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Should I Stay?

Edward and Bella return from the meadow what is Edward thinking as bella sleeps peacfully.


1. Chapter 1

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I can smell her she calls to me a sirens song.

The one I now love and have waited for and so long.

Feeling her breathing slow and steady.

I breath in her scent I could shred her like confetti

Why do I have this strength and power?

What for so I can protect this delicate flower.

This human so weak and helpless from all.

How can I protect her when she can’t protect herself from me?

Am I an angel for guarding?

Or is that an excuse to not to have to be by her in hiding?

To watch from the shadows like before?

Before when I longed to be by her side.

Well I’m where I want to be.

Next to her, with her, seeing her, smelling her.

Knowing she feels for me like I do for her.

It’s not one sided just like I wished.

Am I doing what’s right for her.

Or am I just seeking her company for my own use?

For my selfish cause and want.

Knowing my personality for I am me,

It’s probably the latter, unfortunately.

Could I possibly bear to leave her now?

When I know she returns this love?

Or could I force myself for her well-being?

Could I put aside my own preferences for her?

Yes, because the only thing more important than me.

The ONLY thing more important than me is the one next to me, she.

She needs me now because the evil kind are coming.

Knowing her she won’t be safe.

So until she is in no need for my assistance,

that’s when I’ll leave and become non-existent.