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London Escapade

Twilight/Instant Star crossover.

Copyright goes to Stephenie Meyer and Epitome Studios/CTV/The-N and all the other lovely TV producers who gave us Instant Star and Jommy.

2. Chapter 1

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Jude's hands shook slightly as she tried to cut carrots. She was making dinner and trying, however futiley, to improve her cooking skills.

"Mommy!" Ali yelled. Jude jumped and the knife sliced into her thumb.

"Shoot," she mumbled, sucking on it. "Yes, Ali?"

"Daddy mad."

Jude's eyes widened and she picked up Ali with her right arm, continuing to suck on the slice on her left thumb. "Okay, baby," she instructed Ali, walking quickly up the stairs and towards Ali's room. "I need you to stay in your room and lock the door until I come back for you. Can you do that?"

Ali nodded her head. "Yes, mommy."

"Good girl. Remember, whatever you do, don't unlock the door until I come back." Jude set Ali down on her bed and closed the door, waiting to hear her daughter lock it before walking slowly down the stairs. Before she even reached the bottom step, she heard Chris fuming.

"God damn lazy wife, never wants to do anything..." His mumbling halted as he saw Jude walk around the corner, heading towards the kitchen. Before she could react he was out of his chair in the livingroom and storming towards her, his eyes narrowed. "Why isn't dinner ready yet?"

"I c-cut my finger," she mumbled, holding her thumb up. The blood had just started to dry, and Jude knew that Chris wouldn't take that as a good reason.

"You call that a cut?" He yelled, bringing up his hand and slapping her across the face. "You lazy bitch. I do everything around here and all you do is wiggle your butt and sing shitty songs all day. When I come home, all I want to do is eat and go to bed, but you can't even have fucking dinner ready. What's wrong with you?"

Jude sniffled, trying not to cry. If she cried, it would only be worse. Instead, she bit her cheek and shrugged, her eyes focusing on the ground.

Chris sighed angrily and stormed off, grabbing his keys on the peg by the door. "I'm going to the bar. Don't wait up."

As soon as the door slammed, Jude sunk to the ground, bringing her knees up to her chest and sobbing quietly. When did everything go so wrong? Chris had never been violent, not until after Ali was born. When she had first met him at Bermanzee three years ago, he had seemed charming and handsome. Now, it only seemed like he could be harsh and uncaring.

She could remember back to their first date. Back when he was still a loving, gentle person...She had called him the night before, arranging to meet at a local coffee shop just five minutes from her small apartment. She rushed home from recording to look through her closet. After debating for hours on what to wear, Jude settled for just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She didn't need to impress anyone here.

As soon as she arrived he waved her over to his table, gesturing to the two cups of coffee placed on the table in front of him.

"Hey," she said, slightly out of breath from running to meet him. "How are you?"

"I'm good. And yourself?"

"I'm great."

They had just talked for a few hours, and Jude realized how much she really had in common with this guy. He used to be an artist at Bermanzee but, as of yesterday when she had bumped into him, he had quit. His mother was sick and he just didn't have the time to record and care for her. Jude expressed her sympathies and told him of her life in Canada, leaving out Tommy. She wasn't expecting this relationship to go anywhere serious - her heart was still too much into Tommy to allow that - but she knew that if she wanted it to even be a fling, she couldn't bring up her ex fiancee this early. It would ruin things, fast.

When Jude looked up and saw that it was nearing dinner time, she excused herself and thanked him for the coffee.

"No problem, Big Eyes," he had said.

Jude's heart had stopped and picked up overtime. Only Tommy had ever called her that. Memories of their time together came flooding back, and Jude thanked him again, quickly running towards her car. When she realized that she had left her cell phone on the table in her haste to get out of there, Chris had already appeared by her window with it in hand.

"I'll give this to you," he said, his eyes twinkling. "If you agree to come out with me again this Friday. There's a new movie playing, and I'd like to take you."

Jude nodded and smiled, reaching for her phone before giving him her address and setting a time for him to pick her up. The whole way home, she had hummed to herself, all previous thoughts of Tommy abandoned...

Those were the days, Jude thought, sighing. She willed the tears to stop and stood slowly, grabbing the counter for support. Her head spun. This wasn't how she wanted to be living. For so long, she had been afraid to escape it. But now, as his violence reached new levels, she had to leave. Especially because she was starting to worry about if he would turn on Ali.

