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The Acaedemy for supernatural Beings

The cullens get a letter in the mail telling them of a school for mythical creatures. They go to Europe to try out the school, and instantly feel in place. Then during one of their classes, they find someone that they thought that they had left in forks two years ago.

Sorry i know it's corny.

1. The letter

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CArlisle's POv

I opened the mailebox and peered inside to see what we had gotten today. There were about six letters, a newspaper, and a very large package in the far back.

I reached in am pulled out the mail. The letters were mostly all collage exceptions-what a surprise-for Edward, Alice, Japer, Rosalie and Emmett. I tossed the newspaper inthe garbage, and examined the yellow package. It had the letters ASB. written on it.

Curious i slipped my index finger throught the silp and pulled. It open easily. Inside was a letter.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,

We are proud to congradulate you and your family for the prize of winning five full scolorships to the Academy of supernatural Beings. Here we welcome all kinds of cretures to come learn how to either control their abilties or extend them. Also we are offering you and your wife jobs in the town just outside the academy. You will work in the health and Aid canter. and she can work in a Attorney's Position. We hope you will except this offer, it is a great opertunitiy for your children and you.


Gorden Tremp

I starred in suprisement ant the letter. I reached into the rest of the package and retrieved a brochure and a map of both the campus and the the town.

"Esme!" i yelled and ran inside.

Esme's POV

Carlisle yelled my name just moments before he came bounding into the kitchen.

"Esme!" he said waving a yellow package in my face. "Read this." he handed me the letter. I quickly read through it, surprise fille my face. I looked up from the paper and starred at him suspicously wondering if this was a joke.

"What is this?" i asked confused. "And what id the ASB?" he shrugged.

"Not sure, but they sound like they could be just what we're looking for." He said then reached into the package. He pulle out a few more papers and laid them out on the table. "Look how big the campus is." he exclaimed. I peered at the papers, then at my husband. Had he fallen off his rocker?

"Car." i said seriously. "How do we know that this isn't some sort of hoax?How do we know if it's even real?" he smiled.

"We don't." he pionted to the map. "But this could be our chance to meet other beings, so that we won't have to hide from humans anymore." he paused on the map of the town. "Well, too much more."

I thought it over for a minute then nodded.

"We'll have to ask the kids first."

Alice's POV

"YES!" i screamed excidetly. Carlisle and esme's News was great, exactly what i needed. I was getting bored around the humans, and was starting to hope that this forever thing wasn't going to be a drag.

"Sure." Emmett said pulling Rosalie closer to him. Rose just nodded. She didn't care, she just wasn't to leave.

"Yup." Japer siad throwing me a grin. i smiled and looked over at Ewdard. He hadn't said a word since we left Bella, but i was hoping that going to this school would take his mind off her.

"Whatever." he said. I clapped my hands together and looked over at Carlisle anxiously.

"When do we leave?"