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Bella has been abused her whole life. Shes never been loved before. Shes also been cutting herself for over 5 years. What happends when her school gets a few new students, that happends to notice her brusies?


1. Brusies over Brusies

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I woke up on the cold floor in the living room. I tried to get up, but when I tried, I felt sharp pains in my back and my legs. I sighed as I started to remember what happened last night.

-Flash Back-

I walked up the porch and to the door. I saw dad's car in the drive way. I knew he was home. Hes always in a bad mood when he gets home early.

I unlocked the door and slowly walked in. The blinds were closed and all of the lamps were off. I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

I walked into the living room and made out the shape of my dad, passed out on the couch. With five empty six packs off beer next to him. I swallowed and slowly made my way up into my room.

It was around eight thirty that he woke.

"BELLA" He yelled. I flinched as I made my way down the stairs. He was standing in the door way to the living room, drunk, and mad. "YOU BITCH WHERES MY DINNER!" He yelled as he hit my arm with a broken beer bottle. I bit my lip to keep from crying.

"I'm sorry dad." I mumbled. He hit me again. "You are dirt, that's all you ever be!! No good dirt that can't do anything right!" He yelled, pulling my arm with him into the kitchen. "And you know what we do to dirt around here...right?" He asked pulling me to the stove and Turing it on.

I didn't say anything. He jerked my arm hard, and twisted it. I yelped in pain. "RIGHT?" He yelled. I nodded. I could feel the tears that started to steam down my face. He put my arm over the fire. I screamed in pain. My arm started to burn.

After four minutes of pain, he dropped my hand and turned off the stove. He turned to me and pushed me into the wall. When I fell to the ground, he started to kick my stomach. I yelped in pain again. I started to cough up blood.

Finally, he stoped. ”Piece of dirt.” He said before spitting on me and walking out the house. I heard the car door slam. When I was sure he was gone, I started to cry. I soon felt light headed. Then, all I saw was black.

-End Flash back-

I got off of the ground and walked into the bathroom for the first- aid kit. I closed the door and turned on the light. I first looked at my hand. The flesh was pink and red. I lightly put my hand over it. I flinched. It was gonna scar. I lightly ran it under cold water.

I turned on the shower and shed my clothes. I needed to get the dry blood off of me. I let the cold water run on my sore back, thighs, and arms. It felt nice. I scrubbed the dry blood off of my legs and arms.

After my shower, I wrapped my body in a towel and started to work on my arm. I wrapped it lightly in gaze and taped it together.

After I treated my wounds, I looked in the mirror for some new busies. I noticed one under my right eye. I sighed as I took in my apperance. Brown and bronze hair, my blue/green eyes, pale skin. My dad always said I looked like my mom.

I opend my make up bag and took out the cover up. Looking in the mirror, I slowly put some over my eye, cheek, neck, arms, and legs. After I was sure I was covered, I opend the door and walked, slowly, into my room.

I changed into some clean baggy jeans and a over sized shirt. I could never fit into any of my clothes. There all to baggy, or to big. I slipped on my sneakers and grabbed my backpack.

I walked downstairs and picked up the beer bottles and glass in the living room and the kitchen. I looked at the clock. 9:47 a.m I was late, again. I grabbed my over size hoodie and pulled it on, careful of my arms and walked out the door.