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She Was Not Selfish

What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

This is my first story so please don't be mean. I already know it's corny. Please review. All of the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

5. I Was Going to Kick That Kids Ass

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I can't believe that Leah died; I'm really going to miss her. I wish she never was a werewolf.
I told Jared.

Dude, I'm sorry, I knew that you used to love her Jared thought, he really was one of the most supportive pack members.

Our conversation was interrupted by Jacob thinking, is it true, is she really dead? That was a stab to the heart.

She is dead.
Jacob thought when no one responded to his question. I heard what Jacob had thought earlier, Maybe one of the leeches was killed. That would be good for me, less parasites running around the better. Wait, It could be someone in the pack, like Embry or Quil. Hey maybe it was Leah! That would be good for the planet too.

You thought what! I yelled at Jacob. I couldn't believe he thought that. How could he joke about Leah dying, even if he didn't know that she was dead? He had no rite to. That was like him joking about Embry or Quil's death. Leah was a member of the pack.

Hey, it was a joke. You know that I would never mean that. Jacob thought back.

Are you sure that you really wouldn't mean it if she was alive? I snapped back at him

You know I was only joking about that. I really do care about her death, was Jacob's pathetic response.

Jacob, are you only sad about her death because of Seth and her family's sadness. Do you really care about Leah? I snarled at Jacob. The pack realized that this was a private conversation, and knew that they had to pick up Seth before the Vultures, or what ever the top leaches were called.

Yes I am sad, but Leah doesn't care about anyone in this pack, but you and Seth. She wouldn't be that sad if I died, or Paul, or even one of the young wolves! She just cares about you and Seth, maybe not even Seth! Besides, my own thoughts are my own business. Jacob snapped at me. Anger was rushing through me, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I know that Leah didn't care about the others that much, but she would care about any of our deaths, I know Leah, she would.

Has the anger whooshed through me, Jacob had pretty much just said that he didn't care about the pack, or defending our territory. So I just snapped back what your business is, the pack business is Jacob! You should have just kept the secret from Bella and we wouldn't be in this mess! I don't even know why you are in the pack; you've just cost this us trouble! I think that Leah would care more about the deaths of the pack then Bella ever would!

Jacob had just arrived at the clearing where we had fought our half of the newborns.

So, do you want me out of the pack, oh great dominate one, or are you just going to live your life whining about how I made a mistake, because in case you haven't noticed that's what we do, everyone makes mistakes, or are you just to great to have that apply to you? I was going to kick that kids ass. Jacob was being sarcastic and he was joking about my authority. This was the point that I needed to show Jacob who was the boss.

Jacob, just go away, no one wants you here, the pack your friends, and even the girl you love. You should just leave; go to Canada, or even better hell. I mean I've heard that they accept people who laugh at others death, and even those who want to kill others so their life would be better. How many times have you said that you wanted to kill Cullen, just so you would have Bella, you don't even care about the fact that he's a vampire, you just care that he has Bella. I said in a calm voice, knowing that this can piss people of even more than an angry or frustrated voice. I got the reaction I wanted, Jacob attacked, and I was still the more powerful.