Their daughter brought back the tears again, and it took Jude a minute to calm herself enough to pick up the phone. They had married nine months after their first date - Jude turned down his proposal three times before finally accepting - and not long after that did Jude find herself pregnant. The news had made them ecstatic. But as soon as Ali was born, Chris started drinking. He'd come home at one, two, sometimes three o'clock in the morning, completely hammered, screaming at Jude for something. Eventually it escalated to where he was hitting her and accusing her of cheating amongst other things Jude had never done. Only lately had it become unbearable, with Chris going out each night to the bar. Even when he wasn't drunk, though, he still hadn't been the same guy that he was before Ali. He was a slob, and he rarely talked to Jude. He had even started locking Jude out of their bedroom, forcing her to sleep with their daughter. Not that Jude minded. Anything was better than having to sleep next to a man that she didn't love anymore (and, if she was being honest, never had loved).Eventually, Jude dried her tears again and reached for her cell phone. It was time. Time to end this nightmare, once and for all. Her fingers flew deftly over the number pad and hit 'send' without hesitation. After three rings, a soft voice carried through the receiver.


"Amy," Jude breathed. "I'm so glad you're home."

"What's wrong, Jude? Did he hurt you again?" Amy was the only person Jude had told about Chris's drinking, and even Amy didn't know most if it. She couldn't. Jude had been too afraid she would have gone to the cops.

"Not really. He slapped me, and then he left for the bar. But I'm scared," Jude confessed. "He's going to come back drunk. And it's been getting worse. I'm afraid... I'm afraid he might take it out on Ali."

Amy felt her own eyes widen. "Oh my God."

"I know." Jude laughed darkly. "Can we come stay at your place until I can terminate my contract with Bermanzee and move home?"

"Of course," Amy said. "Do you need me to pick you up?"

Jude thought for a moment, and then sighed. "Yeah. Chris took the car."

"I'll be over in half an hour."

The dial tone sounded and Jude snapped the phone shut, taking the steps two at a time. As soon as she reached Ali's door, she knocked gently. "Ali? It's mommy. Open the door, hun."

Slowly, the lock clicked and Jude watched the door open, Ali's small had peering out to assure that it was her mother, before it swung open the rest of the way.

"I come out now?" She asked, the thumb stuck in her mouth making her speech slur slightly.

Jude nodded. "Yes, baby. We're going to Auntie Amy's, okay? Grab your suitcase from your visit to Grandpa's and bring it to Mommy's bedroom."

"Otay," Amy said, running towards her closet and reaching for her suitcase.

Jude paced quickly back to her own room, knowing they didn't have much time before Chris returned. Kneeling at the foot of their bed, she pulled her suitcase out from beside Chris's. She flung every dresser drawer open and threw in whatever she could. She knew that Sadie would loan her whatever else she needed until she could come back to get the rest of her stuff, assuming Chris hadn't thrown it out by then.

"Here, Mommy." Ali suddenly appeared beside Jude, handing her a small, pink, Dora suitcase.

"Good job, hunny," Jude said, taking the suitcase from her and placing it beside her own. "Now I need you to-"

Jude was interrupted as the front door slammed and footsteps began thundering up the steps. Her eyes widened and she looked down to Ali.

"Get in the closet," she whispered fiercely. "Don't make any sound, okay?"

Ali nodded and ran into the closet, shutting the door tightly behind her. Even though she was only two, she was very smart, and had learned not to show herself when Mommy and Daddy were fighting.

"Jude!" A voice bellowed. "Jude, where the fuck are you?"

"In h-here," Jude called, trying to push the suitcases that were at her feet under the bed. She wasn't quick enough, however, and Chris came thundering in.

He took in the scene around him for a minute - all of Jude's dresser drawers open and empty, and two suitcases on the ground at her feet - and he practically growled, stomping over to where Jude stood.

"Where do you think you're going?" He said, his tone sharp. "You're not thinking of leaving, are you?"

"N-no, Chris. Of c-course not," Jude protested.

