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She Was Not Selfish

What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

This is my first story so please don't be mean. I already know it's corny. Please review. All of the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

2. Happy Ending

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My only thoughts were 1) save Bella and 2) don’t be too late. EDWARD POV I arrived at the campsite after what seemed an eternity. I scanned around for Bella. When I saw her, she had her back against a rock wall, and she was just staring forward in fear. Seth was right in front of her covered in blood and limping. I could tell he was being stronger than he had ever been before, using all of his strength to still stand and defend. He was about to lose his battle. Then I saw Victoria, her eyes were as dark has the deepest pit in hell, and her hair was the most orange of a color I had ever seen. There was a young vampire next to her probably not a newborn yet not over three years has a vampire. His name was Riley, I picked up from Seth’s thoughts. I cold tell that she really wouldn’t care if he died. I analyzed this all in less than an eighth of a second. I started to attack Victoria, when I did so I heard Bella give a little scream of shock. When she realized it was I, her heart slowed, but than it sped up again. I realized why her heart sped up, she was afraid of me. She finally came to her senses to be afraid of me. She finally saw me for what I was, a monster, a killer and a murderer. I was happy for her, yet this was one of the saddest days for me because if we lived we would be apart, and she would be with Jacob. Seth was calling for help from his thoughts, he was loosing. There was a crunch and Seth fell, I got to his spot to defend Bella. I didn’t know how I was going to save Bella now. I was going to die, and more importantly so was Bella. Bella was going to die. BELLA POV I woke up and stood, Seth was still in front of me, but so were Victoria and Riley. Seth was trying to defend me. Why didn’t he just leave me here? I was going to die anyways, why should Seth have to too? Seth still has a chance to live, to survive, and I was going to die. Seth should have a chance to grow up, imprint, or grow old. He should be able to live a life, a life that I was taking away from him. Fear, fear, and fear, that’s all I felt. The fear was closing in on me. It was all around me. It was in the atmosphere, closing in on me, making me Closter phobic. It was the most amount of fear I had ever felt. The fear was not for my life, but for Seth’s life, Jacob’s reaction, and mainly that Edward would kill himself if I died. I couldn’t even imagine a world with out Edward existing.. I suddenly saw a big white shape that rammed into Victoria. I screamed from the shock, but I realized it was Edward. I felt so relived, and then my heart sped up again. Now Edward was in danger, why did he have to come? Edward had come and risked his life to save me. Me a pathetic human! He could die right now, because of me. I was watching in horror, when I heard the sound of a crunch of bone. I looked over to where Seth was, but Edward was in front of me. When I looked down at the ground I saw Seth. His face was covered in blood and he looked dead. Then I saw him take a sharp intake of breath, he wasn’t dead but he was unconscious. I realized that now that sense Seth couldn’t fight, we had an even smaller chance of living threw this. I knew that Victoria was going to put me and Edward threw has much pain has possible maybe even make Edward watch my death. If only someone would spare Seth and Edward from death. If only fate was fair. SETH POV How come I couldn’t join the fight? That’s right, it’s for my safety. I’m not a little kid any more; I’m fourteen years old! Shut up Seth! Paul thought. You’re almost has bad has Jacob or Leah. That was the worst part about being a werewolf, sharing thoughts. I get stuck here with Bella Swan, the girl Jacob loves I’m the werewolf who least minds being around vampires, but I still mind the smell of them. Still, back to the main point. I am stuck with an eighteen year-old girl, at a campsite, while the most awesome fight two minuets away, and Bella and I are dying to go (but I’ve been ordered not to leave or let Bella go). Last, but not least, I kept getting mental pictures of me kissing Bella, because Jake just had to trick her. Point is, today really, really sucks. Right now, I’m a wolf, that Edward dude just left and in about twenty minuets the fight will start, the fight I’m not allowed to join. FIFTEEN MINUETS LATER I barked to let Bella know that fight was starting. I just closed my eyes and got lost in my pack brothers thoughts. Nice one Jared I thought, and then I heard something in the distance. Feet crunching on sticks at super speed, and branches moving past something, no wait not something, someone, two people. Once I could smell them, I knew that they weren’t people they were vampires. Did the newborns find the trail that Jacob and Bella made? Seth, get Bella to safety! It’s just some newborns’; you need to fight them of. I heard Sam instruct to me. This took all less than a second. Quickly I pushed Bella to a rock wall, and stood right in front of her. How was I going to defend Bella and fight the newborn or two? You have to try Seth; I’ll send over the next free wolf I heard Sam respond to my question to myself. Out of the bushes and trees came two vampires. One had bright orange hair, and the other had blond hair and looked kind of strong for a human. The female vampire said, “Hello Bella, this day will be bad for you, bad for Edward, and well fantastic for me.” “Run, Seth run! You have to run! That’s Victoria!” Bella yelled at me. I shook my head, but thought Help Victoria! “Riley” said Victoria sounding rather bored. Riley attacked me, behind me I herd Bella said say “Edward, I love you” then she hit the ground. I didn’t turn around or flee. I stood my ground as Riley attacked me. It hurt, I won’t try to act tough, and say it didn’t. Riley hit my front left paw. I knew I had to protect Bella for the packs sanity, because if she died then Jacob would annoy all of the pack, and we would all be sad (except maybe Leah). Someone help! I kept pleading in my head. Just hold on for a few more minuets Edward’s coming, responded Sam. Right after a blow to the stomach and Bella regaining consciousness, I saw Edward ram into Victoria. Bella gave out a little scream, but I did not dare look back, for that could be our death. I tore of one of Riley’s arms and some of his torso, when I got a blow to the head. Then I collapsed, and it was dark.