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She Was Not Selfish

What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

This is my first story so please don't be mean. I already know it's corny. Please review. All of the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

3. What Else Could Happen?

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Bella POV
We were dead. Edward could still leave. He still had a chance to live. He just had to leave..

“Edward go! I’m going to die anyway,” I said, it was barely a whisper though, but I expected him to be able to hear it.

“Never” Edward snarled at me with such authority I didn’t argue..

Guilt hit me then, I knew that now Edward had said that, he would die before he left me. He would fight until he couldn’t. We were both dead.

I thought that Edward couldn’t always save me, and that I was eventually going to die. Edward couldn’t keep fighting fate to keep me alive. I was going to die.

I saw Edward take a horrible blow to the stomach, and then it hit me, The Third Wife.

I could save Edward, and then he could run to his family. This was so going to work.

Trying to only move my head a little bit so he couldn’t guess what I was doing. I looked across the ground and eventually found a rock right by me that had a sharp edge that could break skin..

I leaned over to get the rock from the ground, but Edward’s growl stopped me when he said “Bella, don’t!” It wasn’t what Edward said that stopped me; it was how his voice sounded. His voice, instead of his usual velvet voice, it was rough and filled with pain, pain from fighting for me.

I was sentencing us to our death, I could handle my death, but Edward’s death could not be possible to handle. Wait, if you die than Edward will to, remember the Italian experience, the voice in the back of my head.

Why was it so hard to accept that Edward would die? Was it because in my mind Edward has to exist? He has to have a soul, and be able to think? Hart going or stopped, Edward has to exist!

I couldn’t accept fate. Fate had it already planned out, I would die, then Edward kill Victoria and Riley, he would tell his family and the wolves. Then last, after living threw the pain of my death, Edward would go and find a way to die.

Fate is cruel, and does not like those who interfere. Fate would make your life wonderful, and then end it for you, and ruin others lives’ along with your death. Fate always got its way.

I wasn’t really paying attention to the fight. But what caught my attention was a giant russet blur that came out of the forest, and rammed into Riley.


Jacob was here. He came to the rescue. Jacob was here to save us, wait not all of us, just Seth and me. Jacob wouldn’t care if Edward died, and he thought Edward was just a leech and bloodsucker.

What was wrong with me? Those whom I love the most were fighting for me.

Wait Bella be positive. Edward might have a better chance to survive.. Two against two would be fairer.
Edward POV
I deserve what’s coming, I deserve to death, but Bella doesn’t. She deserves to live.

Gosh, this guilt is horrible, if only Bella is able to survive. Why did I ever first invite Bella to my meadow? No wait, why did I ever start talking to her in biology?

I did that because I’m weak, and loosing this battle will prove me right.

Edward focus! If you don’t, Bella will die. They’ll probably kill Seth too.

Bella dead. Bella dead. Bella dead. Those were the words that kept me fighting, and the words that kept me going against the pain.

The world couldn’t keep going if Bella died, could it? Well, but my world couldn’t go on.

Heard Bella say something that was quieter than a whisper “Edward go! I’m going to die anyway.” Bella should’ve realized that I would never leave her in danger. I would be dead before she was.

So I snarled back “never.” I could faintly hear pain in my voice, but it was to quiet for Bella to hear.

I kept getting hit, but I had to still protect Bella, to keep her from dying. How long would I last? How long until Victoria would get past me? How much longer until Bella died?

Hey leech, need help? I heard a thought say to me. This would be the only time I would probably ever be happy to hear Jacob. I got distracted from that and got a blow to the stomach.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Bella lean over to pick up a rock. Then I remembered the story Jacob told me, The Third Wife.

Bella was going to try to bleed to save Seth and me. She couldn’t, not when Jacob was coming!

“Bella don’t,” I snarled at her. My snarl sounded like a yell for help. My voice was full so much pain I knew that Bella could hear.

Jacob hurry up I kept thinking to myself. I was like a fifteen-year-old boy at a concert holding a spot in line, while your best friend is eating at home with the tickets.

Then finally Jacob whooshed through the bushes, and right into Riley.

“Finally dog,” I hissed.

Did ya miss me? Jacob thought to me.

I just rolled my eyes and said, “If you don’t help to fight, Bella will die!”

After that he focused on fighting. We kept taking blows to the stomach, head, chest, and neck, and giving blows.

Once Riley had one arm, and three fingers. While Victoria had an arm and a half and wasn’t able to stand up strait, Jacob killed Riley.

“No more running Victoria,” and those were the last words anyone ever said to her.

Jacob let me finish her off. He went to go pick up the pieces of Riley.

After I told Jacob “Help me pick up Victoria.”

I was sure that I finally scared Bella off. Not that I could blame her, I would let her go, but she would be with that dog.

Now that the vampires were burning, went to check on Seth.

I already knew he wasn’t dead, and he was healing fast for a werewolf. That’s probably because he was young for a werewolf.

This was the time was dreading; facing Bella.

Bella POV

Once Riley and Victoria were dead and burning, Edward went to go check on Seth.

Jacob was coming over, but Edward called him to come and make sure that the fire wouldn’t go out of control.

Then Edward and Jacob turned to face me, but Seth just let out a yell of pain, it was like the kin of howl Jacob made earlier when he found out I was engaged.

Edward’s face turned into the mask that I hate, Jacob’s tuned into worry, and then Edward said. . . .