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London Escapade

Twilight/Instant Star crossover.

Copyright goes to Stephenie Meyer and Epitome Studios/CTV/The-N and all the other lovely TV producers who gave us Instant Star and Jommy.

4. Chapter 3

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She felt something cold.

That was the only thing that registered as Jude started to regain consciousness. Blinking furiously to fully wake herself, she jerked away from the could touch.

Musical laughter filled the room and Jude gasped in surprise. It was another beautiful doctor, nearly as gorgeous as the one that had been in here earlier. This must've been the son he was talking about.

"Sorry to wake you," he apologized. "I'm Edward. You met my father earlier, I assume..."

Jude nodded. "Yeah."

He smiled softly and looked down at a chart, writing something briefly before looking back up at her. "Well, I'm just here to check your vitals. The nurses brought in your lunch while you were sleeping, if you'd like it."

"No thanks." Jude was far from hungry, now. Especially as she realized that, while Sadie and Kwest were chatting quietly in the corner, Tommy, Shayne, and her daughter were still missing. The panick swelled in her throat and she smiled uneasily as the doctor excused himself and left the room.

The heartrate monitor picked up her stress, and Sadie rushed to her side as soon as Edward was gone. "What's wrong, Jude? Are you okay?"

Jude nodded, looking around the room anxiously before asking, "Where's Ali? Didn't you guys have her?"

"Oh," Sadie sighed, relieved. "Yeah, but she was begging us to go get candy from the vending machines downstairs, so when we ran into Tommy, she asked him and he said he'd take her."

"And Ali let him take her?"

Sadie was startled by Jude's confusion. "Yeah? Should we have kept him from taking her?"

"No, no. It's just, Ali doesn't usually let anyone pick her up. She's very shy..." She trailed off, letting her gaze wander towards the door that Tommy, Shayne and Ali would, hopefully, be coming through soon.

"Ah," Sadie teased. "Another Harrison wooed by Tom Quincy."

Jude forced herself to laugh, when inside the comment tore like razorblades at her poorly healed heart. How much she had missed Tommy when she had gone to London. When she had agreed to marry Chris, she was thinking of Tommy, hoping he was happy. It was, in her eyes, the only way she could ever let go of what they had when she was eighteen. She had been a kid then. Now she was fully grown and able to realize what an idiot she had been.

And how much she missed him.

"Mommy!" The squealing identical copy of Jude as a toddler came running through the doors, distracting Jude from her thoughts.

"Hey, baby." She winced as Ali jumped on top of her, hitting one of the many bruises on her body.

Shayne noticed and tried to pick up the infant, shushing her quietly, but it only made Ali cling harder.

When Shayne looked hurt, Jude explained, "She doesn't like strangers."

Shayne nodded in understanding, smiling softly at the child. "Hey, can you come sit with me and Tommy for a little bit, Ali? Mommy needs her rest."

Ali quirked her head to the side, surveying the surrounding people until her eyes landed on Tommy.

He nodded at her and answered her unspoken question aloud. "You can sit on my lap if you want."

As soon as the words were past Tommy's lips, Ali ran over to him and jumped into his waiting arms. The laughed together for a moment before Ali yawned and laid her head on Tommy's shoulder, sticking her thumb in her mouth. Almost immediately, her eyes drifted closed and her breathing slowed. Jude looked on in amazement.

"I've never seen her like that with anyone, before," she said, still staring in awe. "She's usally super shy."

Tommy shrugged one shoulder, trying not to disturb the sleeping toddler. "What can I say?" he whispered, winking at Shayne and causing Jude's heart to break even further. "I have a way with the ladies."

Shayne smacked him gently on his free shoulder and the couple laughed softly in whispers. Jude looked at the floor and willed herself not to cry. After a long, awkward silence, Sadie cleared her throat.

"Why don't you let me take Ali home, Tommy," she said, hoisting her from his arms as she spoke. "She should sleep in a real bed. I'll take her back to the hotel with Kwest."

