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goodbye depression;hello girls night

bella meets a bunch of girls when sent back to jacksonville to live with her mother.one girl wants to kill her, the other girls want to strangle the violent one. how can this unlikely group save her sanity? The next storyin the series is up! It's called I did not see that one coming


1. how i met my sisters

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"Girls night!" I yelled with my friends as we toasted to another successful, care free, once a month, night on the town. A tradition since the first time I got up and sang karaoke with them and had jaws dropping, right after I moved with Renee to Jacksonville.

Charlie was sick of my moping and doing nothing, so he sent me to live with my mom. More like he dragged me kicking and screaming, mom decided to take me shopping that night. We split up in one of the stores and I ditched her running out and bumping into a group of girls. They all just surrounded me and to me they looked ferial but I was sort of on the brink of insanity. " Watch where your going."

"Sorry trying to escape my mom." It’s hard not to want to defend yourself against a snob. One girl, with red hair, and green eyes, stepped up and shoved the snobby one out of the way. "Gosh Lucy why do you have to be such a bitch?" she rolled her eyes at Lucy. "Hey I’m Philicia," she pointed to her left, "This is Sarah." she pointed to her right, "That’s Kayla, next to Kayla is Korri next to Sarah is Heather and the snob that has no manners what so ever," she shot a death stare to Lucy. "Is Lucy, just ignore her, she doesn’t like to be touched and just doesn’t like people. So trying to escape your mom?"

"Yep she wants to have some girl time and no I don’t usually mind but ....yea"

"Well we’ve all been there you wanna come with us?" I shook my head, I don’t even know her they all looked dangerous what would happen if I went? I mean I couldn’t end up dead on the side of the road but, "what could be so possibly wrong if you just so happen to go with them come you need to get out more that’s why Charlie sent you in the first place, right?" I thought to myself and really it was a good argument but I knowing me and knowing I’m not careful enough I just shook my head, "Maybe some other time?"

"Sure, what’s your name?"she asked. "Bella, Bella Swan." I said it seemed like yesterday I had done this routine. "Oh so you’re the new girl well I’ll see you Monday at school."

Monday came around and I arrived at school I walked into my class and was introduced formally. Every class I went to was the same find the class, come in, introduce myself, sit down and interrogated by students through notes. Lunch rolled around and I walked into the bleach white cafeteria looking for a place to sit (people here just weren’t as nice as the small town of Forks) when Philicia stood up and motioned me over to her. So I started over to her, I mean she looked pretty enthusiastic, I didn’t want to be the one to rain on her parade.

" See I told you she’s your new puppy, Philicia," Lucy replied. I put my tray on the table, and placed my hands on my hips. "Listen, Lucy, in my life, I’ve never had the pleasure to meet a more annoying individual than yourself and I’ve been almost all over the western coast. Honestly if you a bone to pick with some one or you want to stay mad at the world because secretly you hate who you are, hey that’s your biz. But honey I don’t need attitude I have one of my own and trust me it’s enough for all the little popular school dominating preps in the country. So keep your crappy puppy comments to your self at least when I get up in the morning I know I can’t compare my face to a dog." she and all the others sat there with their mouths hanging open like they’ve never heard an insult like that. "Well done, Bella, sorry Lucy she dominated you totally put you in your place." the girl with brown hair and blue eyes said, I think her name was Sarah I’m not really sure. She got up leaned over to take my hand and shake it. "I will worship you now and forever for that." there were murmurs of thanks because apparently Lucy was a pain in the rear as far as they were concerned.. "well you know what I think?" I cut her off right after that and said, "your thinking to try and use a come back now? Oh no honey that’s a 30 second time span that’s the only time you use a come back now your too late."

Just like that we had been inseparable, Lucy and I always rub each other raw. That’s why we get along because I put her in her place of course then Sarah get’s on my case and well she calms me down when I get ready to strangle Lucy. I found my new family outside my family and my home away from home my sisters since that day and that weekend when they pulled me out of my depression. Yea that weekend was the first time that I finally had fun since He left. A most memorable experience...