bolting my hot meal down as fast as possible.

He continued, "From my brother...you know, Adam." I looked up, shocked. "Anyways he and the family are moving here from California and will be settled by next week. Attalia and Valentina will be attending your high school and I want you to do everything in your power to welcome them. They're blood, Bella. Nothing stands up to blood." Edward would beg to differ. “It will be a great time for you to bond with your family." Apparently he thought I'd been spending too much time over at the Cullens'.

I sat in shock for a minute then bolted for my room, where as I fell into Edward's waiting arms as I began to cry.

"Darling, what is wrong? What is it? Are you hurt? What can I do?" The concern in his voice and eyes was very real.

I spluttered, "At-at-Attalia is coming, and y-y-you'll think she's pre-t-t-t-tier than I am!"

His worried expression softened into a small smile,”Bella, do you still doubt me, after all this time? You will be the only one I will ever look at. I will always love you, that is why we got married."

"Marriges c-can be-e broken." I sobbed.

"Not this one. Remember, I was born in the early twentieth century. The divorce rate was slightly lower than it is now." We both laughed.

I became calmer. "Edward," I sighed, "I just don't want to deal with her. Do we have to wait for graduation. I was forced to spend two weeks every summer with this girl, while vacationing with Charlie in California. I know what she is like. She hates me."

"Love, let us try first and then we shall see. Do you really want to tell your dad we're married?" That question shut me up. No way was I going to tell my dad while I was still under his roof and there were very strong punishments he could inflict. "Alright Edward we'll try it your way."

Exausted, I rolled over, and fell asleep, Edward singing My Lulaby softly in my ear. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…