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goodbye depression;hello girls night

bella meets a bunch of girls when sent back to jacksonville to live with her mother.one girl wants to kill her, the other girls want to strangle the violent one. how can this unlikely group save her sanity? The next storyin the series is up! It's called I did not see that one coming


4. The Sneaky Sisters Club

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Sitting in the car next to Xavier, I realized a dilemma. The last time I went out I didn’t have as much fun as I could have had. My reason? My mind was on how much it hurt me that a part of me was missing. This time that mistake was to be remedied. I promised myself that I would block, or ignore, all thoughts I had of him. I refused to let him ruin my evening out.

Tonight was the night, the night to celebrate everything: life, friendship, new things, and finally my ability to dance. I secretly celebrate this new confidence I have in my body. It’s kind of hard to learn how to move your body learning the mamba and not love your body. Considering the mamba is nothing more than a series of hip rolls. So, I had to get used to the idea. Mind you, it took a while, and I stumbled fifty-three times, stepped on Xavier’s feet thirty-two times, and almost sprained my ankle four times. In the end it was worth it.

The girls and Korri, mostly Korri, decided to dress me in a light orange dress with the material gathering on the side, all the way down to the waist, where the dress became loose and flowing. A flower, which was almost flat, had been attached to my hip, smoothing the transition from tight to loose. It came down to about my knees and tied up around my neck. My heels were about two inches high and light orange with rhinestones to match the dress, because the dress was covered in glitter.

To me this was the perfect dress, it was flashy and it symbolized the coming of a new me. Well, the same me, but with newly learned knowledge that would influence my actions a little bit.

The Sneaky Sisters Club is this teen dance club that doesn’t serve any alcohol and plays mostly Latino music, and it’s supposedly ‘off the hook,’ Sarah’s words, not mine. Where Sarah found this club, that just so happen to fit our every need, I’m not sure. Actually that’s a lie; she probably gets on the internet and stumbles upon them by accident...Yep that sounds like Sarah.

We pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car. As was routine for us to do whenever we went anywhere (mall, school, one of our houses.) we went around to the back of the car. Before we walked to the door we linked arms like The Wizard of Oz, with Xavier between Kayla and me. He didn’t know this was routine for us and told us so.

“Xavier if you’re going to hang with us periodically, then you need to know this is protocol. We link arms and then skip to the entrance. Since you’re here you are included,” Kayla stated.

“Guys we can’t skip this time,” Heather piped up. It figured she would say it being the practical one.

“Why not?” Philicia pouted.

“Hello, Bella hasn’t broken her ankle yet, and she’s in heels, let’s not try our luck. We want to dance the night away, not spend it in the emergency room. No offense, Bella, and we don’t really want you to be in any pain. So, just to be safe I say we walk.”

“Aw, thanks guys, but I’ll walk you guys go ahead and skip. I’ll stay behind.”

“No, we can’t do that to you, Bella. We don’t mind walking and we don’t want to leave you behind, as friends we stick together. Your one of us and we never leave each other behind,” Kayla stated and the others murmured in agreement. Kayla, always the sweetheart, almost had me in tears with that little speech, God bless her soul.

“Thank you guys, that means a lot to me. But really I’ll walk,” I insisted.

“No-,” Sarah started.

“It’s alright. I will walk with her. It is no problem. I wanted to talk to her anyway, si? Is it okay if I walk with you Querida?” Xavier spoke up. I nodded trying to think of a reason he would want to talk to me. He unlinked his arm and I watched them skip to the entrance.

Xavier stopped and turned me to face him. “Bella, I wanted to know, why is it you have hurt in your eyes whenever I try to get close to you? I haven’t done anything to you, yet you sometimes shy away from me. I want to know what I might have inadvertently done to make you fear me, chica. I only want to know so I can maybe fix it, because I want to get to know you better. I like you, Querida, a lot. You just confuse me.” There went my promise out the window.

Wow. How did he perceive that from a dozen dance lessons? I don’t remember having shied away from him. Then again, sometimes people act out of instinct. Maybe, no not maybe, it’s a fact I’m not ready to go into a relationship with anyone.

I must have been quiet too long because he stepped back and said “Never mind, it was not my business and not my place to ask forget it, si?” he sounded disappointed.

As he turned to walk away I grabbed his arm, “Wait I just...I’m sorry I ....I ...I’m flattered really I am. But you didn’t ask for any comments, you wanted answers, I can accept that. Okay here it is,” I looked at him, “it’s hard for me to open up to anyone. It was hard before and it’s still hard after.”

We must have been a picture, the two of us standing there. So close I could have lifted up on my tiptoes and kissed him. Like a scene from a movie, but this relationship wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t, I felt like I was betraying ... Edward.

Why do you feel like that? He left you remember? There was nothing you could do. You couldn’t keep him; you need to try to get over him. That’s why Charlie sent you here. It doesn’t look like your going home any time soon. Your strong, you can make the effort, I know you can.Great, now I was giving myself pep talks. Well, it was working, wasn’t it? I did need to try at least. Who knows, I might actually succeed. Besides you only miss 100% of the shots you don’t make.