Tommy nodded his agreement, glancing at Jude. "Yeah." He looked at her again, and then at Shayne, before saying, "Babe, why don't you go back to the hotel with them? You don't need to sleep here all night."

"But I want to," she protested, smiling at both him and Jude in turn. "I want to stay with you, and I want to make sure Jude's okay."

"I'll be fine," Jude interjected. "Everyone should just go back to the hotel. If I die, I'm sure the doctors will call."

Tommy rolled his eyes. "No way, Jude. I know you. Someone has to stay here."

"No, they don't. I'm an adult, Tommy, and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself -"

Sadie cut her off. "Enough, Jude. Tommy's right. Someone should stay. Shayne, why don't you come back with us? We can trade off each night so that none of us has to stay here for more than one night in a row."

Tommy nodded, urging Shayne towards the door. "Go get some sleep, babe. I'll call you in the morning."

After a furtive glance between Tommy and Jude, Shayne nodded descretely and leaned up on her toes to peck Tommy lightly on the cheek before practically running from the room with Sadie, Kwest, and Ali.

Scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, Tommy yawned. "You tired yet, girl?"

Jude still couldn't speak, so she simply shook her head 'no'. It was almost impossible for her to restrain herself when Tommy was right there and she couldn't even tell him how much she cared. The pain was swallowing her, closing her airways and making it hard to do anything but lie there. If she so much as moved, she knew that she wouldn't be able to control it as she threw herself into his arms. And he obviously wouldn't want that, seeing as how he seemed incredibly happy with Shayne.

"Okay," he said, unaware of or unaffected by the struggle going on inside her head. "Well, what do you want to do then?"

Her mouth opened and shut twice before she exhaled in a gush. "Look, Tommy. I know this isn't exactly comfortable for you. You don't have to stay if you don't want to."

Tommy smirked. "Actually, I do. We only took one car."

Jude scowled at him. "You could always take a bus."

"I want to stay, Big Eyes." And just like it had so many years ago when he had last called her that, her heart reacted of its own accord. It sped up and stuttured, causing her throat to swell shut and her eyes to tear. As Jude tried to inconspicuously wipe away a tear, Tommy noticed her upset expression and closed the space between them, brushing the traitors away with his own calloused fingers. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Jude tried to move his hand but he ignored her, cupping her face with his palm and tilting it gently so that she had to meet his eyes.

"I know you better than that, Jude. What's going on?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I never should have left you. I'm so sorry, Tommy."

He shook his head, forcing her to meet his eyes again before speaking. "Don't apologize. I understood why you did it, girl. And I could never hold it against you."

"How could you not?" She was crying harder now, her voice rising slightly. "I left you to be famous, Tommy! I left you and I didn't even look back. I couldn't even do it in person, I was such a coward! And it doesn't matter that I thought about you every second that I was away, because you didn't know it. You were willing to spend your life with me and I blew it off on an ego trip. How can you possibly not hate me?"

His mouth turned into a straight line and he released his grip on her chin, backing up a step. "You know the answer to that question, Jude. Don't make things more complicated than they already are by making me say it."

"I don't know, Tommy!" She shouted, throwing her hands up in exasperation and wincing when a small cut on her shoulder stung. "That's the problem! I don't know and it's killing me! I don't know how you could just forgive someone like me after leaving you! I was the one person who was never supposed to leave you, Tommy! Don't you realize that? That's what love is! And I blew it off! I threw it away! How can you just think of it as nothing now?"

"Because I love you, Jude!" Tommy shouted. She stared at him, shocked, and he lowered his voice to a whisper, his voice breaking as he said, "I love you. Please don't make me say it again."

Jude shook her head numbly and laid it back against the pillow, closing her eyes against the drops that were once again falling down her cheeks. This time, Tommy made no attempt to remove them. An obviously awkward silence settled between the two of them, and it wasn't until Jude heard Tommy's quiet snoring from the chair beside her where he had settled, that she was able to finally relax and drift off into oblivion herself.


