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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

7. Pink and White Polka Dots

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I drove to the Cullen mansion and arrived a few minutes early. Alice, who had seen me coming in one of her uncanny visions, was waiting for my arrival on the front porch.

“Bella,” Alice began, “the other girls are planning to get you so mad at Edward that you will break up with him. Just don’t listen. Say as little as possible and don’t reveal too much about your relationship with Edward.”

“Alice, what is the point? They will just find out that I’m Mrs. Edward Cullen when I start sleep talking tonight anyway.” I was surprised she had not seen this yet.

“Silly Bella,” Alice exclaimed, “you have me here with you. They won’t hear anything incriminating. Now let’s get in the house before you catch pneumonia!” She turned to go inside and I followed.

Upon entering the house, I noted the transformation. Pink and white polka dots were literally everywhere! On the coffee table, in little crystal dishes were pink and white M&Ms along with every other kind of junk food ever invented.

I turned to Alice and asked, “Do you think you went over the top on junk food? I mean, four girls and three vampires aren’t going to get through all of this in one week, let alone one night!”

Guiltily, Alice answered, “Well, I didn’t know what kind of food the humans would like, and you know I love to have an excuse to shop!”

I rolled my eyes at my favorite sister/best friend. Only too well did I know that she was a shopaholic! I had been on the receiving end of her addiction one too many times. Maybe I should get her to go to counseling….

Alice and I talked for five minutes and then Esme, who was to be our chaperone for the evening, and Rosalie, who was “home” from college for the weekend appeared downstairs.

Rosalie and I had become friendlier after my marriage. She could tell that Edward and I were committed to each other and we had had more than one heart to heart over the past six months. We would never be as close as Alice and I, but the relationship was bearable. Edward and Emmett were happy with our patched up relationship. Rosalie gave me a tentative smile, which I returned wholeheartedly.

Soon our not-so-wanted-guests arrived with sleeping and duffel bags in tow. “Attalia, Lauren, Jessica welcome to our home.” Esme greeted them with such warmth that it immediately set our obnoxious guests at ease.

As her eyes wandered greedily over the fine art and furniture, Attalia replied, “Thank you for letting us come Mrs. Cullen. You have a lovely home.”

We all adjourned to the living room, where Esme brought us cocoa with marshmallows and cookies. Alice put in a movie, 27 Dresses, and soon we were all engrossed. After the movie ended, we began to talk.

“So Bella,” Lauren began in her high, reedy voice, “how are you and Edward doing? I mean it must be hard to have a boyfriend who is gone almost every weekend hiking.” She was trying to goad me into giving away some vital piece of our relationship.

I calmly replied, “Edward and I are fine. Sometimes it is hard to have him gone so much, but how can I tear him away from him family and the sport that he loves?”

Jessica chimed in by asking, “But you never go on these hiking trips. Doesn’t that make you kind of jealous?”

“Ha, no. Have you guys seen me in gym? If I can trip over a flat, smooth surface, what would happen if I went hiking over rocks, moss, and twigs? Besides, do you see my dad letting me go on an overnight hike with Edward, even if his family was with us? I think not!” I began to laugh at the absurdity of the idea.

Each of the girls acquiesced the point by each laughing uncomfortably for a moment. Soon the topics of conversations switched to safer venues such as Mike, Eric, and Tyler. Rosalie looked distracted while painting her perfect nails bright pink in the corner, while Alice heartily joined in the conversation.

Soon Alice announced that it was time to go up to her room for makeovers. The girls squealed while I groaned and we quickly ran upstairs. After our nails were done and our hair highlighted by the “Vampire Beauty Shop”, we changed into our pajamas, and went back downstairs.

While we crawled into our sleeping bags, Attalia asked Alice, “Alice, are you and Jasper really dating, or is that just a rumor you put our around school to keep the annoying boys away?”

Alice giggled, and answered, “No we really are dating. I love him and I know I’ll feel that way forever.” The conviction in her eyes and voice was so sincere and knowing that it made me a little envious.

“So are you going to marry him? And Bella are you going to marry Edward?” Jessica asked in a teasing, yet intensely interested voice.

Alice and I laughed for both of us had already been married. Actually I expect Alice had been married many, many times.

“Well,” Alice began, “I can’t speak for Bella of course, but I am 100 percent positive that Jasper and I will be married and live happily ever after.”

“Bella, what about you? I mean you and Edward must have talked about marriage before.” Attalia said.

I looked at my in-laws while I thought hard about my answer. Finally I replied, “Yes. The subject has come up before, but nothing definite has been planned.” By the look in Alice’s eyes, that was all I should say.

Attalia sniffed. “Don’t you ever worry about him cheating on you? What if I told you he asked me out last week?”

The pain that filled my entire being was all consuming. Where was Jasper when you needed him? Even though Edward would never commit Adultery, the idea was still extremely painful. I answered, “No I’ve never worried about that. Before I moved here, Edward was very shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone but his family…” I trailed off, looking to for someone else to answer Attalia’s second question.

Alice, who was visibly fuming, chimed in, “I know for a fact that Edward didn’t ask you out. Stop teasing Bella!”

The girls were too stunned to speak. They looked scared of Alice, and they might have had some claim to be. She looked as though she wanted rip them up and burn the pieces.

After a few tense minutes, the conversation relaxed and we talked on into the night about frivolous things, soon falling asleep. During the night, I had the distinct impression that at times a cold hand was clamped over my mouth. Not enough to choke my airways, but to muffle sound.

We awoke at around noon the next day and quickly packed up. Attalia, Lauren, and Jessica were leaving just as Edward, Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett arrived home.

Of course I stayed for the day and hung out with Edward, Alice, and Jasper. We went on a double date of sorts to the park, where the boys pushed us on the swings. All too soon it was time to go home. Another week would soon be fast approaching.