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The Acaedemy for supernatural Beings

The cullens get a letter in the mail telling them of a school for mythical creatures. They go to Europe to try out the school, and instantly feel in place. Then during one of their classes, they find someone that they thought that they had left in forks two years ago.

Sorry i know it's corny.

2. Chapter 2

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Edward's POv

We all arrived at ASB about a half an hour early, yet there were still students raoming around the campus. We marchind in a triangular shape towards the main building.

The receptionist looked up. Her eys were glowing yellow and her skin was green. I was stunned into silence, so Jasper stepped up to the plate.

"Were knew here." He said giving her a grin, but it didn'tevn seem to phase her.

"You must be the cullens." she said looking at a pile of papers in front of her. She picked them up and handed them to Alice. "Tjose are your schedules, food menus, and oh wait hold on..." she rumiged through her desk drwaer and pulled out five stapled packets. "This it the school rules." she opened it in front of us. "You will have to follow the vampire rules, there in the back. The book goes alphabetically." she handed that to me. "Have a great first day. Welcomr to ASB." We all turned away from the desk.

"Okay. That was weird." Emmett said once we were out of the room. Well nodded in agreement.

"Okay." jasper siad stopping by the huge waterfountain. "Edward heres your schedule, Alice , Rosealie, Emmett." he passed them out. I got mine andlooked at it.

"Whoa. wait a minute. Why are we in the freshman class?" i asked "i though we signed up for Junior and senior classes.''

"Carlisle siad that this school teaches different things, not human things and that we're going to have to start from the begining." alice said reading her schedule.

"Well i have Mr. Frost's class first. They have no actual class names." i pionted out.

"I have the same class." Alcie said. "Come on were going to be late." justthen the bell rang. God i really hate it when she's right.

Mr Frost's Class

"Alright today we are going to talk about species.' he said to the class. He pulled down a roll up painting.

"This is a human." he said pionting to the bottom of the chain. Then to the top. "This is us." He turned to face the whole class. "We are the future, humans are becoming the past. They are merrly outdated, which is why they refuse to except us. They know the end is near for them." He paused. "But that is not what i'm going to teach you today." he walked over to another painting.

"Today we are going to learn why the humans must releave their place at the top of the chain. Because they have gotten too cocky, so to speak. They think that they can rule the world. we can not let this happen. which is why some of us eatthem." the class groaned. "Grusume i know, but is it not the same thing they do to animals? We know that animals can think, but they don't." Someone in the back raised their hand.

"Yes frieda." he said.

"Why noy justkill them all then?" she asked.

"Because if we did that then we could not survive, well somje of us anyway." he staight at me and Alice who was sitting next to me. "Take our friends here. Their vampires. They feed on the humans."

"Actually, we don't" Alice interupted. Mr.Frost furrowed a brow, then gave her a bemussed grin.

"really, and why is that?"

"Because we don't like to." she answered simply. He nodded and turned back to the class.

"These vampires are a very rare breed. But they are right, eating humans is like eating yourselves for a vampire. Because they used to be one." He turned to me. "Mr. Cullen what do you hunt instead?" i shrugged.

"Animals. What else?"

"Interesting." The bell rang. "i want a two page report typed about the subject we atlked abouttoday on my desk monday morning." Alice and i gathered up ourthings and headed out.

Mr. frost's gaze bore into my back the entire time.