When Jude opened her eyes again, a tall doctor was standing in front of her. He was older, with graying hair and glasses that looked like they could have been from the 1950s. She stifled a giggle and yawned instead, stretching as much as possible without hurting herself. It was apparent already that she would like the beautiful doctors better than this one.

"Morning," she grumbled to a half awake Tommy.

He just nodded at her looked away, out the hospital window and into the rising sun. She wished she could hear what he was thinking, know what he felt about what had happened last night, but he was closed off again. It had affected him deeply, and only when things affected him deeply did he go into this mode: only talking when neccesary, hardly ever looking at anyone, and staring off into space frequently. It frightened Jude more than he'd ever know to see that she really had left her mark on him when she had disappeared to London.

"Well, Ms. Falsom, it seems like you're doing okay. You'll still have to be in here for a few weeks, though, so that we can completely monitor your recovery. You're very lucky to have survived."

She nodded her thanks and then mumbled, "Please, call me Ms. Harrison."

The doctor nodded. "Right. Take it easy, Ms. Harrison. I'll be back later to check on you."

Jude blinked, shocked. "Wait. What happened to the other doctors I had? The Cullens?"

The gray doctor smiled gently. "They were only your temporary care. I had an emergency case this morning so I couldn't be here to check on you.

"Okay," she said, looking to Tommy again as her doctor left. She was disappointed that she wouldn't be seeing the beautiful men again, but she was more worried about what was going on between her and Tommy. His eyes met her's briefly before he looked away, standing abruptly.

"I'm going to go down and get some more coffee."

Jude nodded and whispered very gently, "I'm sorry Tommy."

Either he didn't hear her or he didn't want to acknowledge her, but he walked out of the room without so much as a glance back at her. She sighed and dropped her head into her hands, running them through her short hair quickly before reaching for the bedside phone. Next to the phone was a number that Jude assumed, and hoped, was the number to Sadie's hotel room.

Dialing quickly, she held the phone to her hear and held her breath as it rang, only releasing a breath when a very familiar male voice came through the receiver.


"Hey Kwest," Jude breathed. "Is Sadie there?"

"Yeah, hang on a sec."

She heard shuffling, and then her sister spoke urgently, "Are you okay? What's going on Jude?"

Jude laughed bitterly. "I'm okay. I guess. Can you just come up here as soon as possible?"

"What's wrong?" Sadie asked. "What happened?"

"It's Tommy," she confessed. "We... got into an arguement last night, I guess. And now things are awkward. I just need someone here with me right now."

"I'll be there soon, baby sis," Sadie soothed. "But I have to get Ali up and feed her first. Is an hour too long?"

"No. That's fine."

"Okay, good." Jude heard Sadie whispering to Kwest and filling him in on what was going on before telling Jude she loved her and hanging up the phone. With a resigned sigh, Jude sat back in the stiff hospital bed to wait.

Her mind was just starting to drift as she heard the voices. At first they were muffled, but then they became clearer and clearer, and, out of morbid curiosity, Jude pretended she was asleep as they entered the room.

"Just let me be!" The rough voice could only belong to Tommy, and Jude assumed the other voice could only be Shayne.

"But I care about you Tommy!" The female voice sounded further away, almost as if Tommy was next to Jude and Shayne wasn't quite in the room. Resisting the urge to open her eyes, Jude groaned lightly and rolled over. The fighting couple went quiet, and Jude felt Tommy's rough hand brush the hair back from her forehead and rest there gently.

"She has a fever," he whispered. His voice was full of emotion, and Jude could tell that he was honestly worried about her.

The female voice spoke again, this time closer than before. "Tommy," she said. "I can see it in your eyes."

"You don't know what you're talking about, Shayne."

Jude listened closer, trying to find the source of their arguement.

"You love her," Shayne mumbled.

