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London Escapade

Twilight/Instant Star crossover.

Copyright goes to Stephenie Meyer and Epitome Studios/CTV/The-N and all the other lovely TV producers who gave us Instant Star and Jommy.

3. Chapter 2

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All Jude could hear was an incessant beeping. It was starting to annoy her.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Slowly, Jude opened her eyes, determined to find the source of the obnoxious beeping. Oh, it was a heart-rate monitor. Wait... a heart-rate monitor? Why was she hooked up to a heart-rate monitor?


Jude's eyes shot fully open as she heard a soft, feminine voice. A distinctly familiar, feminine voice.

"Sadie?" She asked, but her voice came out raspy.

"Thank God you're okay. Amy called me and when I told everyone they all freaked out... we got the first flight over here, but you still weren't awake..." Sadie trailed off, looking at Jude's confused expression. "Are you okay little sis?"

"Um.." Jude was startled, to say the least. What had happened to her? "Why am I in the hospital?"

A rough male voice spoke, but Jude refused to turn in the direction; refused to let herself hope. "Don't you remember anything, girl?"

Jude shook her head and bit her lip, keeping her eyes focused down on her lap. "No..."

"You were... hurt, Jude," another voice chimed in, and Jude couldn't help but look up this time.


He chuckled. "In the flesh."

"But didn't you and Sadie...?"

Sadie intervened. "Yes, but we're back together now, and I'll tell you all about it once you're better. So you really don't remember anything?"

"No... the last thing I remember is packing my suitcase. And then I heard the front door slam, Ali hid in the closet..." Jude's eyes went wide as she began to remember Chris coming in the room and beating her for trying to leave. "Chris!" She rasped, trying to jump from the bed. "Where's Ali? And where's Chris?"

"Calm down," the rough voice spoke again, and this time Jude couldn't resist the urge to turn her head. Her suspiscions were correct - sitting in the chair nearest her bed was Tommy Quincy. What she couldn't have predicted was that there was another person in the room that she didn't know... and this person was sitting very intimately on Tommy's lap. Jude stayed silent, so Tommy decided to answer her earlier questions. "Ali's right over there, Jude. Behind Sadie. And no one knows where Chris is. He wasn't at the house when Amy found you."

Jude groaned and tried to ignore the way her heart seemed to shatter into pieces as Tommy wrapped his arms tightly around the girl on his lap. "Who are you?"

The girl looked surprised that Jude noticed her and, when she saw Jude staring, quickly looked away. Her eyes stayed focused on the window as she answered. "I'm Shayne. I'm Tommy's... girlfriend."

"Oh." Jude swallowed, but it felt like she was swallowing sandpaper. He had a girlfriend? She knew she really shouldn't have been surprised - Jude was married after all - but it still hurt to see that he was with another girl. A prettier, taller, red-head. She was obviously a model. Jude's eyes unconsciously narrowed as she continued her evaluation of Shayne.

Tommy cleared his throat uneasily. "Sadie, why don't you go take Shayne to get some coffee?"

Sadie nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I could definitely use some right now. You coming, Kwest?"

Kwest stood to follow Sadie and Shayne removed herself from Tommy's lap, kissing him on the cheek before sauntering out after Sadie and Kwest.

"So..." Jude began, not really sure what to say.

"What happened to you, Jude?" Tommy sounded like he was crying, and sure enough, when Jude looked closely, she could see the moisture gathering in his eyes.

"Nothing," she mumbled. "I f-fell and hurt myself." Only Sadie and Amy knew that Chris even sometimes got violent. She didn't want to think of what Tommy would do if he found out.

"Stop lying, Jude! I know you better than that! And you were laying in your bed when Amy found you!" The accusation of her lying, so similar to what Chris had said earlier, caused Jude to flinch. The tears began to gather in her eyes before she could stop them, and Tommy noticed. "I'm sorry, girl. I'm just worried about you..." he trailed off, standing from his chair and leaning over to embrace Jude. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed gently. She flinched as he pressed against the old bruises on her back, but he didn't notice.

"It's okay. Really." Jude smiled and then looked over at the bathroom before looking back at Tommy. "Um, Tommy?"

Tommy pulled back and looked her in the eyes. "Yeah?"

"I have to go to the bathroom... could you help me get my pants off?" She had heard the IV drip, drip, drip for long enough, and now her bladder was about ready to burst. Tommy looked conflicted, so Jude added, "I would ask Sadie, but I don't know when she'll be back and I really have to go." Not to mention that Tommy had already seen her completely naked, so she felt a little bit more comfortable having him see her that vulnerable.

