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The Acaedemy for supernatural Beings

The cullens get a letter in the mail telling them of a school for mythical creatures. They go to Europe to try out the school, and instantly feel in place. Then during one of their classes, they find someone that they thought that they had left in forks two years ago.

Sorry i know it's corny.

6. Chapter 6

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Bella’s POV

“God this is heavy…Hey Bella?” I sighed and used my Telekinesis to pick up Vivian’s Backpack. It trailed behind us like a dog. The Cullens stared in awe at what I was doing.

“That’s so awesome!” Emmett said enthusiastically. I flashed him a smile. Danica groaned.

“Damn, they found us.” Coming out of the sky was a flock of what would look like ordinary birds. Danica’s royal guard. They landed in front of us, immediately shifting into human form. They were beautiful and golden, with feathers in their hair. Rei, head of the guard and Danica’s best friend stood before tall, handsome, and deadly. I smiled sweetly at him as Dani hid behind Zane.

“Hello Rei, how are you?” He raised a brow at me and then looked to Danica.

“Shardae, it is time to return home.” Dani rolled her eyes.

“Um…I’m sure that one more hour wouldn’t hurt.” She looked up at Zane longingly. “I barely get to spend time with my Alister as it is.”

“Oh come on Rei. Let her stay.” I pouted. He narrowed his eyes on me, then rubbed his brow.

“Fine. But Two of our guards stay.” Then Zane spoke up.

“One of yours one of mine.” Rei’s lips tightened.

“As you wish my Alister.” Rei snapped his fingers and a sparrow cam forward, as well as a rattlesnake from Zane’s guard. “I will be back in a few hours. No negotiating.” With that, they took to the sky and left.

By this time the Cullen’s were staring with their eyes bugging out. I giggled.

“I told you guys. Danica is an avian-shape shifter. Zane is a cobra.” Before they could say anything, a motorcycle roared up next to us. Vivian squealed.

“Gabriel!” She ran to hug him. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, because he claimed that he didn’t need one.

“It’ll take a whole lot more than a motorcycle accident to kill a werewolf.” He always said. Uh huh, whatever. I’ll just laugh the day that he does crash and his brains are all over the road. Then we’ll see who can survive what.

Gabriel welcomed Vivian’s embrace and kissed her soundly.

“Hey babe, want to go for a ride?” Oh gag me. Vivian giggled and turned back to us.

“See you later guys.”

“Vivie, wait!” I called and then sent her backpack to her.

“Oh, thanks Bells!” She got on the motorcycle and they drove off.

“Man’s got style,” Alice commented.

“You’ve no idea.” I looked around. Danica…Zane…Guards…Cullen’s…Edward. “Where is Suze and Jesse?” Dani, grinned.

“They snuck off earlier. I figure they have a lot of catching up to do, you knoe since Jesse is now alive and all.” I blushed. Eww, eww, double eww.

“Come on then. Let’s go to my place.”