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She Was Not Selfish

What if Bella was not selfish in Eclipse? What if she never asked Edward to stay with her while his family fought the newborns, only Seth was with her? What would happen when Victoria came? This is what I think might have happend. Finally Chapter 10!

This is my first story so please don't be mean. I already know it's corny. Please review. All of the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

6. This Was A Day Of Many Surprises.

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Jacob POV

Sam said back to me calm and coolly, a normal Sam voice. That's when I attacked.

Anger just kept pulsing threw me. Teeth crashing, fur flying, bone crushing, skin breaking, and growls that seemed has loud has earthquakes.

We were both already tiered from fighting the newborns earlier. It seemed like this fight would never end. I was probably more powerful than Sam (because I was suppose to be alpha), but Sam had better strategies for fighting.

I had gotten a hold of Sam's left front paw and heard the bone crunch, but then Sam got a hold of my back and flipped me over. I lunged at Sam then got myself up. The fight continued. I felt a horrible pain on my left shoulder, but I knew that I had gotten a good chunk out of Sam's chest.

We backed of for a couple of seconds to take a breath, I felt like I wasn't me, like the want to be dominate was taking over me, I couldn't stop it. For what he said, I just wanted to kill Sam. I wanted him to pay for what he said about me. I wanted Sam dead. I couldn't control it. My instinct took completely over and I went straight for the throat.

I bit down with all of the force I could get with my weakened state. I saw Sam fall to the ground. Sam? Sam? Sam!

There was no response to my calls. I saw him take a shallow breath, and relief washed through me. But I realized that he could die if I didn't hurry and get help. Why did the pack go back to being human? I can't just go into town naked carrying a giant horse sized wolf and ask if any one is a vet? I couldn't go ask the leaches for help because of the top bloodsuckers coming to town. I know that they hate werewolves and don't particularly like treaties with them. Also if I did chose to go the pack wouldn't be with me so I would most likely die.

Maybe I could get to the Cullen's before the top bloodsuckers come. But I don't know if I should take that risk. I could try to signal the pack by howling, but they mite think that it's just from a fight. I had to hurry, if I hesitated to long Sam would die. I knew what I had to do.

I first went to where Seth was; hopefully there was one of the pack there. When I got there, everyone was gone. Not a single animal in site.

Well I hope I don't smell to bad.

Bella POV

"Don't worry it was just Leah, no one else died, or was hurt. Calm down. We just need to leave has soon has we can." Edward said in a soothing voice.

Would this day ever end?

"Should we wait for someone to come and pick up Seth?" I asked Edward. I didn't want to just leave Seth here in case the Volturi wanted to check to see if there were any of the wolves still around.

"No, we need to leave now. The rest of the pack will get Seth." Edward told me. Then he said, "Ready to go?"

He crouched down and I got on his back and we left to go meet the Volturi. When we got to the clearing you could tell everyone was worried and nervous.

Alice ran up to me and hugged me and then pushed me at arms length and said "Bella you had all of us scared! I mean with Edward just running away with not knowing why, well we kind of guessed after he didn't respond," Alice glared at Edward and continued "but we were still so worried, we didn't know if you died or were hurt. Wait, your not hurt right?" Alice said worried.

"No Alice, I'm fine, but if it wasn't for Edward, Seth and I would probably be dead." I was said like I was explaining it to a three year old. "You see because vampires are very strong and very fast so Edward was able to-"

"Hah-hah Bella, your so funny" Alice said annoyed. Edward raised his hand for a high-five.

"Thank you, I try very hard," I said back.

"Smart ass" was all Alice said back, walked over to Jasper and then said "Apology accepted."

"So do you have any guess has to when the Volturi will be here?" I asked Edward. I was hoping that the answer was never, but I don't think that I would be that lucky.

Edward opened his mouth, but right before he spoke there was an earsplitting scream of rage. I looked around until I saw a young vampire behind Jasper. She had black hair that kept changing colors, inhuman beauty, and bright red eyes."

I looked at Edward confused, "for your first question, a couple of minutes. Has for the vampire, Bree, she promised us that she would become a vegetarian. Also for the hair color that keeps changing, we think that she has a power so she can change the way she looks." I had never heard of a power like that, but of course, I shouldn't be surprised since Edward could read minds.

"Why is she screaming?" I asked, couldn't really figure out why.

"Well, she's a newborn, so, your sent is driving her crazy," was Edwards response to my question. And I did make sense.

I really hope I didn't turn out like Bree; I want to not have every breath around any animal or human to make me want to scream with pain. That was one of the cons of becoming a vampire, but I knew Edward would always be there to protect others and myself from me.

Suddenly I saw Edward and the rest of the Cullen's stiffen and turn towards the strongest point of the purple smoke. I kind of felt left out because I couldn't see what was approaching, but I don't think I would want to.

I eventually saw five hooded figures in the smoke, the one that was the closest, shortest by at least a foot and a half, and also had the darkest cloak I instantly recognized. Jane. Jane, the one who could cause pain to all but myself with a simple look to the face. On Jane's right the biggest hooded figure was standing there, he and Emmett would have to stand next to each other to see who was the bigger. Felix. Felix, the one who was the only vampire that could possibly could beat up Emmett. On Jane's other side there was a normal size male vampire, I was guessing Demetri, the best tracker the Volturi had ever seen. The others I didn't recognize.

"So this is the all famous Cullen's. Well it seems that you have a new member; one that we did not expect," Jane said glaring at Bree, then me.

"Well Jane, has you have seen we have been a little busy, so also training a newborn would be very difficult. Seven vampires can only do so much at one time." Carlisle said calmly.

"Well really we came to help with the-"

Jane was interrupted by for the second time a giant russet colored blur scaring me, when I was already scared half to death.

This was a day many of surprises.