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It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Swan

The time has come for Charlie's favorite holiday, and Bella's still grieving for Edward. Honorable Mention for NNTs October challenge. =]



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Pumpkins lined the driveway and cobwebs littered the front porch. Bags of candy were piled by the door, and I set off, driving frantically around town trying to find the perfect costume.

Yes, it was Halloween; my personal favorite of all holidays. And also my first Halloween with Bella.

Not that she noticed. She merely glided through the rooms, not seeing the grinning jack-o-lanterns I had put on the table, nor the packets of candy corn I had stuck on her desk. Honestly, you’d think she would be over that Cullen boy by now…

I reluctantly left the warm space of the cruiser and hurried across the sidewalk into Joe’s Hideaway, the ultimate Halloween store. Joe greeted me with a friendly ‘hello’ as the door ringed my entrance.

“How’s it going, Joe?” I asked.

“Oh, not bad, Charlie. You lookin’ for a Halloween costume?”

“Yup,” I nodded. “I want something different, something that’ll make Bella laugh. God, I haven’t heard that kid laugh for a while,”

Joe looked thoughtful for a moment. “I’ve got just the thing! Come over here, Charlie,” I complied and Joe led me to the back room. “Here we go,” he said, pulling out a black mass of fabric. I grinned.



“Bella, get down here! Kids are starting to come!” I called up the stairs. It was 7:30, and the first trickle of children were starting to arrive.

I heard a sigh and then feet dragging heavily down the stairs. “Grab a bag of candy, would you?” She muttered a ‘sure’ end grabbed a heavy bag of Hershey bars.

“Well Bells, what are you for Halloween?” I asked as I heard her behind me.

“I’m a person.” She said in a monotone. I turned away from my perch at the window to look at her.

Her skin was pale as always, and she had deep shadows under her lifeless eyes. She gasped.

“W-what are you?” She whispered.

I grinned, glad that I had gotten some reaction from her. “I’m Dracula!” She merely stared at me. “You know, the vampire?”

The bag of candy smashed into the hardwood floor. “Vampires…” She breathed. Her eyes filled with the tears I had grown accustomed to. She turned and ran upstairs, tripping only once.

“What did I do?” I asked out loud. The doorbell rang just then, and voices of kids echoed from the porch.

I rushed to answer it. I swung the door open, revealing a ghost and a mummy, both of them grinning up at me and holding out pillow cases.

“Trick or treat!” They shouted. There was an embarrassed teenager standing behind them… Angela Weber.

“Oh my, such scary kids…I better give you your candy before you get me!” I dumped a fistful of assorted candy into each of their already heavy candy bags, which one of them immediately peeled off the wrapper of a chocolate bar and stuffed it in his mouth. They turned and started running off.

Angela coughed. The two kids turned to look at her before running back to me. “Thank you!” They yelled, and off they went. “Thanks,” Angela said, smiling, before running after them.

I closed the door and wandered up stairs. I stopped outside of Bella’s cracked open door.

“Bells?” I asked. No answer. “Bella, honey, Angela Weber was just here with her siblings. I’m sure you could go catch up and hang out with her if you wanted.” Still no answer. The doorbell rang shrilly again. “Alright, I’ll see you later,” I finished. As I started down the stairs, I could hear a faint murmur.

“Happy Halloween,”