Jude gasped inaudibly. So Shayne knew, too? Did everyone know but her how he had felt this entire time? And then Jude realized what it meant that Tommy's girlfriend could tell that he still loved her. She wasn't sure if she should be ecstatic, because if they broke up over this, it could give her another chance at being with him, or if she should be grieving for Tommy, who obviously cared about this other girl, too. She decided to stay neutral, and look at things from an objective viewpoint, for now. At the moment, Tommy was her friend, and she would remain carefully detached until he needed her to feel one way or the other.

Tommy didn't respond right away, simply ran his hand over Jude's forehead again. Then, so softly even Jude could barely hear it, Tommy mumbled, "I do."

"That's what I thought." Jude felt a softer hand brush the hair behind her ear now before disappearing suddenly. "Don't worry about me, Tommy. I'll be okay."

Tommy groaned and Jude opened her eyes just slightly to see that the couple had moved a few feet away and weren't looking in her direction. She took the opportunity to look around her, and happened to notice that Sadie and Kwest were hovering just outside the door, watching the action happen.

"But I care about you too!" He yelled, and Shayne slapped a hand over his mouth. Quickly, she spun to stare at Jude who, unready for the action, was still staring open-mouthed at the couple.

"Oh," Shayne stuttured. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean to wake you up..."

Jude faked a yawn. "No, that's okay. I've been sleeping way too much. I should wake up and start using my voice again before I lose it."

Tommy chuckled nervously, and Jude cocked her head, confused. "That's impossible, girl."

"I know that." Despite how immature she knew it was, she stuck her tongue out at him. "But I miss singing, already." It was silent for a moment before Jude asked, "Where's Ali?"

"Oh," Shayne spoke, smiling. "I forgot to tell you. We dropped her off at the daycare center downstairs so that you could sleep in peace for awhile. She seemed like she wanted to play with the other kids so..."

Jude smiled. "Thanks."

Tommy brushed a strand of hair back behind her ear and sighed. Jude watched as Shayne looked at the both of them, and then leaned in to kiss Tommy on the cheek and whisper something in his ear. Before Jude could ask what was going on, Shayne left.

Sadie and Kwest walked in as Shayne walked out, both of them acting falsely innocent. "What happened in here?"

Tommy shook his head, glaring after where Shayne had just left. "Nothing."

"All that yelling didn't sound like nothing, T," Kwest said. "It sounded like it got pretty heated in here. I'm surprised you didn't wake Jude up."

Jude blushed, and then saw Sadie roll her eyes. Obviously, Sadie knew that Jude had been awake the entire time.

"It's nothing, Kwest. Me and Shayne just... need some time apart."

Sadie's eyes went wide, as did Jude's. This wasn't what she thought was going to happen as of yesterday, and now, here it was, Tommy was single and she could try to worm her way back into his heart where she belonged.

"Did you break up with her?" Sadie's voice was shocked, and somewhat relieved, despite the situation.

Tommy nodded. "I guess. It just.. it wasn't working for either of us."

Sadie nodded, accepting his short answer. Jude, on the other hand, had to bite her tongue to keep from starting a repeat of the conversation that had happened on her seventeenth birthday.

"Me and Sadie... we just weren't right," Tommy said, his eyes softening slightly as he leaned against the back of the couch.

They had been trapped in this basement for hours while, Jude assumed, her friends and family were celebrating her birthday, probably wondering where she was by now. Tommy and her had argued over his cheating on Sadie and, after much persuasion, Jude finally accepted the fact that it didn't happen. But, for some reason, Tommy still seemed insistent that him and Sadie wouldn't have worked.

Jude was perplexed. How could they possibly be more right for eachother? Sadie was pretty, blonde, and had the model figure. That was everything that he had always wanted in a girl, wasn't it? Her curiosity getting the best of her, she asked, "Why?"

Tommy looked her square in the eyes, and took a deep breath. It almost looked like he was going to cry, and then, ever so softly, he whispered brokenly, "You know exactly why."

