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The Acaedemy for supernatural Beings

The cullens get a letter in the mail telling them of a school for mythical creatures. They go to Europe to try out the school, and instantly feel in place. Then during one of their classes, they find someone that they thought that they had left in forks two years ago.

Sorry i know it's corny.

5. Chapter 5

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Bella’s POV

Edward and Jasper came over and sat down next to Alice. Rafe was staring at Alice with lustful eyes so I sent him a mental warning. She’s married to Jasper Rafe. Back off. Rafe pouted but continued to stare. Vivian flicked his ear. Since she was their queen bitch, he did as he was told for fear of Gabriel’s wrath.

“So you guys are vampires huh?” Suze said from next to Jesse, her -ex-ghost- boyfriend. Edward looked her over and nodded.

“Yeah, what are you?”


“Mediator, I can see ghosts.”

“An avian shape-shifter,” said Danica. She was sitting on Zane’s lap. Zane was a serpiente shape-shifter. He could turn into a cobra, and Danica could turn into a hawk. It was an unusual match, especially since the avians and serpiente had been at war for hundreds of years.

“Edward, Alice, and Jasper; these are my friends Susannah and her boyfriend Jesse, Danica and her mate Zane, and Vivian. Her mate is their pack leader, Gabriel you’ll meet him later. The Five over there, their names are Rafael-or Rafe-, Gregor, Finn, Ulf, and Willem.” I introduced.

“So you’re Bella’s blast from the past.” Vivian shook her head. Damn Bella you sure know how to pick them.” She snorted then. “I wonder what Damien’s going to say about all of this.” I pinched her arm.

“It doesn’t concern Damien, we aren’t dating anymore.” It was suze’s turn to snort.

“Tell that to him.”

“Bella, the guy takes it upon himself to scare off all of your dates. I’d say that he would be angry if an old flame came into town, don’t you?” Danica said feeding a piece of meat to Zane. He kissed her palm and she smiled lovingly at him.

“Look I appreciate your advice, but I can handle Damien. Besides I’ve made it perfectly clear that we’re over. I think by now he gets it.”

“Whatever you say,” Vivian said. “But just incase you’re wrong like I know that you are, I am going to say ‘I told you so’.” I rolled my eyes and glanced over at Edward. He had a smirk on his face and I suddenly wanted to smack it off.

“Okay back to serious matters,” Suze said turning to me. “Who’s your date to the ASB dance?” I shrugged.

“Don’t have one yet.” Vivian smacked my arm.

“You don’t have a date yet? Bella are you crazy? You need to ask someone, now!”

“What’s the matter Bells? Can’t choose one? Any guy in here would be happy to go with you; in fact I think some of them are holding out for you.” Danica motioned to a table across the way where a group of guys were staring at them.

“Yeah I know, but what’s the rush? I’m not even sure that I want a date.”

“Why!” they exclaimed simultaneously. I tried to avoid eye contact with Edward.

“I will be too busy with decorations and planning it. Why should I get a date not knowing that I will actually have time to be with them? It wouldn’t be fair.” Vivian sighed.

“Bella you are getting a date whether we have to set you up in a blind one. You’re going.” Before I could reply the bell rang and they all stood up to leave. I finally looked at Edward and he flashed a smile at me letting me read his mind.

“Shut up,” I said and went to my next class.