Tommy took a deep breath and then nodded. "Give me your hand, Big Eyes."

Jude smiled and took his hand, letting him practically lift her from the bed. When she went to stand, she noticed that there was a considerable amount of plaster encasing her left leg. Apparently, Chris had broken that, as well.

After a few minutes of stumbling and leaning on Tom's shoulder, she had only made it halfway to the door. Sighing, Tommy picked her up and put her over his shoulder without warning.

"Tommy!" She squealed, hitting him lightly on the back. "Put me down!"

"Not a chance," he said, smirking. But then he reached the bathroom door, and he really did have to put her down. Carefully he opened the door and helped her hobble in before shutting it behind them.

She stood there awkwardly for a moment before sighing and unzippering her pants. As she tried to pull them down her leg, she gasped in pain and almost fell over. Tommy walked forward and slowly eased one pant leg down and then the other. He stood there staring at her uncasted leg for a moment, and Jude almost blushed, before she realized what Tommy was staring at. A series of scars from one of Chris's really bad nights covered her leg.

"Jude," Tommy asked, his jaw clenched shut. "What happened to you?" Jude just shook her head and the tears started to fall. Tommy lifted her chin up, ignoring her state of undress and forced her to look him in the eyes. "What happened?"

Jude bit her lip to hide a sob as she realized that she was going to tell him. She could never refuse him anything. "Chris. H-he went to the bar every n-night and when he came b-back he was always r-really drunk. He'd f-fight with me and end up h-hitting me... a couple of the t-times he didn't just use his h-hands. That's why Amy sh-showed up at my h-house. I was afraid th-that he was going to h-hurt Ali. Amy said we could s-stay at her house until I c-could get ahold of S-Sadie to move back to T-Toronto."

Tommy stood frozen for a minute, and Jude wondered if telling him was the right thing. When he dropped her chin and closed his eyes breathing deeply, Jude knew it wasn't.

"Sadie will be back in a minute," he announced, quickly sliding her underwear down to her knees and pushing her gently back onto the toilet seat. "I'll have her help you get re-dressed."

Jude nodded and watched as Tommy walked out of the bathroom and slammed the door. She did what she had to and then stood up, managing to lean up against the bar on the wall and put her own pants and underwear back on with some difficulty. Forgetting about washing her hands for the time-being, she hobbled out into her room and sat back on her bed, unable to lie down by herself. As she waited for Sadie, Kwest, and Shayne to come back, she thought about Tommy's behavior. It almost seemed like he still loved her, which couldn't have been the case considering he was with another girl, now. But the way he had gotten so angry at the thought of Jude being hurt... Jude shook her head, biting her lower lip unconsciously. No, he was just angry because Jude had been hurt, and whether or not he loved Jude anymore, he would always care about her... as a friend. That had to be it.

A few moments later, Sadie and Kwest walked in the room holding hands, and Shayne followed shortly after, searching the room for Tommy.

Just as Shayne opened her mouth, Kwest beat her to it. "Where's T?"

"I told him about Chris," Jude mumbled. "He got really mad and stormed out."

Shayne's eyes widened and she turned to go out the door, muttering, "I better go get him. Tom and his temper..."

Jude shook her head, smirking. If only Shayne knew. Her moment of silent amusement was shattered, however, when Sadie opened her mouth.

"Jude, what really happened to you?"

Jude frowned and picked at her sheets as she spoke, her stomach quivering with nerves. "I didn't have dinner ready when Chris got home to work... Ali came into the kitchen and told me he was mad, so I picked her up and had her hide in her room. I knew Chris was going to yell at me... I didn't want Ali getting in the middle of it..."
She trailed off as the memories came back to her now, in vivid detail. Suddenly, Jude wondered something. "How long was I asleep?"

"Three days," Sadie said, her voice barely hiding her impatience. "Now, what happened next?"

"Well, he slapped me once for not having his dinner ready. Then he went out to the bar... I remember going upstairs and getting Ali to grab her suitcase and bring it to me. I had just finished packing my own and we were about to leave when Chris came home. I had Ali hide in the closet and I tried to kick the suitcases under the bed, but he saw them. He yelled at me and kept hitting me and.." Jude couldn't continue. Sobs escaped from her chest and she buried her face in her hands. After a few minutes, she felt Kwest gently lay her back onto the bed, lifting her feet gently.

