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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

5. Into the Night

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Much to my dismay, my aunt, uncle, and Charlie were all sitting in the living room discussing the good old days. If only they knew my “boyfriend” knew more about those days than they did!

After a few awkward minutes, we escaped to the kitchen. As Edward helped me prepare the soup, I thought I heard Charlie explaining the boyfriend thing to his brother. Judging the smile on Edward’s face, I was right.

Dinner was an interesting experience. Charlie had invited Adam and Carrie over for dinner, because their daughters only ate the cardboard type of food. We sat down and began our meal. Soon the conversation fixated on my relationship with Edward.

“So,” Uncle Adam began, “C.S. said that you and Edward have been dating for about a year.”

My back was instantly up. What had Charlie told him? Edward, feeling my tension, started to rub soothing circles on my hand. “Yes. Actually our anniversary is today.”

“You’re pretty committed then? Have you had many fights?” Aunt Carrie probed.

Edward answered defensively, “Well, all relationships have their ups and downs, but Bella is an exceptional person and I am completely in love with her.” We smiled at each other, communicating love and commitment though our eyes.

Everyone stared open mouthed at Edward. He had been forceful in his reply and my father had never heard him proclaim his love for me.

After the Phoenix episode, I had told Renee it was just a crush and she in turn had told Charlie. Edward and I had never deemed it prudent to correct his misconceived notion. After a few awkward moments, the conversation switched to safer topics.

After dinner, as we were doing homework Edward grabbed my hand and asked if I would go for a walk in the forest with him. I acquiesced and we left the house. We walked a ways into the forest and sat down on an old, moss covered log.

Edward turned to me and whispered, “Happy anniversary, Bella Cullen.”

“Happy anniversary to you as well.” We kissed with only the stars as witnesses, until it started raining.

“Do you want to see your present? He asked. I nodded.

He pulled out a square black leather box, with two white C’s embossed on the top, and opened it, revealing the contents inside. It was a beautiful black and white pendant on a chain with alternating black and white pearls. It had old world flair, with a modern twist. It was just my style.

I looked into Edward’s eyes, and whispered, “Thank you Edward. I love it!” He took my hand and led me back to the house.

Thankfully our relations had gone home for the night. I ran upstairs to my jewelry box and pulled out my present to Edward.

It had taken me weeks to come up with the idea. But with Alice’s help, I had picked out the perfect present for the perfect husband. I went downstairs where I gave him the envelope.

He opened it, and exclaimed, “Bella! Tickets to the Phantom of the Opera this weekend in Seattle? This is perfect. Is this why Alice has been translating the entire works of Jane Austen into Sanskrit all week?”

We watched Casa Blanca together, and Edward “went home” while I got ready for bed. When I walked into my room, he was already waiting for me and we talked well on into the night about our entwined future.