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goodbye depression;hello girls night

bella meets a bunch of girls when sent back to jacksonville to live with her mother.one girl wants to kill her, the other girls want to strangle the violent one. how can this unlikely group save her sanity? The next storyin the series is up! It's called I did not see that one coming


3. Dancing

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We walked into the dance room, "Welcome darlings you are ready to dance like the Spanish, no?" A lady walked to us with open arms, no, she didn’t walk she sashayed over to us. She had long brown hair, dark eyes, and she wore a bright red dress that fit to her with a sash tied at the waist.

"Hola, you may call me Mrs. Rodriguez, consider me momma of the Spanish culture, no? I shall help you travel through the wondrous world of Salsa, Tango, and Mambo. Then I shall send you out on the wings of your knowledge to infect the world with your beauty and love of dance." She looked out into space like she could see something, we couldn,'t. All of us looked out into the same area she did. All I saw was a wall.

She abruptly snapped out of it and looked at us, "So darlings," she said with her Spanish accent, "we shall begin. You have brought your heels, si?"

We all went out the same day we signed up to buy heels. Mine were a plain two inch white. Everyone else decided to add style to theirs. I don’t expect to be here long anyway, so I don’t really need anything flashy.

"Well then, gentlemen please come out and help these lovely young ladies." Men suddenly filed through the room searching for partners. I stood awkwardly to the side while others were chosen.

"Well," I said aloud, "looks like they’re all gone. Sorry girls, but I think it’s safe to say I should go." I turned around and my nose hit a wall of a muscled chest. I looked up into the darkest brown eyes I had ever seen, they’re almost black.

"Oh no, Senorita, you must stay and dance with me. I insist on this dance." His voice floated around me like a caress, so rich like chocolate; he rolled his R,'s off his tongue.

I could but only nod when staring in the face of beauty such as this. His was a classical beauty, much like...Edwards. He had a high forehead, straight aristocratic nose, and very full reddish like lips. Brown hair hung past his shoulders, but caught into a band at the back of his neck... His complexion was olive toned and his body build was that of an Olympic swimmer, a full head taller than me with long, lean muscles.

I was blushing when he led us to the dance floor, "I should tell you, I’m extremely clumsy and apologize now for your feet, should I step on them."

"You’ve nothing to fear. Lo Bello like you, I would never mind if you happen to step on them, Senorita. If you are truly clumsy then you will be afraid of falling too, no?" He smiled and it took my breath away, bringing back memories of the last time I was rendered breathless. It took all of my will power not to double over. I nodded to keep from speaking afraid of my voice cracking.

"I’ll not let you fall, Querida, trust me. You should always trust your dance partner, si?"

"I can’t dance either, I’m just doing this for my friends," I said a little more confident than I felt.

"First, all we’re going to do is just sway to the musica, si? Get a feel for the rhythm." The music started and he turned me around so that my back was to him, leaving his hands on my hips. "Now just feel," he breathed in my ear. I swayed with him for a minute or so, "That’s it." He turned me around and held me with one hand on my back, with his arm just beneath my arm, his other hand holding mine, "Follow my lead, Querida." He moved forward and I moved the wrong leg and stepped on his foot, "Sorry," I mumbled.

"Do not apologize, it’s not your fault. Do not fret, senorita. Let’s try again, si?" He took up his position again and attempted to sweep me across the floor, I stumbled multiple times, though, due to my clumsiness. Eventually, I got there and stopped stumbling as much.

I heard clapping, "Oh darlings, you were excelente, simply magnifica, please return." She graciously bowed out, "Until next time."

I turned to my partner, "You weren,'t as bad as you said you were, chica," he smiled smugly.

"Well, I hadn’t done that before. Besides, like I said, I only did this to make my friends feel better. It was nice dancing with you," I replied brightly.

I turned to go and walked a few steps, but was grabbed by the arm and nearly fell, except, I was caught by him. "I guess you are as clumsy as you say, no? Then again maybe I wanted you to fall so I could hold you for a little longer, si?" he righted me while I stuttered at the flirtatious tone he used, "What’s your name, chica?"

"Bella," I heard come from beside me, "her name is Bella." I looked over and saw Heather had answered; I nudged her with my elbow. "Heather," I hissed, "what are you doing?"

"Oh, so you do not wish me to know your name?" He was mocking me, and he was laughing at it, too!

"No, I just thought it was a little rude to have someone eaves drop on another person,'s private conversation." I looked pointedly at him, "Since you know my name, I guess I have to kill you now, unless I know your name, too. Then we’ll be even."

"Xavier. You may call me Xavier," he answered through his laugh. "Well then, Querida," he took my hand and kissed it, "until next time." He turned and walked away.

"Ohhhhh....Bella, he likes you!" Philicia stated as we made our way outside. I heard murmurs in agreement. "And you," she slapped my arm playfully, "girl you dance just fine."

"No, I stumbled quite a few times miss ma,'am!" I said defiantly.

"Yes, but you aren,'t completely hopeless. You were actually pretty good, for as clumsy as you happen to be." She looked at me knowingly and I sighed knowing I could not deny her logic. "Girls! She will return with us!" Sarah declared victoriously. I knew that was the only way to get them to shut up, so I nodded.

Weeks have passed since that first dance lesson. I,'ve gotten better and tonight to celebrate in doing so well at learning the Salsa, the Tango, and the Mambo, we are going out dancing. I piled into the car right behind Kayla and was surprised by my dance partner, Xavier.

"Hola, Querida." It annoyed me that I didn,'t know what all he called me, so I looked it up in a dictionary. Querida means darling, Chica means young lady and I already knew what Senorita means. I kind of liked it when he called me querida, but I felt as though it betrayed Edward. I know we aren,'t together anymore, but I just can,'t shake this feeling that there is a reason I feel like this. I also felt that I was going to find out tonight why this overwhelming sense was so persistent to not let me forget him.