At the same time, a part of her heart longed to go back to that time, when things were simpler. An even bigger part of her wished she could go back to her last performance and just play one damn song with him. One song, and then take him to London with her. They would have been married, maybe even with their own children by now. And as Jude had found herself doing so many times, she began to blame herself, replaying her head all the mistakes she had made.

She was surprised that no one else in the room could hear the deafening crack of her heart shattering when she realized that it was probably too late to fix things.

She had lost the best thing in her life, and it was highly unlikely, her in mind, that she could ever get it back.

"Sis?" Sadie nudged Jude's shoulder gently, and Jude's head snapped up from where she had been staring at the floor. She had been so lost in thought that she hadn't heard Sadie even talking to her. "Earth to Jude? The doctor just gave us permission to take you down to the cafeteria for lunch since this one got cold." Sadie looked disgustedly at a pile of mush that was supposed to be potatoes.

"Oh," Jude said. "I'll... be right there."

Kwest nodded in understanding as he saw Jude's eyes dart quickly to Tommy and away. "I think we should wait outside."

"Why?" Sadie asked.

"Jude might be a minute."

"But why..?"

"Let's go, Sadie."

With a huff of annoyance, Sadie followed Kwest out of the room, whispering angrily in his ear the entire way. As soon as they were gone and Kwest had closed the door behind him, Tommy walked over to Jude's side, holding his hand out for her to grasp. She took it willingly, leaning on it for support as Tommy helped her hobble over to a wheelchair that the doctor had placed in the corner during his brief visit. As soon as she sat down, he crouched down to her eye level, leaning his forhead against hers.

"Are you okay, Big Eyes?"

Jude nodded, focusing on the feel of his breath on her face after so long. "I think so."

Tommy smiled and nodded, standing up and going behind the chair to push her out. He heard her huff lightly in annoyance and chuckled to himself. It was the same old Jude, never wanting anyone to take care of her. Before they reached the door, however, he stopped and spoke softly to her. She shuddered as his breath tickled her again, her neck, this time.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that," he said. Jude felt him kiss the top of her head gently and she nearly melted. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"I wasn't upset - "

He cut her off. "I know you, Jude. And I know you weren't asleep at all. Let's just forget everything that happened and start over, okay?"

Jude knew he wasn't just talking about the fight she had overheard, or the implications it held. He meant that they should start over completely, as friends, forgetting all the bad past... and the good.

Choking on her answer, Jude managed a weak, "Sure."

He smiled at her and kissed her head lightly again before opening the door and pushing the wheelchair forward.

Jude had never been more confused in her entire life.


Bella smoothed her hand over her dress and sighed. It was never going to look good on her, no matter how hard she tried. Even being a vampire hadn't made a difference as far as fashion went. She would always be the outcast.

"Stop it," Alice hissed, baring her teeth in warning. "You know you look just as good in that dress as Rosalie would. Now stop worrying. We need to leave and you need to give Nessie to Edward."

The brunette glared at her pixie-like sister. "I didn't even want to go on this vacation, anyway. At least, not without Edward."

"You think I don't want Jasper to come?" Alice pouted, taking Bella's hand in hers. "But we can't have a real girls shopping trip with them. And you love me, don't you Bella? If you love me, you'll come quietly.

Bella groaned. "Stupid shopping-obsessed vampire."

Alice's grin was blinding. "I know. Now, where's Edward?"

"Carlisle stuck him on daycare duty because he knew I'd be dropping Renesmee off. I'll go take her down there and hopefully she wont eat anyone."

Alice rolled her eyes and shoved Bella playfully down the hallway towards the daycare room. "You know she won't. Now stop stalling and go!"

"Okay! I'm going, I'm going." Bella huffed in annoyance and held onto Renesmee's hand as she walked down the hallway. This wasn't her idea of a fun vacation. The shopping alone would've been torture enough, but having to leave Edward and Renesmee behind was just inhumane.

With a deep breath and an annoyed sigh, Bella rounded the corner and walked straight into the room, smiling to keep Edward's worries at bay. She could only hope it was worth it.