"Liar!" A sharp crack echoed across the room as Chris's hand collided with Jude's face. The force was enough to make Jude fall backwards onto the bed, where she remained, staring up at Chris's angry face. "Don't you dare -" slap "- lie to me -" slap "- ever -" slap "- again!" His last word was punctuated by a kick aimed at Jude's leg. She curled up and grabbed her leg, tears streaming freely down her face now. As soon as she was sitting, Chris grabbed her short, blonde hair and pulled it back, forcing Jude to look at him. "You're a worthless piece of shit. I can't believe I married you." With as much force as he had, Chris slammed Jude's head back into the headboard, and a loud crack resonated through the room. Slowly, blood started to seep from the back of her head. Chris's eyes widened and he darted out of the room and down the stairs, flinging open the front door before running from the house, completely ignoring the car.

The last thought Jude had before the world went black was, Please don't let him have gotten to Ali...

- - -

Amy knocked on the door again, fear battering her stomach. As soon as she had pulled up, she knew there would be trouble. The car was once again pulled up out front, which meant that Chris was home from the bar. When no one answered the door, though, Amy had gotten really worried.

Forgetting about being polite, Amy opened the door and peeked her head in. "Jude?"

A muffled crying echoed down the stairs and Amy opened the door wider, running up the steps. As she neared Jude's room, the crying got louder. Turning in, she gasped at what she saw.

Ali was laying on top of an unconscious Jude. That had been the source of the crying - poor Ali must have been scared. But that wasn't what really scared Amy. Beneath Jude's head was a massive amount of blood. Jude's chest was still rising and falling, but her breathing seemed to be labored, and Amy was worried. Immediately, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed 9-1-1.

"Hello? Yes, my friend... she's unconscious, and there's a lot of blood. I found her. Yeah, here's her address..."

After giving the dispatcher the address, Amy hung up the phone and picked up Ali, wiping away the little girl's tears.

"Why mommy no wake up?" Ali asked, clinging to Amy like the world depended on it.

"I don't know, sweetie. I don't know. But there will be people here to help mommy soon," Amy soothed. "Can you stay right here while I go call Aunt Sadie?" Ali nodded, but didn't say anything. "Okay, I'll be right back, I promise."

Not wanting to scare Ali any further, Amy walked to the bedside table where she saw Jude's cell phone and ran into the bathroom, grabbing a towel to put pressure on Jude's head. As she grabbed the towel, she searched for Sadie's number, and as soon as she found it, she hit the 'send' button. She placed the phone on speakerphone and sat it on the bed, quickly lifting Jude so that she was sitting and pushing the towel against the gushing wound.

After a few rings, Sadie answered. "Hey, Jude."

"Um, Sadie? T-this isn't Jude. This is Amy." Her voice shook as she spoke. She was really starting to worry about Jude. Jude's face had lost all color and her breathing was starting to become even more labored than before.

"Oh. Where's Jude?" Sadie's voice was suspicious, and Amy had to take a deep breath before answering.

"S-she's hurt, Sadie. Chris had been getting r-really violent so she c-called me and asked if it w-was okay if her and Ali stayed with me until she c-could call you and m-make plans to move home.. but when I got h-here no one answered the d-door. So I r-ran upstairs and found her p-passed out with Ali crying on t-top of her. She's b-bleeding really bad, S-Sadie. I called the paramedics, but I'm n-not sure what else to d-do."

"Oh my god." Sadie sounded on the verge of tears, not that Amy could blame her. Amy was quickly getting there herself. When she first had found Jude, she went into full survivor mode. But now, when all she could do was wait for the paramedics to get here and save her friend, panic was quickly setting in. "We'll come out on the next flight. What hospital are they taking her to?"

"Sillman General, p-probably." Now the tears were winning, and as soon as she thought that she hoped the paramedics got here soon, she heard someone calling up the stairs.

"Hello?" A deep voice yelled. "Is anyone here?"

"Upstairs," Amy called to the paramedics before turning her attention back to the phone. "They're h-here, Sadie. I have to g-go."

"'Kay," Sadie answered, and Amy could hear her sobbing. "Bye."

The dial tone sounded and Amy moved to pick up Ali, watching as the paramedics filed into the room and checked over Jude before placing her on the stretcher and wheeling her down the stairs. They were speaking to Amy, but she wasn't paying attention. All she could think of was how if she had said something when Jude had first told her about Chris, none of this would have happened.

Guilt ridden and scared for her friends life, Amy trailed the paramedics out to the ambulence with a still crying Ali on her hip. They got into Amy's car and Amy drove fast, trying to follow directly behind the ambulence. She was so absorbed in the situation that she didn't notice the blonde-haired, brown-eyed man strolling casually down the street, his hands in his pockets and blood on his shirt.