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Loch Cullen

The Cullens take Bella on a much needed vacation to Loch Ness. Hmmmm.......... Previously called 'Loch Ness With The Cullens'.


2. Chapter 2: Emmett Idol!

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Chapter 2: Emmett Idol!


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Meanwhile in Alaska……

“Oh my god, Bella, it took you forever!” Rosalie said as soon as I exited the plane. I guess she was still mad at Alice for letting me go and decided to torture me the whole shopping and plane trip.

“Shut up, Rose. You’re being very annoying. No one cares about your Bella issues.”

“Emmett does!” Rosalie said, defending herself.

“You keep thinking that.”

Rosalie sighed, but followed us to the car without speaking.

Alice’s yellow Porsche was parked outside with Edward at the wheel and Emmett sitting next to him in the passenger’s seat.

We hopped into the backseat and Edward took off to the house in Denali.

“What do we do, now, Alice?” Edward asked as we arrived at an intersection.

“Um, to the left, I think.”

To the left, to the left,” Emmett started to sing,

“Everything you own in a box to the left

In my closet, that’s my stuff! Yeah,

If I bought it, please don’t touch-”

“Shut up, Emmett!” Alice and Edward scream in unison.

I tried to contain my laughter, “Wow, Emmett, Beyonce.”

“He’s been singing the whole time. Be glad you were stuck in Forks.” Edward said.

“But I still missed you, Eddy!”

“Missed you, too, Bells!”

“Some people want it all

But I don’t want nothing at all

If it ain’t you baby

If I ain’t got you, baby-”

“EMMETT!” Edward yelled (very loudly, just for the record).

“He thinks he’s a Spice Girl or something.” Alice informed me. Edward started slamming his head on the steering wheel. He really hates the Spice Girls (which, by the way, are sooo not this decade).

Emmett giggled (which looked extremely feminine for the big muscle-y dude), “That actually was Alicia Keys, DUH!”

“Honey, I love you and everything, but if you don’t shut up, I’m investing in duct tape. And taking away Edward’s stereo.” Rosalie told him from the middle seat.

“You better not touch my stereo, Rose.” Edward warned her.

Everyone settled into a awkward silence, looking out of windows or, in Rosalie’s case, reading fashion magazines.

Edward had enough of the silence after a few minutes and turned on his complex radio and shoved in a CD. I think it was The Fray.

Soon, Over My Head was blasting through the speakers. Edward reached up to turn the song, but Alice stopped him.

“No, this is my favorite song! Don’t stop the music!” To late did she realize she got Emmett into another round of singing.

“Please Don’t stop the music, music, music, music

Please don’t stop the music, music, music, music

Please don’t stop the music, music, music, music

Please don’t stop the music, music, music, music

It’s getting late

I’m making my way over to my favorite place-”

“Shut up, Emmett!” we all yelled.

Emmett laughed, “You people are no fun!”

“Seriously, Emmett, you’re getting unbearably annoying,” Edward said, “Almost to the point where you’re like Rosalie.”

Emmett grinned, “Rosalie likes my singing, don’t you, Rose.”

“Sure I do.” she rolled her eyes and looked up from her copy of Seventeen (which, by the way again, is a horrid magazine).

Emmett pretended to be hurt, “No one loves me anymore.”

“We love you, just not your attempted singing of female vocalists.” Alice said.

Emmett grinned, “So you’ll all try to kill me if I start singing Fergalicious?”

“How does Fergalicious go with this situation?” I asked, confused.

“It doesn’t, but it is fun to sing!” Emmett announced, followed by his booming laughter. I think a few trees shook.

Soon, we pulled into the forest on a drive equally invisible to the one in Forks.

“Oh my god!” I whispered when the house came in view. It was identical to the one in Forks, down to the glass window and arched trees, only (get this) made of logs. Wow. How creative.

“Like it?” Edward asked.

I looked at him in what was supposed to be a glare, but ended up more like astonishment.

“She hates it, I know it.” Emmett said as he passed by, then started to hum something that sounded a lot like Rehab.

“Come on, Bella, we have to feed you, you know. And you’ve got to get some sleep. We’re waking up early for the plane ride to Hawaii tomorrow!” Alice said, making me feel like her pet gerbil, not a human.

I reluctantly followed Alice in where she tried to feed me the whole fridge and shoved me into a bed at 7:00. It was going to be a long vacation.