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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

4. Chapter 4

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The next week was stressful, but I got through it. Alice bought me a whole new wardrobe, which she said would be the envy of every girl at school. All of the stuff has frilly French tags with words I couldn't pronounce. That’s Alice for you. She had also taken to coming over and dressing me every day.

To make matters worse, Uncle Adam had bought the house across the street from ours! Things could not get worse, or so I thought.

Monday morning, Edward picked Alice and myself up for school as usual, and kissed me before we got out of the car. I was to meet Attalia, who was in the same grade as Edward and I, and Valentina, a freshman, by the office building. Edward and Alice, eager to meet my despised relatives, followed.

I saw the detested pair and cheerily waived. As they turned their snooty faces in my direction, their jaws fell open. I don't know if my designer clothes or the angel’s arm wrapped around my waist that astonished them.

"Attailia, Valentina," I called, "How are you? Do you need help?"

"No. We just got our papers, Bella. Who are your friends?" Attalia had regained her snooty composure as she spoke. I could tell by friends, she really just meant Edward.

"Oh, how rude of me, Edward, Alice, meet Attalia and Valentina, my cousins."

At that moment, the bell rang. What horrid luck! Not. Edward and I hurried off to class, while Attalia headed off in an entirely different direction.

As soon as I sat down, I pulled out a sheet of blank paper and wrote, What was she thinking? How did you like her? What is she planning?

I pushed the paper toward him, hardly an accomplishment since we were sitting so close, and he answered, She hates you because you and I are obviously dating. Therefore I've taken a distinct disliking to my cousin-in-law. Right now, ludicrous ideas are swimming about in her small mind about trying to break us up.

I grew very hot. How dare she?! Edward is mine! I scribbled furiously, What kind of plans? I need to know so I can react calmly and rationally.

Edward wrote back, Relax. Alice doesn't see any of these plans succeeding. She plans to tell me that you sleep talk, and she plans to tell you that I asked her out. Both of which we know would not hurt our relationship, because I love your sleep talking and I would never commit adultery.

I sat back. I could deal with these little problems. There was nothing to worry about. Edward pulled me closer to him, and we went back to taking notes.

Lunch was an interesting dilema. We sat down at our usual table with Angela, Ben, and Mike. I saw Valentina eating off in the distance with some fellow freshman; she looked happy.

Five minutes later, Attalia came into the cafeteria, giggling with Lauren on one arm and Jessica on another. Lauren, Jessica, and I had not been on speaking terms for a while now. I hadn't gone to a party they had thrown because Alice had dragged me to New York for a shopping extravaganza. They thought I had snubbed them and soon after had started the I-Hate-Bella-Swan-Club. It looked as though Attalia had gotten on board as well.

Great. She's gonna try to separate me from Edward and she has to be best friends with my two arch enemies. Well I guess Victoria, who had a death wish for me, is my arch enemy, but Lauren and Jessica were definitely next on the list.

As soon as the girls saw Mike and Edward, they hastened over to our table. I had to endure an hour of idle chit chat and flirting with the boys. Personally I would rather have watched paint dry for eternity, as long as I had Edward by my side.

Gym was my next class, my only one without Edward. The cheater claimed to have a bad back, which his father attested to, but I knew better.

I walked in the door, only to see Attalia standing right next to Alice. Alice looked as though she was going to rip Attalia’s head off and suck her blood!

Alice commandingly waived me over and said, "Bella, we're partnering up today. Be mypartner." Her eyes were so pleading that I had to aquiece.

I would have to ask her what vision she was trying to circumvent. By the way she was looking at Attalia next to us, and Jessica and Lauren in the corner, it had something to do with them.

We suited up for our ballroom dancing lessons, which were scaring me spitless, and gathered around the teachers that Coach Clapp had brought in for us from Seattle.

He had said that with Prom comming up, everyone needed know how to dance. Secretly he wanted the humans to hold their own in front of the Cullen family.

I can do this. I can do this. I walked out of the locker room and to my extreme delight Alice had gone to the "nurse's office" and in her place, Edward was to be my partner.

Attalia and her minions had already accosted him, flirting mercillesely. He smiled as soon as I came out and walked over to where I stood swiftly, a little too swiftly for a human.

At this point, the teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Tucker, called the class to order. They announced that today we would be learning the finer points of swing dancing, Edward's favorite.

Mrs. Tucker said in her high sophisticated voice, "First, we shall have a dance off. Just to see where you all are in range of talent." At this there were many groans from the participants. "Come, come. I won't have any complaining in my class! Step to it." She reminded me of the ballet instructor from Phantom of the Opera...I liked it.

I heard Attalia, who was behind me, bragging to Jess, Lauren, and a very polite Angela that she had taken years of ballroom lessons and would probably be the best in the class. The phrase, "Pride cometh before a fall." suddenly came to mind. No one could beat Edward. Not even Attalia and Mike, who looked a smitten puppy.

Edward pulled us forward, while I blushed. Mrs. Tucker went to a CD player and pressed play. The Benny Goodman song, Sing, Sing, Sing blasted through the gym.

I won't go into the details; suffice it to say, Edward even made us both look amazing. By the end of our performance, everyone was staring open mouthed.

Mr. Tucker, who looked like an extremely muscled mortician, dismissed us immediately commenting to Coach Clapp that we were better than anything he had ever seen. They dismissed us; we changed, and exited the gym.

I could feel Attalia staring daggers at my retreating figure. Edward and I skipped our last class, history, and went back to his house, where we sat by the river on an extremely flat rock and waited for Alice to run home.

"So, what did Attalia think of your little performance? And why in the world did you show off like that? Was it really necessary?" I shot him the most perturbed expression I could muster while looking at him.

He sighed, "Attalia hates you even more now and thinks she and I were destined to be together, because I would make her popular here." He snorted.

Apparently Jessica hadn't informed my cousin of the Cullen’s' reputation for being reclusive yet. He continued, "In regard to your other questions, Alice saw Attalia tripping you, and in the process breaking three of your ribs. One would puncture your right lung, thereby creating an immediate need for a vampire conversion. So…yes, it was necessary. Besides you should be shown off."

We sat in silence as we watched an old movie, until Alice got home and demanded that I play guinea pig Barbie doll with her. At that moment Edward slung me up on his back and we took off for Charlie's house.