"Shh, it's okay baby sister," Sadie whispered, smoothing Jude's hair away from her forehead.

"T-Thanks Sades," Jude hiccuped, smiling shyly. "And thanks, Kwest."

Kwest nodded, smiling brightly. "No problem, Jude."

Jude took a deep breath and closed her eyes, willing herself to remember the fight one last time. "After he got tired of hitting me, he kicked my leg. I lost my b-balance and fell back onto the b-bed... He pulled me up to look at him and when he was done speaking I remember him shoving my head back into the headboard... and then everything went black." Without knowing it, Jude raised her hand to the back of her head where she felt a bandage. Her fingers traced it gently and she realized it wrapped around her entire head. "How bad am I?"

"You had a few broken ribs... Your skull was cracked and your leg was broken... There was an infected gash on your side that they treated - " at this, Sadie glared at Jude disapprovingly " - and your nose was badly broken."

Jude took a deep breath and winced, realizing for the first time the pain she was in. "Ouch."

"Yeah," Kwest said, scratching the back of his head. "You'll be here for awhile -"

"Which is why I was thinking," Sadie spoke overtop of Kwest as if he wasn't even there, "that maybe Ali should come back to Toronto with us. Shayne and Tommy can stay here with you, and when you're released from the hospital they'll bring you back to Toronto. All your stuff has already been shipped back to the house; Jamie is taking care of it."

"Wow, Sades." Jude was trying to think, trying to make sure that this would be what was best for her daughter, but she couldn't seem to concentrate. Eventually, she sighed and gave up. "I guess that would be a good idea. Just make sure Chris doesn't show up, okay?"

Sadie scoffed. "We're not stupid, Jude. I know how to handle a two year old."

Jude smirked. "Sure you do. That's why when I was two, and I was hungry, you took me out back and told me to eat dirt because it had a lot of protein in it."

They all started laughing, but Jude immediately doubled over, gasping in pain. Kwest and Sadie looked at her concernedly, but she shook her head, smiling. "I'll be okay."

They looked unconvinced, but smiled all the same. Jude had counted on this. Even her sister, who had never been even the least bit respectful towards her, would have the decency not to upset her right now.

Someone coughed from the entrance to the room, and Jude's head snapped towards the door. Immediately, she drew in a harsh breath. He was beautiful, whoever he was. Even Tommy couldn't come close to how good this man looked, and Jude had never found anyone that she found as attractive as Tommy.

"You must be Ms. Harrison," the doctor said, smiling. Jude found herself relieved that he had used her maiden name and not Chris's last name. "I'm Dr. Cullen, but you can call me Carlisle. I'll be your resident doctor for the duration of your stay."

"Hi." Jude interally scolded herself for sounding like she was fifteen again. She hadn't been this shy around a guy since then, and she sure as hell didn't want to go back to being that way.

"Do you mind if I check your bandages?" Carlisle asked, advancing slowly with an easy smile. Jude nodded, and she watched his graceful step as he walked forward and placed his hands on her head. The chill the eminated shocked her, and she jumped slightly.

"So, doctor, what's the diagnosis? How long am I stuck in here?" She tried to keep herself distracted as he worked on her, and was proud of herself for maintaining coherent speech.

Carlisle backed away from Jude and smiled sadly. "A few weeks, I'm afraid. We'll have to run some tests, of course, now that you're conscious... I'll send someone in a minute to take some blood and make sure we caught everything. Have you been feeling dizzy, nauseous, light-headed or overly tired?"

Jude shook her head. "Not really. I am a little hungry, though."

The beautiful doctor laughed. "I'll get one of the nurses to bring your lunch in when they come to finish the testing, and I'll be back in to check on you later. If you need anything, just have the nurse page for a doctor Cullen, and either myself or my son will be in to help you."

"Thank you, Dr. Cullen."

"Carlisle," he reminded before smiling gently and walking out of the room.

Sadie stood gaping over at the spot he had just been and Jude tapped her shoulder gently. She blinked rapidly and then her eyes flashed to Jude's. Luckily, Kwest hadn't noticed, and Jude winked at her before she winced. It even hurt to breathe, at this point.

Kwest noticed her pain. "Go to sleep, Jude. We'll wake you up when the nurses come in."

"Yeah, baby sis," Sadie chimed in. "You need the rest."

Jude didn't need any more motivation; she simply nodded her head and laid it down on the pillow, and within a few seconds she was drifting off into unconsciousness.