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Loch Cullen

The Cullens take Bella on a much needed vacation to Loch Ness. Hmmmm.......... Previously called 'Loch Ness With The Cullens'.


1. Chapter 1: AIM

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Chapter 1: AIM

Bella: BS

Alice: totallyawesomepsychicofgreatness

Rosalie: Blond_Godess

Edward: iluvleeches

Emmett: bearhunter77

Jacob: Dog_Lover23

Charlie: 911

Mike Newton: BlOnDgOd

Sam: Wolfman

BS has logged on

iluvleeches has logged on

BS: Hi, Edward!

iluvleeches: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bearhunter77 has logged on

BS: Hey, Emmett.

bearhunter77: BS????

BS: Bella Swan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bearhunter77: =D

iluvleeches: lol!
BS: =(

iluvleeches: oh, sry love!

totallyawesomepsychicofgreatness has logged on

BS: …………

totallyawesomepsychicofgreatness: ?

BS: Isn’t that a little….long?

totallyawesomepsychicofgreatness: brb

totallyawesomepsychicofgreatness has logged off

BlOnDgOd has logged on

BlOnDgOd: BS?
BS: stop making fun of my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlOnDgOd: Oh, hi Bella!
BS: how???

BlOnDgOd: Hey, Bella want 2 go out tonight

BS: Not really…….

TAPOG has logged on

BS: hey, Alice.

BlOnDgOd: ……….

Blond_Godess has logged on

Dog_Lover23 has logged on

Dog_Lover23: Hey, Bella! While that leech is out, want 2 come 2 the rez?

iluvleeches: No.

Dog_Lover23: Edward…..

iluvleeches: Jacob…….

BS: HI!!!!

Dog_Lover23: BS?

BS: ???
Dog_Lover23: LOL!!!!!
BS: =(

TAPOG: Hello?

iluvleeches: STOP MAKING FUN OF MY BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TAPOG: men *roll eyes*

BS: tell me about it

BlOnDgOd: um…still here

Dog_Lover23: I HATE U!!
iluvleeches: I HATE U THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BS: um, Edward?

iluvleeches: KEEP UR PAWS OFF HER U DOG!

BS: Jacob?

Dog_Lover23: GRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BS: this is so not cool.

BS has logged off

TAPOG has logged off

iluvleeches: LOOK AT WHAT U DID!!!!
Dog_Lover23: crap.

Dog_Lover23 has logged off

iluvleeches has logged off

TAPOG has logged on

BS has logged on

TAPOG: So, Bella I was thinking, u know, come 2 Loch Ness w/ us

Blond_Godess: ALICE!!!!!

BlOnDgOd: HEY, U STOLE MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blond_Godess: Sure.

BlOnDgOd: Wait, r u the hot 1? If u r, steal my name all u want!!!

Blond_Godess: Ew.

Blond_Godess has logged off.

BlOnDgOd: Aw the rest of this message has been censored, due to some obscene and inappropriate language against the rules of this site. Your computer will now shut down.

BlOnDgOd has been removed from this chat.

BS: What were u saying?

TAPOG: Want 2 come 2 Scotland w/ us?

BS: Sure.

TAPOG: k, I mailed u some plane tickets 2 Anchorage.

BS: Why?

TAPOG: bathing suit shopping, duh!
BS: In Alaska?

TAPOG: *smack forehead* no, in Hawaii!

BS: wow

911 has logged on

TAPOG: hi, Charlie

911: Alice

TAPOG: can we take Bella swimsuit shopping?
911: in Alaska?

TAPOG: Hawaii

911: Why?

TAPOG: we were thinking about taking her 2 the lake

911: which lake?

TAPOG: Loch Ness.

911: IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TAPOG: Um….Scotland.

911: Is Edward going?

TAPOG: Uh, and Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme.

911: I guess………just don’t pick up any strangers, those Irish ppl r kinda weird.

BS: Sure, Dad, but they’re Scottish.

911: BS?

BS: Bella Swan!!!!

911: I hope that’s what it stands 4.….

BS: Bye dad…..

911 has logged off

Dog_Lover23 has logged on

Blond_Godess: Where r we swimsuit shopping?

TAPOG: don’t u have, like 56 bathing suits already?

Blond_Godess: No, I have 56 bikinis. I have 74 bathing suits.

BS: u have 74 swimsuits?

Blond_Godess: Doesn’t every1?

BS: ……

TAPOG: I guess we’ll go 2 this really awesome store I know in Hawaii. Is Loch Ness’s wtr ok 4 our swimsuits?

BS: Oh, fun.

TAPOG: *rolls eyes*

TAPOG has logged off

BS has logged off

Blond_Godess has logged off

Wolfman has logged on

Dog_Lover23: Sam?

Wolfman: Jacob?

Dog_Lover23: we need 2 go 2 Loch Ness.

Wolfman: the pack?

Dog_Lover23: yes =)

Wolfman: sure. Go tell them

Dog_Lover23: It was that easy?

Wolfman: It has 2 do w/ leeches, doesn’t it?

Dog_Lover23: Exactly.

Wolfman: I’ll go take some poor innocent seniors’ college funds so we can fund in a boat.

Dog_Lover23: Isn’t that illegal?

Wolfman has logged off

Dog_Lover23: Thought so.

Dog_Lover23 has logged off

BettingAgainstAlice has logged on

BettingAgainstAlice: Hello?

BettingAgainstAlice: Ugh, I missed them AGAIN!!!

BettingAgainstAlice has logged off