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goodbye depression;hello girls night

bella meets a bunch of girls when sent back to jacksonville to live with her mother.one girl wants to kill her, the other girls want to strangle the violent one. how can this unlikely group save her sanity? The next storyin the series is up! It's called I did not see that one coming


2. karaoke night

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Flashback to the first night out

I heard a knock at the door, Renee called through the house, "Bella, Korri’s at the door!" I ran through the house grabbing my purse as I went by the coat rack. Renee stood there with Korri, Renee was so happy that I had found friends here and that I was fitting in.

She thought I was out of my pain and anguish and that I just needed fresh Florida air. Inside I was dying I was choking on my own sorrow and that I could hide it from everyone was a victory and a problem. I shouldn’t have to hide this pain and I should be over him after all he was over me, right? Well that was my goal tonight, my friends and I had decided that we were going to celebrate my survival of the first week of school.

"Oh my gosh!" Korri looked a little disgusted and I guess insulted. "Your wearing that to go to out in?" Now I know why she was disgusted, she sounded like Alice. I clenched my teeth to stop the urge to double over in pain.

"Yes I am why?" she silently shook her head grabbed my hand and towed me into my bedroom. She had been here the night before last so I could help her with homework that I had already done before. In reality we ended up eating a gallon of ice cream and watching Pride and Prejudice. Which happens to be my friends favorite movie thank goodness because I like having smart conversations that don’t revolve around boys. It would probably let me let my act show through and I wouldn’t want that.

That’s how I ended up wearing the one dress I owned and a very revealing one at that. Bright blue, calf length with a split up to mid-thigh, low cut v-neck and a pair of silver rhinestone flats. The items I bought to wear at Renee and Phil’s wedding until she told me that I was to be her brides maid I just didn’t have the heart to take it back I liked the way it looked on me and I figured I would find an occasion to wear it.

Apparently that occasion was right then and there because she would settle for nothing less than that dress. Honestly I was sort of scared of her I mean I didn’t take any body’s crap but she was like 5 feet and two inches of pure dominance. On top of it she cussed like a sailor and I just did what she said so she would keep a cap on the sound. I didn’t want my mother lecturing me on how a lady should talk.

When we finally got out to the car they all complimented my dress and I exchanged compliments with them. We sped off to some teen club that consisted of karaoke, non-alcoholic beverages, and dancing they alternated karaoke and regular music so that way people who couldn’t sing wouldn’t ruin everyone’s evening is my guess.

We arrived, payed the entrance fee, and made our way through gyrating bodies to a table on the side of the room. We all sat down while we sent
Lucy to get the drinks because she said "I" last, yea a little childish but I was with my friends and we were all a little crazy so it was cool.

I stared out in to the sea of people and could only think of prom, I shook my head to clear away the memories. Lucy came back and handed us all our lemonade. "So girls who’s going up there to do karaoke first? We all have to go up there you know," Philicia looked pointedly at me like I was going to protest. I promised my self to throw caution to the wind and to let loose and try something different so I just nodded, "I’ll go first." I offered, if I’m jumping in I might as well go all the way.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the karoke night here at Screeching Cat are there any volunteer’s to come up and sing? Come on don’t be shy." I stood up and walked to the front, "We have a volunteer, come on up here dear and tell us your name." I walked up the steps, cheeks red with embarrassment, took the extra microphone from his hand, and I cleared my throat. "My name is Bella."

"Do you have a certain song you want to sing?" I really didn’t need a sad song because my composure would slip tremendously.

"Something up beat I guess it doesn’t really matter to me, but warning I haven’t done this in public before." Everyone screamed really loud for my courage I guess I don’t really know.

"Don’t worry I’m pretty sure you’ll do better than you think you will, everybody Bella singing ‘Can You Hear Me’ by Lila McCann." applause rang out through the room.

I looked at the screen ahead of me while the beat started I could get the feel of the rhythm okay, I could do this.

"Sittin’ in my room staring at the ceiling, nothing I can do can shake this feeling." I sounded really bad because I didn’t really know the song but then I figured it didn’t matter I was sort of having fun.

"What have you done to me? I never thought I would be," long note that I held more applause rang out, surprisingly. I was getting the beat a little I followed the words and held the right notes perfectly maybe I wasn’t doing half that bad. I started thinking I sounded good too, just a little bit at least.

"Sittin’ in my room staring at the ceiling, I wish I could say I was doing fine but I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Can you hear me thinkin’ ‘bout you,"

That wasn’t right- wait a second- why this song, why? Of all the songs why this one, well at least I was keeping my composure and I still kept up the charade and the sound of my voice. Which apparently sounded good.

The song ended and so did my sanity. Why that song? The one song that could possibly ruin my night, with the exception of the one song I’ll never hear again. My lullaby, no stop thinking about that. You’re here for a good reason, to get over him and start anew, clean the slate. "Well then ladies and gentlemen that was the vocal styling of a talented Miss Bella" the man announced as I made my way back to my seat.

" Gee I wonder why she wanted to go first. Good job, babe," Korri replied hugging me. She liked to call everyone babe, bitch, and hoe or hoe bag. They were her endearments to us so I didn’t take offense really it was a compliment.

"Oh yea! You were so awesome girlie!" Kayla exclaimed while also hugging me.

"Yep she was cool, see Heather I told you guys we should come here but you were like ‘No’." Philicia loudly told Heather who retorted, "Yea sure Philicia that’s exactly what you said and no we didn’t have to talk you into coming or drag you against your will or anything like that." Yep that’s Heather the sarcastic one.

"Why would you guys lie to her like that she was awful everyone here knows I’m the best. I’m so good people cover their ears because my voice is so angelical that they’re afraid the holiness of my voice will damn them to hell." Sarah joked. They all hugged me they were a really touchy feely bunch. I mean a week with them dissolves even the worst of all germy fears.

All eyes turned to Lucy who had said nothing yet, "Fine! You were good okay, there I said it now get off my back, will ya?" She slouched back down, folded her arms and kind of pouted.

I sat down next to her, "Thank you Lucy, I’m glad I could entertain you." I held my arms out for a hug she sighed loudly and returned it.

The rest of the evening was alternated with me going up there to sing and talking about what to do next month. "Next month?" Kayla asked.

" Yeah we should so do that. I mean, make it a tradition a monthly girls night out. No ‘Rents, no boyfriends just us, so that way no matter what we happen to be doing we can always have that one night together. What do you guys say?" There were murmurs of agreement then.

"Well why not switch it up we should take dancing classes so we can go Latin dancing, tango, salsa, rumba." Philicia, always the one to do the dancing thing. She loved to dance, it was her passion. That was what she talked about when no one had anything to say.

"Well I would, except I can’t dance," and I couldn’t I just never had rhythm or keep my self off the ground. I was clumsy and they knew that by now.

"Come on Bella it can’t be that bad. If you have problems then you can ask me for help. Please? Pretty, pretty please?" I thought about it and honestly I really didn’t want to, but I just couldn’t say no to her puppy dog eyes it was like my mom when she gave me the death stare for the first time in my life, very effective, ugh! Why must I be so gullible!

"Fine, but if I don’t like it or see improvement I’m not going to finish the classes."

"That’s all we ask for is that you at least try. Lucy, do you want to do it too," inquired Philicia. She sat there thoughtfully, thinking, she paused for a second before nodding. "Might as well, I mean I’ve got nothing scheduled." The date was set for my life to end and doom to come to me. My first dance lesson...