“It was hard before what, Querida?”

“Before him,” I looked away. Of all the people to open up to, you would think I would have opened up to one of the girls first. You would think that I wouldn’t be able to trust a man ever again after Edward. Kind of cliché, huh? But I couldn’t place the faults of the last male on him; this was someone different and, well, not the same.

“Before who?” He was clearly still confused, but I mean it is pretty confusing when you’re only getting half an answer. If the guy was willing to be patient enough and put up with this he deserves the truth. Not the whole truth. Just the truth I could give him. The part I didn’t promise to keep under wraps.

“Before Edward,” I finally looked at him. “You look a bit confused. And I’m a bit tired of standing, so do you want to go inside before the girls start to wonder where I am and come looking for us?” I smiled; hopefully he got the hint. I didn’t want to talk about it now.

He looked a bit suspicious but nodded, “On one condition, Querida. We will finish this conversation tomorrow when I take you out to dinner.”

“Oh you sound pretty cocky, buddy. What if I say no?” I challenged him.

“Then I’ll kidnap you, tie you to the chair, and you will participate anyway. What do you say to that, chica? Now will you humor me? Or will you fight with me?” He smiled that smile, the one I secretly dubbed the heartbreaker.

“Well, I do love a fight, but seeing as how you sound so serious then I must accept your ‘oh so sincere’ offer.” Now no one could say I didn’t make the effort to get over him, for even though against my better judgment to accept the offer, accept it I did. Hopefully, I wouldn’t regret it.

“Well then, shall we?” he nodded toward the door.

“We shall.”

We got inside and as Xavier, the gentleman, got drinks I was bombarded with questions.

“What did he say?”

“Did he ask you out?”

“Did you say yes?”

“Girls! Calm down. First of all yes, he did ask me out. Second of all I declined.”

They gasped. “How could you?” Philicia asked clearly appalled that I would utter such a sentence aloud.

“I told you girls she’s dumber than we thought.” This could only have come from Lucy.

“Actually, what if I said I can’t come to the sleep over tomorrow at Heathers house until later?”

“Then,” Heather replied, “I would have to say that, you missy, have a date you have to tell us about as soon as you get to my house, because I smell a ‘gotcha’ coming on.”

A ‘gotcha’ is pretty much a lame joke we do to each other, like white lies. For instance, we told Lucy that I had visited Asia before. When I really haven’t, then after she wasted all her breath and mine on half a million questions we told her “gotcha!” She instantly knew we had been joking. Since then, we have been doing them constantly, to see if anybody could catch it before we told them. Stupid, I know, but hey, we’re weird like that.

“Well, what if you were right and it is a gotcha? What are you going to do about it?” I threw down my gauntlet.

She picked it up with, “Then after you finish telling us about this turned down date, I’ll hold you down and the other girls are to tickle you until you can’t breathe, right girls?” They nodded in agreement.

I took in a deep breath, “GOTCHA!” Xavier then chose the time to come back with our drinks.

“You got who, Querida?” He obviously didn’t know about the whole ‘gotcha’ thing and I didn’t want to explain.

“Nobody, technically I got no one because they smelled my ‘gotcha’ before I had even told it, right Heather?” I looked at her as Xavier slid into the booth.

“Hun, anybody would have known it was a ‘gotcha’ on the spot because you cannot lie, therefore, you cannot ‘gotcha’. I’m sorry, but you smell them out better than anyone. So there’s your area of expertise.”

We talked for a while, when Sarah just shouted over the music, “Did we come here to talk? I thought we came to dance? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I did not learn to dance just to sit and watch other girls dance their way into all the cute guys’ arms.” With that she slid out of the booth and made her way to the floor.

Xavier turned to me, “Would you do me the honor?”

“Gladly,” I answered. I stood and looked back waving to my girls. The song had just started and I had a good feel for the music. Swaying then, going into the steps with Xavier leading. I was laughing so hard it was sort of hard for me to concentrate, but then again if you’re going with the music, you need not remember the steps. The song ended, but I didn’t want to sit down yet.

"Would you like to go again, Querida? You are having fun, si?" I just nodded because at this point I was too out of breath to talk.

A slow song started and Xavier pulled me close, his hands never straying from my hips. I could feel his breath on my cheek as we swept across the dance floor. I was kind of glad for the slow song; I was way out of breath from the other song.

When a different song started, we danced in a series of swirls. He spun me out into the dance floor, me laughing the entire time. He swirled me back into the vicinity of his arms. Holding me there, swaying our hips to the music, before throwing me out onto the floor, this time not holding onto my hand.

I twirled until I was caught by cold, stone arms. My laughter died in my throat as I looked up into the face that I had refused to think about the whole night. I had promised myself not to and I knew in my heart when I made that promise that something would make me break it. I never thought it could be, instead of a something, a ‘someone’.