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We Have to Escape

Edward and Bella get married secretly. What will happen when Bella's cousins come to town? Will their secrets tear them apart, or will true love prevail? Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazing banner!

I own nothing!

9. A Lot Scarier

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Edward was making me go to prom, again! After Alice had had her fun playing guinea pig Barbie doll, he took me to a new restaurant on the outskirts of Forks for a small, romantic dinner. Upon entering the restaurant, I thought they were closed, for only one table was visible in the entire place.

When I asked Edward about this strange circumstance, he guiltily told me that his family had financed the place and therefore he had closed it for the night so we could have a private dinner. He was so dead! We sat down and ordered.

I noticed that the pretty waitress was glaring at me and staring dreamily at Edward, but he didn't even glance her way. I had the perfect husband.

Once she was gone, Edward remarked, "Alice has superb fashion sense. That dress is perfect. In fact I think my mother owned one just like it. I seem to remember that it was my father's favorite on her."

I blushed and looked down at the navy and cream Edwardian dress Alice had forced me into. It was gorgeous, of course, but very old, and very expensive. However, I couldn't help but like it.

After our sumptuous dinner, we raced down the highway in the Vanquish to the hotel where Forks High was holding the prom. Upon arrival, I noticed that the theme was Roaring Twenties. My dress fit perfectly! Alice really was a miracle worker. I might need to go shopping and get her new Jimmy Choos for this one…

Dancing with Edward was an experience that almost all others pale in comparison. We whirled around with Alice and Jasper close by. Since Jasper had gone to "Dartmouth," all the boys among our acquaintance had considered Alice on the single market once more. They had all asked her to every dance from Homecoming to Prom! She had declined every one of them. Looking at how Alice and Jasper interacted with each other, I couldn't see how anyone would ever have the gumption to ask one of them out. They were truly two halves of a whole.

As Edward left to go get me punch, Attalia sidled up to me. "Bella, how are you, dear? What a lovely dress! Wherever do you shop? Paris? Ha-ha." She was being very cheerful for someone who hated my guts. Her dress was deep purple and was very, very short.

"Oh, I'm fine." I paused, looking around and continued, "Thank you. Um, I don't know where I shop. Alice and Rosalie do it for me, but they do go to Europe a lot to meet with the designers. Alice has quite a knack for designing things, but a dependence bordering on addiction to designer labels. So, she works as a part time consultant for several of them." I knew I was rambling, but I was hoping to have Edward steal me before I revealed anything too serious.

After covering her shock over this latest revelation, Attalia got to the point of the conversation "I actually wanted to speak to you about something. My daddy did some checking into the Cullen family, and you will never guess what he found." She paused and watched my face pale. What had she found out? She continued, "He found eight, not seven members. Do you know the name of that eighth member and how she is related?"

I shook my head numbly, unable to speak.

Attalia laughed, "Oh yes you do, Bella Cullen. I really can't believe you actually married Edward! The wedding certificate even says you were married one day after your eighteenth birthday, in Vegas. I knew he was rich, but not that rich. You are such a gold digger!" She laughed as I blushed all the more. I had to find Edward! I turned around just in time for him to slide his arm around my waist, glaring at Attalia.

"What do you want, Attalia?" Edward growled. He looked like a vampire; hungry, and ready to hunt. It was scary.

Attalia was taken aback for a moment, but soon rallied and answered, "I want you to 'break up with Bella' and date me instead. You can still see her and everything, just not at school. Or I will tell Charlie as well as the rest of the town about your little secret.

I gagged on my punch. This girl was too much. She was my cousin. Since when was water thicker than blood? Edward and I shared a horrorstruck glance, and he answered, "Attalia, we would rather take your consequences than be apart for even one moment."

Attalia thought for a minute and answered, "Alright Edward, Bella. Then it is to be war. Your reputations will be so destroyed; you won't be able to show your faces in town." With that she turned and began again to dance with Mike.

I began to cry as soon as she left. Edward wiped my tears away and guided me out of the crowded building. We sat on a stone bench, in a secluded part of the grounds and held each other tightly.

After I was done crying, I asked, "Edward, what are we to do? I don't know what to do!"

He sighed, "Well, we will wait and see what Fate decides to do to us. She has never let us down before. What can the knowledge of our marriage really do to us?"

I thought about that for a moment and answered, "Well, the whole town could shun us, Charlie could shoot you, and we could be labeled as idiots. Everyday life in Forks, for a Cullen." We began to laugh.

We stood up, but before we could walk back into the dance hall, we saw Jacob Black and his two friends, Embry Call and Quil Ateara, walk out of the woods. They looked very dashing, yet out of place, in their suits.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, shocked.

"Crashing the prom, leech lover. A red haired bloodsucker killed on our territory. We found her hunting and ripped her up... Any problem with that? We hoped that she wasn't a friend of yours." Jacob softened at the last part.

"No. Not at all. She hated Bella and wanted to kill her. Thank you for dealing with the problem. We are in your debt." Edward and I were both relieved. Victoria didn’t have to haunt my dreams anymore.

"Our pleasure." Quil answered. From the sound of his voice, he really meant it.

We all walked into the hall together and journeyed toward the punch table. Valentina bumped into Embry while running around in a hot pink dress that made her look like an upside down cupcake with a group of her friends.

"You want to move?" Valentina asked rudely.

Embry looked down at her and suddenly stiffened. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Entirely my fault! Will you dance with me?" He asked in a dream-like voice.

Edward leaned down to me and stated, "You just gained a cousin. He imprinted on Valentina!" Edward had explained imprinting to me in one of our conversations about werewolves during the past week. I was happy for her. Embry, who I had met once before, seemed to be a nice boy and was very handsome. His one flaw was the werewolf gene, but since he couldn't help that, I would have to overlook it. How did snotty Valentina end up with a guy like Embry?

After a few minutes, Attalia, as student body president, rose and announced that it was time to crown the prom king and queen. She opened the beribboned scroll and announced, "This year's prom royalty are…Edward and Isabella Cullen!"

There was a confused silence, while people wondered why my last name had not been called. We walked up to the stage, were crowned, and danced while everyone watched.

After the dance I looked around the room and noticed that some people were looking at us strangely. Their worst imaginings were confirmed when Attalia spoke again.

"Some fun facts about Edward and Bella. Edward was born June 20th, Bella September 13th, 1990. They grew up in Alaska and Arizona; you could say they were on opposite sides of the heat spectrum!" The whole crowd laughed as Attalia continued, "They were married September 14th 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been husband and wife for a little over eight months." At the last fact, the whole room began to hum with shocked voices and Edward rushed us from the room.

Too scared to go home to Charlie, Edward and I went to the Cullen house and watched movies until Alice came home.

"Edward, you so owe me!" Alice shouted as soon as the door was closed. She continued, "Jazz and I were pelted with questions all night after you left. I think we squashed the rumors that Bella was pregnant and that she had pretended to be pregnant to get Edward to marry you. Dumb werewolves! Because of their involvement in tonight's proceedings, I couldn't see anything!"

I began to freak out again. What were the Quileute werewolves going to do about this new development? We watched scary movies with the family for the rest of the night. They reminded of how my life was to become a lot scarier within the next few days.