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She Was Not Selfish

What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

This is my first story so please don't be mean. I already know it's corny. Please review. All of the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

10. Blood On My Mind

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“Okay, when will I see you again?” She asked, with true concern.

“I don’t know Bree, I really don’t know” I said, this is going to be very difficult. “I may die.” A more important thought came into my mind:

What would happen if she died?

Bree POV

I was really going to do this. I was really going to try to run away from the Volturi. This could be suicidal. I remember when vampires and werewolves were just myths.

“Wow that movie was scary!” Josh said sarcastically.

“Yeah, those special effects made it really realistic,” Logan said. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. It was Josh and his date Kylie, on a double date with Logan and I. We had all gone over to Logan’s house to watch a couple of old scary movies. So naturally we had to include Dracula.

“Well I liked it,” I said supporting the movie. I always thought that the old corny scary movies were better than the new more realistic one.

“Of course you liked it, I didn’t hear you scream once.” Logan said. I hit his shoulder. “Well it’s true. You hate scary movies; remember Saw IV. You were screaming through the hole movie.”

“Wimp.” I heard Josh murmur. I shot him a mean look.

“I thought all of the Saw movies are pretty scary too.” Kylie said; I almost forgot she was there. She was a quiet person who didn’t really hangout with us.

“Oh,” Logan said. Everything got awkward.

“So how do you guys feel about vampires? Real or myth.” Logan asked.

“They have to be real, I mean did you see how realistic the movie was.” I was trying to get rid of the awkwardness and my voice thick with sarcasm.

“I have to agree, of course they are real.” Josh agreed with me. “What do you think Logan?”

“I don’t know; but I know Dracula is real, I don’t know about the others though.” Logan responded.

No one made Kylie answer, but she did anyways “You guys drive such a convincing argument I have to agree.”

We all laughed. That was the last time I saw Josh and Kylie. I saw Logan a couple of times after that though.

My thoughts when back into the present, I had to run now. Remember what Jamie said; go to Port Angeles, then the James Bond movie. Wait, a James Bond Movie, where there are many people and their blood. I had to tell Jamie.

“Jamie, a-a-at the movie, isn’t there going to be a lot of people,” I stuttered.

“Dam it,” Jamie cursed under his breath, “I guess just run to town and call this number, ###-###-####. Ask for Em, and tell her Jamie told you to meet you at the community park.”

“Okay, so,” I looked down embarrassed, “I kinda need some money for the pay phone.” I didn’t have any money ever since I was changed because Riley took all the money anyone had.

“Here,” Jamie handed me a couple bucks in quarters. “Bree, …”

The Funeral

Bella POV

It has been about a week since Leah and Sam died. Leah’s funeral was yesterday and I went; I felt really bad she died. Today was Sam’s; all of the living pack including (Jacob who was made the leader) came, so did the Sue, Seth, Emily, Billy, and the rest of who knew about the pack besides the Cullens.

It was a sad day and was not raining for once in the Washington Peninsula history. It was a slight cloud cover and it just made the day sadder. No one really said anything; we were all just there. We couldn’t really bring ourselves to say anything.

Sam was being buried at the La Push Cemetery that was on the outskirts of town. We really just sat there until it was our time to say something.

”…We are all sad from his death, and on the same day as Leah. We all know that if the newborns were not there he would be alive. But now he is in a good place, as we all know he would eventually end u-up,” Jared was completing on the verge of tears. He was the last who wanted to speak today.

Emily was going to stay at an old friends house; who thought that Sam died from the serial killer while trying to convince Leah to be a bride’s maid.

They put the bodies out there the night of the day of their deaths. That was the last time I saw either of them. No one was allowed to see the destroyed bodies or wanted to.

“Does anyone else want to say anything?” Jared asked.

No one volunteered. The realization set in, Sam was dead and we would never see him again. It seemed that the entire world realized he was dead; the only sound you could hear was Emily’s sobs. There was nothing left to say.

We all just went to leave, no one wanted to say anything about today or yesterday. Jacob walked me back to my truck when he said thick with sarcasm, “Well, now I get to be leader; fun.”

“I’m really sorry about Sam and Leah dying, and, well, everything,” I admitted, with tears filling my eyes.

“Don’t think for one instant this was your fault, I mean really shouldn’t of overreacted to what Sam was saying. I know he was just—“ Jacob started to ramble on and I had to cut him off.

“Jacob shut up. Look there dead; we tried to save them but couldn’t. We’re all sad, but you need to stop blaming yourself. Sure you did attack Sam but it was your instincts has leader of the pack to accept a challenge. I’m sorry.” I finally got to my truck. “Jake, come on, I’ll give you a ride.”

He went around to my door and said “No it’s okay, I should go talk to my dad.” He just walked off then.

I headed back to the Cullen’s; finally I could get a little bit off relaxation.

Bree POV

“… Be—run, they’re coming. Remember; Em.” And with that Jamie ran off.

I just started running; I had to get to the park. I would have appreciated the detail off where I was running to, but I remember something Riley had told all of us “If you can see detail while you’re running, you’re not concentrating hard enough and going to slow.”

Stop, Riley is dead, you need to get to the park. Focus.

When I finally got to Port Angeles I slowed to a human pace. It was still mid day and I walked out from the shadows when I realized that it was sunny out and packed with people.

I kept to the shadows of the trees and looked for a payphone. After about an hour my luck turned and a cloud cover darkened the city. I walked out and decided to just go in a store to look but remembered that the sent would be too much.

Damn, I thought was is really that hard to have a pay phone? I started walking on the sidewalk and I finally found one.

I finally had a little bit of luck on my side.

Or at least I thought I did. I looked around.

It couldn’t be whom it looked like because; he was … dead. Riley said he killed him. If he was alive that must mean that Riley changed him.

It meant Logan was here and we could be together.

“Bree, I-is that you,” his eyes grew wide in shock and happiness.

I opened my mouth to reply, when I caught his sent. No, Riley didn’t change him. Logan just got away or was not in Riley’s interest.

I felt the monster come alive in me and I charged.

Blood on my mind.